The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 2 Episode 3

Face Wars

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 17, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Sarah strongly believes that it is much easier to be a black person in America than it is to be a Jewish person. To prove her point she decides to become black for a day. Meanwhile, Brian and Steve get carried away smoking medical marijuana.

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  • I didn't stop laughing for the entire episode. My face hurts. My white face.

    So now I know what I'm going to be for Halloween...Well, I'm between two costumes now. I'm going to either be black or Jewish. This episode was unbelievably great. The best of the series without a doubt. It was incredibly offensive, and completely on. The irony was overwhelming.

    Sarah wasn't accepted into a country club to play tennis because she wasn't a member. She attributed it to being a Jew. While complaining to her friends, a black person overhears and claims that being black is more difficult. She agrees to go black while he agrees to go Jew. Everybody who watches, wins.moreless
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    • Eugene: Ya know, M'am, I wish you could walk a mile in my shoes, I bet you wouldn't last an hour.
      Sarah: I would love to! Why don't we switch places for a day? My friend Eddie Pepitone is like this incredible make-up artist, he'll totally make me black. And we'll settle the score once and for all. I'll be back. I'll be black. I'll be white black.

    • Eugene: Excuse me?
      Sarah: Oh…uh...I'm so thoughtless, I didn't realize we were ordering. I am going to have the ba-ba-ba, pancakes Delaware.
      Eugene: Eh, miss, I think there are harder things than being Jewish. Like being black.
      Sarah: Ehm, did black people have the holocaust?
      Eugene: No, but we did have 400 years of slavery.
      Sarah: Oh. I'm so sorry you guys had to like, uh, have great singing voices and really catchy songs, while we got…oh yeah! Murder Showers!
      Euegene: Ok, so what you're saying is because of our singing we suffered less than the Jews?
      Sarah(Pauses): …Yes.
      (Eugene walks away)
      Sarah: I don't think he got my order…

    • Sarah: I'm a victim of a hate crime!
      Jay: What?
      Sarah: It's true. The country club would not let me play tennis because I'm Jewish. She's like what's your name, Silverman? And she's like GET OUT - JEW.
      Laura: She said that?
      Sarah: Yeah, basically. With her eyes. It's like I'm a second class citizen. There's nothing harder than being Jewish in the entire world.

    • Sarah: Hi, I'd like a court. Gonna practice my serve.
      Receptionist: Certainly, what's your last name?
      Sarah: Silverman.
      Receptionist: Silverman…Silverman…I'm sorry I don't see your name in our member book. Are you a member?
      Sarah: No…
      Receptionist: You need to be a member to use our facilities. (Greets other passers by) I'm sure you understand.
      Sarah: Yeah, I understand. I read you loud and clear.

    • Sarah: (at press conference) In the words of the old negro spiritual, I have gone black...and I can't go back.

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    • In the opening credits Sarah gets a phone call in the middle of her character introductions noting the first time another character (in this instance Steve) does part of the voice over to the introduction.