The Salt-N-Pepa Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Whatta Manhunt

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on VH1



  • Trivia

    • The restaurant that Salt and Pepa have their double date at is the Katra Lounge, located in Manhattan.

  • Quotes

    • Salt: Pep and men. Good lord.
      Pepa: Salt always has strong opinions on about my men.
      Salt: She was just always attracted to the bad boys.
      Pepa: I had, like, the worst luck with men.
      Salt: Pep had a series of bad boys.
      Pepa: I haven't done nothing and when I say nothing, anything in two years. Not even a kiss with a guy.
      Salt: Peppa always says 'you're married, you don't know what's going on out here, you don't know how it is to be single.'
      Pepa: I'm on the prowl. I'm in the wild right now, I'm like the animal in the forest. I'm ready to pounce on something, you know, and she don't nothing about that.

    • [Following the double date, where Pepa's date just told everybody he was stabbed by his ex-girlfriend]
      Salt: Red flag, red flag. (imitating a beeping noise)
      Pepa: I know, but you got to get your feet wet. It's hard to date.
      Salt: And his woman stabbed him?
      Pepa: Okay. So? A guy hit me in the head with a can of paint, you know that story.
      Salt: And that was wrong.
      Pepa: He's not with the girl still. Now, if he still with the girl, I'd be like 'damn you're still with her even tough she stabbed you?'
      Salt: Red flag, red flag. You think this is the guy, do you think he has potential?
      Pepa: You don't see yield signs.
      Salt: You know how we didn't pay attention to red flags in the past? Now, we're at the age where we don't have to waste time. You always take care of men, you want someone that's going to take care of you. But, you have to pay attention to the red flags Sandi. I saw some and I think you saw some too, I think you're so in denial right now.
      Pepa: I'm not in denial, I didn't say I was in denial. I mean, I see a few.

    • [Talking to her husband about her experience with the matchmaker]
      Salt: I'm so frustrated. I've been at that matchmaker all day, and I still feel like I haven't found anyone for Pep. I'm so tired and disappointed, cause I just went in there thinking that I was really going to find somebody, you know. The guys that I met were just, this one's a player, this one's a gigolo, so I'm like (annoyed grunt).

    • [Salt telling Pepa she has set her up on a blind date]
      Salt: I found somebody, that I think is great and I just want you to open your mind.
      Pepa: Oh, lord.
      Salt: This is about expanding beyond the norm. He's a professional.
      Pepa: How does he look? What does he do?
      Salt: You don't want to ask him those questions when he gets here?
      Pepa: No, I want to know right now.
      Salt: Ask him when he comes. You have to have something to talk about. I'm going to name all of his good attributes -- he's smart, he's a professional, he has the biggest heart you ever want to know.
      Pepa: He has hair?
      Salt: No.
      Pepa: It sounds like you're describing someone round. They sound round.
      Salt: Just relax and have fun.
      Pepa: Oh jeez, the dating game.

    • [Pepa talking to Salt about her blind date in the pantry of Salt's kitchen]
      Pepa: Let me talk to you.
      Salt: What?
      Pepa: What was you thinkin'?
      Salt: There was a guy there that was very tall, very nice body, but he was a player. You know you don't want that anymore.
      Pepa: Come on he's right here (holding her hand up to her neck) to me. I knew he was round, I knew it.
      Salt: Shh, you're talking to loud. Sandi.
      Pepa: He's this tall. (moving her hand below her chest) That's all he's going to see, he's gonna reach right here.
      Salt: (laughing)
      Pepa: That's all he's gonna see. That's he keeps saying 'you look very beautiful.'

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Whatta Manhunt

      This is a reference to Salt-N-Pepa's 1994 hit song "Whatta Man" that featured En Vogue. The song was on the album Very Necessary.