The Sarah Jane Adventures

Season 1 Episode 8

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (2)

Aired Monday 4:35 PM Nov 06, 2007 on BBC

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  • Second half was not as good as the first. Everybody's a hypocrite.

    The second half of this two part story arc was not tooo bad. However, the thing that annoyed me about it was the holier-than-though, righty-tight attitude of the characters toward Andrea. They rag on her for wanting to live at the expense of her friend (it's not like she even really understood the deal that she was making that moment), yet they turned around and did the exact same thing to her. At the end, they were trying to kill her so that they could themselves live. At least Andrea was in immediate danger and didn't have a chance to think about what she was doing; these gits knew exactly what they were doing. I guess they can justify they hypocrisy by saying that she was supposedly meant to die whereas they aren't. Bah!
  • The episode that made me want to watch this show again

    When i first heard about this show, i wanted to see it. after seeing the first few episodes, i wasn't so sure if i wanted to watch it anymore. but this episode is what made me want to watch it again! basically, sarah jane and luke don't exist as the evil trickster madesarah jane die instead of her childhood friend. The graske also appear, but they weren't that good a role. The look on marias mums face when she saw alan being chased by the graske was just hilarious. it was sad how the other lady had to die either way, but it stopped the meteor destroying earth.
  • Second part of the darkest story yet.

    Whatever happened to Sarah Jane Part 2 is an excellent episode, with Maria trapped in 1964 also she meets young Sarah Jane and Andrea Yates (died on that very day) but when she warns them of not going to the pier a Graske appears and fires a rope at Maria, they disappear and the young Sarah Jane looks round to say goodbye but no-body was there. The Graske drops Maria off in a mysterious place surrounded in white smoke, there she finds Sarah Jane who tells her that the place they are in is called limbo and it is nothing-ness. Brilliantly written, unlike Gareth Roberts previous story he wrote (Revenge of the Slitheen) which wasn't the best ever. It ends with Maria's dad asking about what is going on. The next episode looks very good.

    Scariness = 7
    Grippiness = 9
    Villain = 8