The Sarah Jane Adventures

Season 4 Episode 6

Death of the Doctor (2)

Aired Monday 4:35 PM Oct 26, 2010 on BBC

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  • With the Doctor revealed to be alive and the Shanseeth seeking to use the combined memories of Jo and herself to create a tardis key for their own objectives, can Sarah jane save the day again with her old mentor helping?

    The Doctor is alive and the Shanseeth seek to rectify their mistake of having a funeral without a proper dead body by trying to kill the doctor. Sarah has her hands tied this time, she's needed heavily by the docgor since the shansheeth kept the doctor's screwdriver in the tardis. Sarah learns out much out the doctor'd life after her when she finishes this adventure. many of the doctor's ex companions have been trying to improve society just like their time lord mentor; ranging from Ian chesterson to Ace Mcshane.
    "With freinds like us, he's never really going ot die is he?" - sarah
  • So the first thing I've got to say is yahh the Doctor is back. Even if it's a different doctor.

    After a very dull first part the second part did everything right. And it blew me away. After being very disappointed in part 1. I must admit I wasn't exspecting the second part to be any better. Part two of Death of the Doctor was just what you would exspect from the an crossover between Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures. You get aliens trying to do something stupid like tacking over the world or in this case trying to kill off the Doctor so they can steal the TARDIS and stop all deaf in the universe and the military UNIT up to no good.

    With old companion's Jo Grant and Sarah Jane together we get to see a beautiful blend of clip's from the original Doctor Who show and the 2005 remake. Pluss a few clips from last year when DT showed up on the SJA as the tenth Doctor in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith part 1 and 2. With plenty of references to the time's Sarah teamed up with the Doctor in resent years an a small references to Amy and Rory, the Doctor's current companion's. This episode was a great blend between the two (or three depending on how you look at it) shows.

    There were some beautiful moments between the Eleventh Doctor and Jo. And some cute seans with the kids. I loved being told that the Tenth Doctor visited all his old companion before he died. And not just the one's we saw. My favorite seans were when The Doctor, Sarah and Jo were on the alien plant. I also loved the speech that the Doctor gave about remembering all the times they had together. The good and the bad. I won't say much more because I don't want to give to much away but in my opinion this was one of RTD better episode's. But then agine I might just be thinking that because I needed my Doctor Who fix as I wait for the Christmas episode.

    All and all. This was a great episode.
  • Wow, after a slow plodding part 1, part 2 did everything right, and it literally blew me away.

    I must admit I was hoping that this second part would be better than the first part, and I was right, a nice blend of action sequences, comedy, and importantly memories. Good to see a lot of references to the Doctor Who universe of past AND present (ie references to Amy and Rory). It's also nice to see that a detail that's so easily dismissed as a lead lined coffin, turned out to be of crucial importance. That shows good attention to detail of the writer. All in all a very good second part that moved at a fast pace, and lead to a thrilling conclusion.
  • We're so sorry for your...bowtie

    The second much welcomed cross over between Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures is once again a superb effort, this time bringing back former companion Jo Grant too. It felt like a tribute to Doctor Who more than anything, even though it was still firmly Sarah Jane's story. Once again, they managed to make it so the Doctor could appear but still need to rely on Sarah to get the job done. There was alot of ground covered here, nicely paying tribute to the old series, the series as it had been under RTD and the present series with the Eleventh Doctor. Series 5 of Doctor Who didn't have much connection at all with the show's long history (apart from all the monster's mentioned past experiences) so it was nice to see the Eleventh Doc talking about it. I especially like being told that the Tenth Doc visited everyone before he died, not just the people we saw. Adds to what he was doing all the more. And it was a nice touch to hear what all his old companions had been doing.
    If I'm being honest, this belonged in the parent show, but having it here also helped to once again show the effect the Doctor has on people's lives. All in all a superb effort.