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  • Missing Sarah Jane?

    For those that miss "The Sarah Jane Adventures" or just miss Sarah Jane or Elisabeth Sladen Big Finish has an audio drama called "Sarah Jane Smith" which was made before "The Sarah Jane Adventures". There are ten stories in this series. If you are in the . and don't want to pay the oversea shipping and exchange cost there are places in the . where you can buy most of the Big Finish stories like Who North America
  • Elisabeth

    i wish she never die i would of like it if there where more season of the Sarah Jane adventures and i would of like to see more of that little girl Sky
  • Nice but....

    For a kids show it's quite nice, kinda funny sci-fi stories for the children's program.
    but the acting of Elisabeth Sladen is just awful and painful, even for a show for kids; all the children together act much better than sladen - that's kinda sad, isn't it?
    other shows with such bad acting get cancelled but this one is still running. Watching sladen is painfull, you wanna stick a fork into your eyes, even watching it online in bad qualitiy doesn't make it any more watchable. Just change the actress...she just might have played a role in the original Dr Who but even that doesn't make up the the horrid acting, maybe that's why she's confined for children TV, they don't realise her not existing skills.
  • This exciting kids spin-off of doctor Who is a must see for all Doctor Who fans

    I first started watching this show when it first began. At the time i was about twelve. About the Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith, a previous companion of the Doctor,her son, Luke, and Clyde and Rani, his friends. In it they fight aliens from their attic and regulaly save the earth. It has always been a less scary version of Doctor Who which retains all the excitement. Although there have been a few character changes (Rani replaced Maria a few series back) this show still retains its charm. There is also the odd cheesy scene but this just is part of the show and makes it what it is. It is definitley a must see and all the fellow Doctor Who fans I know watch it too. Definitely the best and only good show on cbbc. Anybody who enjoys Doctor Who will most likely enjoy this more light hearted version. :D
  • This series is great for children! It's also sweet that Sarah Jane used to be in the older Dr. Who series.

    I very much love Dr. Who, so when this series started, I was thrilled. Many children love Dr. Who, and being a "child" myself, I'm glad the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, well, exist. My younger sisters enjoy the series more than Dr. Who because it relates more to them and it's not as... scary. The creativity makes the whole thing worth watching; as are the characters we all love. When I first watched it on the Sci-Fi channel, I had no idea it was meant for kids. I looked up the show here on and figured it out later, and I was already in love with the series before that. All in all, I love this series, and if you haven't watched it, you're missing out.
  • Definately worth a watch

    I know the series was aimed for children but when I saw the story line for the end of the last series of Dr Who was to included Sarah Jane and what was left of the Torchwood team I had to catch up. Just to make sure there were not any threads from the series that were going to be relevant ;)

    While nowhere near as good as DR Who or as gritty as Torchwood due to the target audience it fits well in the middle of the two as a show you could sit down and share with younger children.
  • Kids shows can be fun too.

    The Sarah Jane Adventures has everything you would expect from a Doctor Who spin off. Lots of monsters and action with a kiddie twist. The story's are solid and the charters are enjoyable. With all that teen drama you would expect in a kids show. If you can handle the fact that this is without a doubt a kids show the your in for an enjoyable exasperase. The only problem I have with the show is that is that each episode is broke into to parts so there is always a cliff hanger between episodes. Something I find more the a little annoying. Because when it comes down to it you only get six episodes a season instead of twelve.
  • Good, but probably not for me.

    I wanted to like this show... I really did. I've had a thing for Elizabeth Sladen ever since her Dr. Who days, and it was a thrill to see her on the screen again. And they've even given her a a reasonably competent supporting cast.

    Unfortunately, at least for me, they are clearly writing the show for the elementary-to-junior-high demographic. And the fact that I even remember Sara Jane as the Doctor's companion should make it clear that I'm significantly older than their target audience.

    For what it is, it's a good show. But the fact is it should really be programmed on Saturday morning, not Friday night. I can't imagine much overlap between it's audience and that of Battlestar Galactica.
  • Earth needs defending too.

    I was a bit hesitant the first time I watched The Sarah Jane Adventures. Why? Well, I remembered dear Sarah Jane from the origional Doctor Who and I loved her. I was afraid that they would make her hokey, or they would have taken away her edge in some way and turned her into a paper doll character.
    Boy, was I wrong!
    The Sarah Jane Adventures is a bright, funny, fast paced and very well done show and I have to say that it is not just for kids.
    I have found this show very entertaining and very satisfactory in that Sarah Jane has not lost her edge in the least. If anything, she is even more edgy than before and she has come a long way from the young journalist who first entered the Tardis with Jon Pertwee. It is also nice to see that this show can solve a big problem without resorting to guns and explosions, as in Torchwood. (Not that I am against Torchwood)
    Yes, I love The Sarah Jane Adventures and I hope it lasts for as long as Miss Sladen wants to keep doing it.
  • Better than Torchwood, not as good as Doctor Who.

