The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 2

Humanitarian of the Year

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 08, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Humanitarian of the Year
Sarah invites a homeless man into her home to prove she is a caring person. Meanwhile Brian learns karate, but fails to use it in dire straits.

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  • The ghost and Karate...

    Sarah helping a homelss man to try and steal Officer Jay's thunder is great. The ghost of the homeless man's mom, is funny. Karate not being used to defend, good again. The Karate fight at the end...oh so good....but the clincher of this episode is the queefing...from Sarah imitating on television to her end of the episode sneeze surprise. The quick reference of the Holocaust is is the making fun of the way ghosts are supposed "sound". This episode makes up for the lackluster start of the Officer Jay episode. Long live Sarah Silverman and her brand-new program.. Good luck Sarah.moreless
  • Got to Love It!!!

    This show is hilarious. