The Sarah Jane Adventures

Season 4 Episode 5

Death of the Doctor (1)

Aired Monday 4:35 PM Oct 25, 2010 on BBC

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  • Sarah Jane is confronted by UNIT, who claim that the doctor is dead, while at the 'funeral' she meets another ex-companion

    This one if I'm not mistaken is done by Russel T Davis, known for doing some of the most action packed, shocking and downright brilliant episodes in the doctor who Saga. So having gone through this episode, I was surprised at just how alarmingly average it seemed to me.

    OK, with respect, Russel T Davis hasn't worked on the new Doctor before. But the main problem with this episode is that the entire episode was spent with this thought of the doctor still being alive. That was fairly obvious to most that were watching it. This isn't a terrible story, there are some nice characters, some interesting plot twists, and the references to 'The wedding of Sarah Jane Smith' were nice.

    The other problem I have with this episode is the cliffhanger. I'd rather be thinking 'oh god, that's just happened' than 'will that happen.' And it's fairly obvious that the doctor will survive being blasted by the Shansheeth.

    I found the UNIT stuff to be adequate, but not particularly interesting, the Groske the same

    So in conclusion this is a fairly average episode. Part 2 on the other hand may provide improvements.
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