The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Mar 07, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • Sarah overcomes tremendous physical obstacles to rid her world of telethons for children with Leukemia.

    Having just avoided a friend's request for help moving, Sarah finds herself in trouble when the batteries for her remote control run out just as a telethon for children with Leukemia is beginning. When decides to to the store for more batteries she runs into hurdles along the way, including a wheelchair marathon blocking her path and the realization she has no money. After she manages around the marathon problem she heads to the cafe to meet her sister and grab some cash. It's there that Sarah tries to join in on a fart joke and ends up pooping her pants. Luckily when she launches into a song about the whole thing and it reaches God's ears which inspires him to grant her one wish.
    Instead of healing a friend's father, who has just been diagnosed with cancer, she decides to go back and look cool instead of pooping her pants. Unfortunately for Sarah, when she later goes back to the store she finds that she doesn't have enough money for the batteries. This is all too much for Sarah as she knocks over a rack of sunglasses and steals the batteries. Suddenly finding herself in a foot-chase with the police, she begs God for help one more time. God, for some reason, agrees and Sarah is saved once again. After a night of passion between the two, Sarah and God have an awkward morning as it was pretty obvious that God wanted something more out of the relationship than Sarah did. Thankfully though, she's finally able to get rid of the Leukemia kids. It's then that a vision of her father shows up and gives her affirmation before trying to seduce her. It's that silly God again, of course, just trying to trick her. She turns to find a sick child on her doorstep who kicks her in the crotch. Sarah passes it on to God as we see them smiling while we go to credits.

    I love Sarah's character on this show as I feel it complements Sarah's personality and delivery tremendously. I think she's really found her voice and I hope this is just the beginning for her and this show. I have to admit I've tired a little on the joke-song aspect of this show, but it's not so tiring that it brings the show down much. You've gotta love a program that has God represented
    by a black man and then has a Jewish woman nail him while a dog watches.
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