The Sarah Jane Adventures

Season 4 Episode 11

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith (1)

Aired Monday 4:35 PM Nov 15, 2010 on BBC

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  • Possibly Sarah Janes Finest Hour. (Spolier free review)

    From start to finish this episode is totally captivating. As an adult viewer I can drift in and out a bit when I watch SJA, but I was genuinly glued to the screen. It was a brilliantly told story with a very respectable and very fresh mystery which unfolded masterfully. It's fun, it's dark, it's touching and it's thought provoking. With a storyline like this the idea of a SJA film becomes completly credible. This storys style is like the "Children of Earth" of SJA, in the sense it feels more grounded in reality than in the wonderfully absurd world of Doctor Who. It doesn't neglect it, that mad world is obvously there but it helps to make this story feel a lot less beyond the realms of possibilty. Thats not an insult at all, but it doesn;t help to make for a dramatic finale and gives a fresh apraoch to a very fresh storyline. Make no mistake though, this is obviously Sarah Jane Adventures; it fits perfectly, and is a testament to a show that is not allowing itself to get into bad habits and can really add to the sci-fi catalogue of ideas and not just borrow from it. Again that's not insult because every show borrow from it's own catalogue of generic storylines.

    If it's not clear, this is flippin fantastic episode! The acting was note perfect! Julie Graham as Ruby White is bloody fantastic! If the right people watch this episode Julies going to see a increase in offers for sure. It was also some of Elizabeth Sladen finest work too, and she got some brilliant material to play with. Like I said, movie potential, if you doubted she could front a blockbuster movie, you are completly assured here. None of the cast let the side down, all giving some of their best work too.

    Special effects and CGI were top for SJA, and of course considering its a kids show on a limited budget you really can't complain at all. It seemed on par with doctor who and tochwood, if not a lot better. And the same goes for the music, top work. Combined with good camera work this is as good as most things in Prime Time TV. Utterly Brilliant for a kids show.