The Sammy Davis, Jr. Show - Season 1

NBC (ended 1966)


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  • April 22, 1966
    April 22, 1966
    Episode 15
    Sammy gives his fans a treat and does a one-man show. Sammy ranges all over his talented scale, from singer to comedian, impressionist, danger, drummer, trombonist and vibraphonist, featuring such numbers as "The World Is Mine Tonight," "Hey, There," ; "What Kind of Fool Am I?," "Soliloquy," "There's A Boat Dat's Leavin'" and "Trouble."moreless
  • April 15, 1966
    April 15, 1966
    Episode 14
    Sammy's guests are Art Carney, Kaye Stevens, Adam Wade, Sergio Franchi, Betty Carter and Johnny Brown. Highlights: Sammy and Art salute Jimmy Durante with "You Gotta Start Off Each Day with a Song" and Eddie Jackson with "Who Will Be With You When I'm Far Away". Sammy sings "Be My Love" and with dancers Lester Wilson and Mabel Robinson he offers "This Dream." Johnny Brown from the "Golden Boy" cast sings some oldies like "Grand Night for Singing" and "I Ain't Got Nobody". Jazz specialist Betty Carter tunes in for "I Only Have Eyes for You". Miss Stevens brings a comic spirit to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Adam Wade sings "In My Solitude".moreless
  • April 8, 1966
    April 8, 1966
    Episode 13
    Sammy's guests are Ella Logan, Arthur Godfrey, singer/dancer Lola Falana and comedian George Kirby. Highlights: A full-sized medley of Broadway's "Finian's Rainbow." featuring the entire cast and led by Ella Logan, who starred in the show during the '40s. Arthur Godfrey and Sammy have a ball singing and playing with a Dixieland band to the tune of "Dixieland One-Step". Lola's musical dancing style is tops for "Don't Rain on My Parade". George Kirby has fun doing a monologue and singing too.moreless
  • April 1, 1966
    April 1, 1966
    Episode 12
    Sammy's guests are Diahann Carroll, Jay and the Americans, comedian Pat Henry and TV's Ben Casey Vince Edwards. Highlights: Diahann sings "Going Out of My Head". Sammy & Diahann duet on "I Got Plenty of Nuttin'" & "Nothing Can Stop Me Now". Vince Edwards duets with Sammy singing "Where Would You Be Without Me?"moreless
  • March 25, 1966
    March 25, 1966
    Episode 11
    Sammy's guests are Judy Garland who returns for a second show, Frank Gorshin, Sarah Vaughan, Teri Thornton and The Lettermen.
  • March 18, 1966
    March 18, 1966
    Episode 10
    Sammy's guests are Judy Garland, Tom Jones, Nipsy Russell, Lada Edmond Jr. (is sprung from her Hullabaloo cage to guest tonight) and Lester Wilson. Highlights: A dozen tunes turn up in the hobo medley, including "Couple of Swells", "The Lady Is a Tramp," "Biding My Time," "Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead," "For Me and My Gal," "If Only I Had a Brain," "I Got Rhythm," "Get Happy," "I Wish I Were in Love Again," "Meet Me in St. Louis," "Johnny One Note" and "It's a New World." Tom sings "Promise Her Anything".moreless
  • March 11, 1966
    March 11, 1966
    Episode 9
    Sammy Davis Jr. is joined by his guests Shelia MaCrae, Gordon MaCrae, Peter Lawford, Mel Torme and comic Timmie Rogers. Highlights: Sammy sings "Ol' Man River", "Desert Song" and "Top Hat". Gordon MacRae sings "Come Back to Me" and "More". Mel Torme sings "County Fair". Gordon and Sheila duet on "I Hear Music", "Lullaby of Birdland", "Pick Yourself Up" and "Night and Day". Peter sings "A Fella With an Umbrella".moreless
  • March 4, 1966
    March 4, 1966
    Episode 8
    Sammy's guests are The Supremes, The Andrew Sisters, Jonathan Winters and Johnny Hartman. Highlights: Sammy opens with "This Will Be My Shining Hour". Jonathan does a skit on a bumbling nervous speech maker and then does his Dr. Melvin Hart schtick. Sammy sings "On a Clear Day", "Keeping Out of Mischief" and "It's My Delight". The Supremes sing "My World Is Empty Without You". The Supremes do a medley bit on "Money Isn't Everything". (Sugar and Molasses) Sammy & Jonathan do a skit about a door-to-door salesman. Sammy performs a jazzy "Be Bom" with the dancers. Sammy plays a Jazz tune on the xylophone. Johnny Hartman sings "It Never Entered My Mind". Sammy & Jonathan do a skit called "Knock, Knock Whose There" tonight we our guest