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The Sarah Silverman Program is a musical/comedy that journeys into a world where daily life is anything but routine. Silverman plays a character named Sarah Silverman and is joined by her real-life sister Laura Silverman who plays the character of Laura. Rounding out the cast of characters are the geeky gay neighbors Steve (Steve Agee) and Brian (Brian Posehn), and Officer Jay (Jay Johnston).

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  • Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman

    Laura Silverman

    Laura Silverman

    Laura Silverman

    Brian Posehn

    Brian Posehn

    Brian Spukowski

    Steve Agee

    Steve Agee

    Steve Myron

    Jay Johnston

    Jay Johnston

    Officer Jay McPherson

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    • The Big S ! The most,awesomeness of the highest.

      This show is the future,still in 2014,ahead of it's brilliance of Sarah's whole,perspective and underlying meanings in humor is so decadent and amazingly sharp witted,to me she seems to be,the comedians comedian,and the peoples comedian ,the left the so funny may kadoody all over the place!!!
    • A terrible, unfunny show.

      I don't like this show at all. I admit that I used to like it, but my feelings changed for it. There's nothing funny about it, and I really could've done without it. All the characters in this show are horrible. The worst character is Sarah. She thinks she knows everything, she doesn't listen to anyone, and she's extremely arrogant and obnoxious. Her two neighbors who have an obsession with pot are bland characters, and they're not funny in the least. I remember one episode where they had an obsession with farting. What? The plots and storylines are awful. Sarah trying to be black, Sarah suing the Mongolian race, and Sarah marrying her dog? I don't like the humour in it either. It's usually just gross humour that doesn't have any appeal. Overall, this show is not worth watching.moreless
    • Epically unfunny

      Wow. This show amazes me. It certainly had the possiblity of being funny, but the jokes are often streched, and they leave you gaging more than they leave you laughing.

      I've seen two episodes of this show, and I'm ashamed to say that. They have a few unfunny jokes that they stretch to the enth degree. I find that the characters are completly unlikable, and I feel sorry for anybody that would call this good entertainment. It's obnoxious, over the top, and loud. Plus, it's just mean spirted. Don't get me wrong, politcally incorrect jokes are fine when they are in somewhat good taste and used in moderation, but this show screams them at you consistantly.

      Bottom line, don't watch this show. It's just painful. I see the potential, and trust me, there isn't that much, but I think the writers are high when they write this junk. I could come up with funnier jokes off the top of my head.moreless
    • The Sarah Silverman Show is horrible. It's crass, nasty and makes fun of terrible horrific events like the Holocaust. The whole thing is awful.

      The Sarah Silverman Show is horrible. It's crass, nasty and makes fun of terrible horrific events like the Holocaust. I just don't think that low class, foul, nasty dialog is funny.

      It just shows a true lack of creativity. Who writes this stuff?

      Why do people think that injecting foul language into a show will automatically make it funny.

      Well, for the record, it doesn't. Good humor doesn't have to be ridicule everything good and wholesome in our society. Social commentary can be great, but mockery and scorn just isn't appealing in the least.

      The whole thing is awful. Don't waste your time.moreless
    • this was a dam shame it got canceled.

      Sarah Silverman was the funniest show i have watched on comedy central next to South Park and Drawn together.It just makes it funny how 30 something year old woman can a acted like an immature 12 year old by making crude and insane comments about stereotypes and be funny.Or like most the times when she is making fun of her gay friends Bryan and Steve.and she is always insulting her sisters boyfriend in the beginning of the show and how she goes on the most retarded adventures ever like the episode were she gets high on cough syrup. this show was funny and it still is when i watch reruns of and i say screw you to comedy Central for canceling it.moreless

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