The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 2 Episode 5

Ah, Men

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 31, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • At first I liked her comedic style but after watching this ep. I truly believe she is a closet racist Making God black does not make it okay for him to be belittled or a POT head and people laughing at his drunkin ass I was hoping he would smite all those

    asses who treated him that way.I wanted to show a person this show b/c I thought it was different and cute and wierd and funny all in one bag, but I had the bad luck to show them this ep. not only were they insulted and disgusted by this show but it made me look bad like I was as retarted as Silverman! Sorry but I'm just being honest this show is bad hence the 7 episode seasons and there is a good indication to others of a sick unfunny racist show when the star of the show lickes thier pets butt, jokes about abortion and is all non chalant about the whole thing. Not to mention Silverman aint that cute anymore gaining some wieght, and getting bags under her eyes! The black face ep. whoa, and the homeless black crack head low blow, With all these twisted shows that Comedy Central produces I think they dont care about the moral decline of society just producing shows that sicken the minds of everyone, Silverman u should be ashamed of ur self!
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