    I saw the pilot back when it had first come out. It came out just after Torchwood had ended its first season. I went into it with low expectation because I did not like Torchwood. Fortunately, it was a lot more like Doctor Who than I expected (and more so than Torchwood). It feels a lot like Doctor Who with a female lead. Even the theme music is reminiscent of the Doctor's theme (not the main one).

    It took forever before it actually began airing episodes though. I didn't even notice when it finally did.

    Anyway, I just got the first season and it seems to have been changed some since the pilot. It is now targeted at kids (it airs on cBBC and really feels like a kid's show). That's disappointing, but overall, it's not bad for Who fans.
  • The return of Sarah!

    My favorite Dr. Who helper is Sarah Jane smith and she's back in "the Sarah Jane Adventures" making the Sci-Fi Channel more fun toi watch on a Friday night. I noticed in the first few episodes of the series, she got plenty of hlpe from teens. She need all the help she can get because the Doctor isn't going to bail her out every time she's in trouble. the first few weeks are ok. I can't believe that she is 60 years old and with one grey hair like Helen Miran. Maybe Lalla Ward will pop into an episode. Maybe. Haven't seen her years, except in the web.
  • Thank you for bringing Sarah Jane back!

    I started watching Dr. Who #3, with Sarah Jane as his companion. After she left, then Tom Baker left, it just wasn't the same. I've watched Dr. Who on SciFi the last 2 seasons, and it is great, but missing something. Now I know what-Sarah Jane! I've watched 4 episodes of Sarah Jane now, I know it is basically a kids show, but it really makes me happy to watch it! That's what is missing in TV, shows that make you happy. Thank you BBC, SciFi and Elisabeth Sladen for bringing Sarah Jane back! Now if we could just get Sarah Jane and the Doctor back together...
  • SJA is everything a good kids show should be. Furthermore its greater focus on the young market, doesnt stop this show being a worthwhile watch for Doctor Who fans, and people with an enjoyment for light-hearted fun.

    First and foremost this is a clean cut show which gives children intellegent storylines and intellegent charecters which set a good standard. Wary parent needn't worry, this show sets a good example for kids.

    SJA follow the tried and tested formula of the kids being in the know and the adults out of the loop. Also having the lingering feeling that eventually they will found out. This works brilliantly and plays out well.

    All the charecters have a unique angle which complement one another, as always Russel includes a love to hate mum (As with all the mums in the New Doctor who). Sarah-jane remains the charecter you want to see the most, and the show (and Sladen) doesnt dissapoint.

    Older views will of course find the show quite predictable and not probably not find it as exciting as the younger viewer. Nevertheless there are several suprises along that should suprise anyone watching closly.

    SJA, for a kids shows, doesn't cheap out on the special effects, it is the top of its league. The same can be said for the audio, acting, in fact everything.

    SJA is a gem of a kids show and a great additon to the Doctor Who universe.
  • Doctor Who for children, and very well done. Noone has to know that you love to watch it with your kids, or without them.

    Edited after the Season 1 Finale - Bravo ! Well done ... but that said, the series seems to be introducing a new member of the "in crowd" every episode ... ? New bad guys we expect, but more character development would make a better show. "I saw amazing things, out there in space. But there is strangeness to be found wherever you turn. Life on Earth can be an adventure too... you just need to know where to look!"

    ... as long as where you look happens to have an alien there ...

    It's DW lite, not so complicated on the plots or explainations - almost a real life version of Scooby-Doo. The Doctor's "psychic paper" is too complicated for kids to grasp ? No problem, Sarah will have a pocket full of ID cards with different functions to get her past the guards. ... but if the kids aren't carefull, they might learn something from the show - there are many places where a parent could tie in some interesting after-tv learning. Well done.
  • Sarah-Jane Smith saew amazing things, out there, in space. But as she shows in this amazing new show, life on earth can be an adventure too, You just need to know where to look.