is Lord Trafalgar Whitney, owner, founder of the animal theatric farm. The Andrew Sisters perform "Collegiate" and "Last Night on the Back Porch." The Andrew Sisters do a song-and-dance skit with "Your Presence is Requested" and "Don't Bring Lulu". Sammy askes the Supremes to sing the Andrew Sisters Hits and the Andrew Sisters to sing the Supremes hits. The Andrew Sisters sing "Stop In the Name of Love", "Baby Love" and "Where Did Our Love Go?". The Supremes sing "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon", "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time", "Roll Out the Barrel". And for the closing number both the Andrew Sisters and the Supremes sing a song to Sammy "The Birth of the Blues". Sammy and Jonathan appear in the final scene lighting up cigarettes and doing an improv with Jonathan being surprised by a beautiful gal.moreless
  • February 25, 1966
    February 25, 1966
    Episode 7
    Sammy's guests are Juliet Prowse, George Maharis, Barbara McNair, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and comic Bob Melvin. Highlights: Sammy sings "My Funny Valentine" and "Can't Help Loving That Girl of Mine". Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich drumming away to "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Hawaiian War Chant". Sammy joins Gene and Buddy at the drums for "Cute". Juliet Prowse sings and dances to "Big Spender". Songs from both George Maharis and Barbara McNair. A comedy routine by Bob Melvin.moreless
  • February 18, 1966
    February 18, 1966
    Episode 6
    Sammy's guests are Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra Jr., Leslie Uggams, The Pied Pipers and The Nicholas Brothers. Highlights: Sammy sings "Hey There".
  • February 11, 1966
    February 11, 1966
    Episode 5
    Sammy is back to host. His guests are Trini Lopez, Corbett Monica and Paula Wayne. Highlights: Sammy sings "Trouble" from "Music Man". The finale has Sammy and the guests all over the place going wild with the frug, monkey, mash potato and jerk to the tune of "I've Got a Woman".moreless
  • February 4, 1966
    February 4, 1966
    Episode 4
    Jerry Lewis is the substitute host for Sammy. Guests include Peggy Lee, Danny Costello, The Wiere Brothers, The Skylarks and the Terry Gibbs Orchestra. Highlights: Peggy Lee sings "Big Spender" and "The Folks Who Live on the Hill". Peggy and the Skylarks perform "Danny Boy". The Skylarks in a jazz appreciation session with the Orchestra do a blasting rendition of "Nose Cone". Terry Gibbs and the Orchestra perform "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" with Terry singing. The Wiere Brothers perform a wild violin version of "Romanian Rhapsody". Danny Costello sings "In Other Words" and "Come Rain or Come Shine".moreless
  • January 28, 1966
    January 28, 1966
    Episode 3
    Sean Connery is the substitute host for Sammy. Guests include singer Nancy Ames, Buddy Greco, singer/dancer Lola Falana, comedian Tim Conway and Checkmates Inc.
  • January 14, 1966
    January 14, 1966
    Episode 2
    Johnny Carson is the substitute host for Sammy. Guests include Diahann Carroll, Joan Rivers, Mickey Rooney, Bobby Van, Guitarist Tony Mottola and Sleight-of-hand artist Don Allen. Highlights: Diahann Carroll sings "What the World Needs Now". Joan Rivers does a monologue with Johnny talks about her newly married status and how Edgar's apartment is all leather and chains and Johnny gives her tips. Tony Mottola performs a haunting ballad. Sleight-of-hand artist Don Allen performs for Johnny Carson, Joan Rivers and Mickey Rooney to keep their eye on the ball. Diahann Carroll sings and dances with the Lester Wilson dancers "Jeepers Creepers". Mickey Rooney and Bobby Van perform a comedy skit.moreless
  • January 7, 1966
    January 7, 1966
    Episode 1
    Sammy's guests on his premiere episode are Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Nancy Wilson, Corbett Monica, Augie and Margo and The Will Mastin Trio. Highlights: Sammy sings "What Do the Simple Folk Do?" Richard Burton performs the title tune from "Camelot". Richard & Liz duet on "A Welsh Folksong". Sammy sings "Nothing Can Stop Me Now". Nancy Wilson sings "Here's That Rainy Day".moreless