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Submission Guidelines

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    SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2007 - Slight edit. Use brackets to describe actions, not parentheses. Thanks Islander!

    Here are a few guidelines you should read before submitting.

    Basic rules:

    1. Before you submit, please check spelling and grammar, if it's one letter off on one word, I'll fix it for you - but if you spelt it "Srh Jne r teh companin of te Dokter!" I'm going to reject it. Duh.

    2. No rumours, and please provide a source if it has to do with something that hasn't aired yet - it will speed up the moderation process.

    3. Please make sure you get quotes EXACTLY right. I always hate it when there are so many words out of place, despite it being spelt right and is gramatically correct. If you need to change a word to avoid a long quote, use parentheses. For example,Mrs. Wordwood is looking at a window and asks where it leads, but does not reference the window by name, therefore put: Mrs. Wormwood: Where does that [window] lead?

    4. If ever referring to a quote in your submission, please put it at the top, then double spacing it before typing your submission. For example:

    Maria: The magic word "organic".

    A light poke at those who impulsively buy products because they are organic.

    Rules regarding sections:

    Episode Notes: An episode note has something to do directy with the production of the episode, or in the episode itself. For example, saying there was another show just like this with some of the same actors, is a note - but saying that Luke Smith bears an amazing resemblance to Kyle XY is not (this would be a better example of Trivia). Notes will always be written as one or two blocked paragraphs, no more. If you must, break it up into two submissions, and make that clear in the comments box so I can use my judgement.

    Episode Quotes: A quote is anything a character said. Please no simple one lined quotes that make no sense on their own in order to get more points. As long as it makes sense and properly formatted it will be accepted. The speakers name must be bolded, ie. "Sarah Jane: Life on Earth can be an adventure too", and any unspoken actions that are required to make the quotes understandable are put in brackets, while the text is italic, ie. (Mrs. Wormwood points to a giant eye).

    Episode Trivia: This is where you tell about something interesting about the show. For example, let's say Elisebeth Sladen played a reporter in a show in 1994 that has nothing to do with Doctor Who or Sarah Jane Adventures, but since she is one in both shows, it's a piece of Trivia, rather than Notes. Also, this is where you put goofs. If it is misinformation, label it as "Goof: Insert goof" if it is something wrong on screen, such as a watch disappearing and reappearing on a characters wrist, it is a continuity error, and label it "Continuity: Insert goof".

    Episode Allusions: This is references to popular culture that are not described on screen, such as referrencing talk show hosts or the original show it spun-off from, Doctor Who. If it requires outside knowledge that is not within the program itself, it is an allusion. For this, you must put whatever it is you are referencing in the top line, then go down two spaces and explain the allusion. See "Basic Rule #4".

    I hope this helps, and I will be updated this if I missed anything or I change the format of the guide.

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    OK after months and months (and possibly more months) has finally got around to fixing the new editor has control of the forums problem. So after a long time (see aforementioned 'months') of not being able to sticky, unsticky, moderate, delete etc anything on this forum, now I can do it all. That being said Ase's rules above apply under the new 'regime' they were sensible and acceptable to me, hope they are to you too.

    With the following exception, I will not accept submissions for the episode before the episode has aired. I'm in Australia so there is going to be a slight lag for me, but I am happy to accept submissions directly after the episode has aired in the UK, things like quotes however will probably not be accepted (or rejected) by me until I've seen it to check the veracity, but I will NOT reject them out of hand, as I will for anything submitted before the airdate.

    Let me know if that is a problem for anyone. I'm pretty flexible


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