    Sarah-Jane Smith is by far one of my favourite classic ompanions of all time and to see her return in School Reunion was enough excitement to make me wet my panties. But then not long after a show of her own was anounced. As you can imagine I bounced around every room in my house for several hours excited by this mysterious yet oh so familiar 'The Sarah-Jane Adventures' So New Years Day I sat down like (I presume) hundreds of other Doctor Who fans slightly red by the fact they were so excited about the start of a brand new childrens show. But was it anything like I imagined? No! It was 20 times better. The cast was fantastic the story was amazing and you could see that perfect edge of Doctor Who in the show. I thought to myself how are they gonna follow this (The Invasion Of The Bane) with a complete series!? 8 Months later the answer struck me when I sat down 'Squee'ing once again for the start of 'The Revenge Of The Slitheen' and wasn't it fantastic! I thought i'd feel remorse for the missing part of Kelsy, but as they added Clyde to the gang I instantly forgot Kelsy and realised my love for this new street-wise kid!
    Now every Monday I tune in to both episodes from 5:00pm gasping at how amazing this show is. And thinking to myself how much Sarah-Jane reminds me of The Doctor (Honestly! I swear she is The Doctor reborn!!!) and how much the show is like Classic Who! So this show is definatly the best show on telly at the moment! Tune in every Monday to cheer up the otherwise dull start to your week :)
  • Elizabeth Sladen Reprises Her Popular Role As The Independant & Infuencial Sarah-Jane Smith.

    Sarah-Jane Smith, An Investigative Journalist & Previous Companion Of The Doctor, Stars In Her Fantastic New Show, 'The Sarah-Jane Adventures'. Exheeding Doctor Who In Every Way, SJA Follows Sarah, Her 3 Teenage Companions & Her Alien Technology As She Learns How To Become A Mum & Adjust Completely To Life On Earth, Whilst Still Saving The Planet From Aliens & Retaining Her Fabulous Persona & Individuality.

    A Show Not To Be Missed, Elizabeth Sladen Brings A Credability That I Feel Is Only Matched By Holly-Marie Combs' Piper Halliwell (Charmed) & Marcia Cross' Bree VanDeKamp (Desperate Housewives). 'Remember, Life On Earth Can Be An Adventure Too'.
  • A good show, i recommend it to doctor who fans!

    Its a good series with a new cast. Ive seen the Slithen one
    and the Eye of a Gorgon one and they were great! especially Pt 2 of that Gorgon one!Anyway its about some kids that join Sarah Jane on defending earth from evil aliens. Sarah adopts a son who was grown. Sarah Jane also has a friend called Maria whos Dad and Mum split up, they both hav problems.And theres Clyde whos like the same. They all are a great team. Why do u reckon u should watch it? cause its
    got great special effects, good story line, and great acts.
    I can't wait to watch more!
  • Great first episode can't wait for more!

    I for one enjoyed it and as others pointed out, the things that were wrong with the episode were the things you’d expect from a kids show. I can’t believe we have to wait till "sometime" later in the to see anymore!

    And again with the chronology, what year is it set! And I’m getting a little sick of the public easily forgetting when aliens have landed or strange things have happened in the new series shows, e.g Torchwood and Doctor Who.

    I noticed the photos and the drawings of the TARDIS, nice touch. I didn't find the alien tech too much of a problem, I mean look at Torchwood and how John/Jane Doe picks up something from offworld every five minutes. Whos to say that, mixed with K-9's know how didn't give SJS her own Batcave before K-9 went off to fix that blackhole?
  • Sarah Jane Smith is back- with more gadgets than James Bond.

    I don't know why you're all complaining. I though that the pilot rocked. I know it's a kids show but it's a good kids show. It's high enery, amusing and certainly full of fun. Sarah Jane was one of (if not) the best assistants the Doctor ever had so why shouldn't she continue his work? Even with the help of kids? And those kids were smart too. Not every kid is the dumbest in the class. Besides, Doctor Who was made for a mixed audience and the other spin off, Torchwood, is mainly for adults so why shouldn't kids get their own?
  • Looks better than most kids' shows in the US. Could be a good alternative compared to all that garbage on Saturday mornings now.

    I haven't watched the old series of Doctor Who. But, I have watched the new series. The Sarah Jane Adventures was a little interesting. Here, we see that Sarah Jane has gotten back into the alien business ever since "School Reunion". An alien race called the Bane have made a soda that is highly addictive. Of course, Sarah Jane needs as much help as the Doctor did. She get companions of her own named Maria and Luke. Although the plot and the characters seemed a little too simple, it actually had a better plot than the kids' shows here in America. Hopefully, NBC, CBS, CW, or PBS might buy the broadcasting rights for here in the US. Kids need a show that's not a cartoon or a cheap sitcom. Fortunately, there's Sarah Jane.
  • Welcome Back Sarah Jane, we've missed you.

    There was some trepidation on my part when I heard that there was to be another Doctor Who spin-off. I adore Torchwood, with all it's ups and downs, odd plots holes and bizarre motivations but I wasn't sure I could cope with two such shows under the Doctor Who banner, but still being a fan of Sarah Jane from the first time around I knew I could not resist watching this made for kids version. I should have remembered that Doctor Who itself was originally designed as a show for children and look what that became. I was very impressed with the pilot episode, but I'll do a review of that later. It was a real treat to see Sarah Jane Smith back on the screen with that tell tale slight lisp and determined set to her hips as she faced the post - School Reunion world head on. If the entire series keeps up this level of skill and emotive power I will be a very happy viewer.
  • Another spin off of a great classic- I loved it.

    It is good no matter what they say, it appeals to children with having Maria and Luke but the emotional side of Miss Smith appeals to the adult in me, her mourning over the doctor and the losing of K9, the fact she never had child, it’s brilliant and I hope things like appear when it becomes a proper series later in the year.
  • A children's show? What am I, ten?

    I'm a little wary of spin-offs. I guess I sort of have it instilled in me that the original is the best and anything else is just going to be a waste of time. Torchwood took me by surprise and really sucked me in, but when I heard about The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, I was very, very hesitant to even watch. A Doctor Who spin-off, geared towards children? Well, hooray for the good programming for kids, but there's no way something like THAT could be up MY alley.

    Yeah, that's what I thought, but I was wrong. Curiosity struck as Torchwood ended and I found myself twiddling my thumbs, wishing I didn't have to wait until April to catch the new season of Doctor Who. Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch a good sci-fi, you know? So I decided I'd check out The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures.

    The first thing I noticed about the show was that it was very, very definitely geared towards children. I knew that going in, but I still didn't get what I expected. I expected something far more juvenile with stupid jokes and silly aliens that would put the Doctor Who universe to shame. That's not what I got at all.

    Of course, there were the stupid jokes. There were little things that would make the show way more appealing to children - the character Kelsey, for example, is the kind of character that you could turn into most children's shows and find. She's grating and I cringe every time she comes onto the screen. Then there's Luke, the little boy that Sarah adopts. Because of the way he was made, he has some sort of special intelligence that plays off like a super power. And then, I feel bad pointing out the little annoying things like that because, as one must remember when watching this show, it IS geared towards children. Of COURSE it's going to have some of those constants that childrens' shows are known to have. The thing that made me sit through and actually enjoy the pilot of the show was the fact that despite the grating, obnoxious best friend and despite the little kid with super powers, and even despite the fact that the plot to the episode in itself was pretty stereotypically 'childish', it was still a good show. The writing and the acting, for me, made the show worth watching. Though, as I've stated, some of the lines are just stale and there to make little kids giggle, there's enough action in the show to make an adult watch. It's not necessarily JUST a kid's show, but rather something I feel a family can sit down and enjoy all together. The kids can giggle at the awful jokes and awe at the fairy tale bits while the adults can appreciate the plots that are going on. The thing is, a lot of children's shows are completely unviewable, for me, because they're just about those stupid kid issues. Not to bash children's television - it's good for kids. This show, however, seems to open things up more. Sure, Maria's going to have character development and I'm dreading the schoolyard scenes, but we also get to see Sarah Jane Smith happily living out her life on Earth and we get to see plots involving aliens that are on the same page as Doctor Who.

    It's not as heavy, not as dramatic nor is it edge-of-the-seat viewing like Doctor Who, but the plots aren't dumb. (Or, I suppose, I should say plot; singular since there's only been one episode released so far.) It's not like a Scooby Doo sort of show where you can figure out exactly what's going on in the first three minutes of the episode. (Then, maybe I'm just in suspense because I was always astonished to find out who the villain was at the end of the Scooby Doo episodes.) Still, I stick by what I said that this isn't strictly a children's series, but rather something the whole family can really enjoy together. The show is well written enough that it provides entertainment for adults, as well. I'd really reccomend that Doctor Who fans check it out, because I think they'll enjoy it despite the childlike elements. Or maybe despite is a poor word choice - those childlike elements (minus Kelsey) just make the show that much more charming.
  • The Doctor Who spin-off which isn't half as good as Doctor Who or Torchwood.

    This program is Doctor Wh taken down to a level that is appropriate for children. The other spin-off Torchwood was clearly not suitable for adults, sometimes it wasn't even suitable for adults so The Sarh Jane Adventures is welcoming the younger audience.

    The storylines aren't as gripping but the effects and make-up are just as realistic. The Doctor and his assistant have been replaced with Sarah Jane a child assistant named Maria and Sarah Jan'e adopted grown by alien son Luke, and of course K9.

    At times this program can be tedious but once you have settled into an episode this is no tuning out. It is hypnotising despits its lack of plot and predictability.