The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Mar 07, 2007 on Comedy Central



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    • Sarah: So long, Leukemia kids. Don't spend all that money on drugs.

    • Steve: So, Natalie, I was really, really sorry to hear about your dad.
      Sarah: What happened?
      Natalie: My dad was just diagnosed with liver cancer.
      Sarah: Oh my God, that's so bizarre. You guys, my remote needs batteries. Everybody be careful, these things happen in threes.
      Brian: Why don't you just go to Fan-Tasti-Mart and buy new batteries?
      Sarah: Why doesn't Natalie just go to Fantasta-Mart and buy her father alive again, Brian?
      Natalie: He's alive, he's just sick.
      Sarah: Natalie, please!

    • Sarah: You know what? I'll show you, and everyone here, the real meaning of overcoming a physical challenge!
      (Sarah storms off)
      Paul: That sounded really serious.
      Jay: Well, she yelled.
      Paul: Yeah, that's what it was.

    • Mrs. Ramstack: Uh, oh, hey, wait. Sarah Silver-man!
      Sarah: Hi, Mrs. Ramstack
      Mrs. Ramstack: Seems like you're always coming and going.
      Sarah: Well, you do stand outside the building all day. I mean, if you lived in my toilet, you'd think I was always peeing, right?

    • Laura: Are you coming to help Natalie move?
      Sarah: I can't, I have to help my friend Natalie move today.
      Laura: So you are coming?
      Sarah: Yeah…no…I can't.
      Laura: Sarah?
      Sarah: Alright, I love you too, Nana.

  • Notes

    • This episode was originally intended to be the pilot, but it switched to become the finale due to some of the episode's content.

    • This is the only episode actor Masi Oka of Heroes fame appears in. Originally Sarah wanted him to appear in every episode as a different character. However this episode was shot before he joined the cast of Heroes and due to his schedule on Heros Masi Oka was unavailable to return to The Sarah Silverman Program.

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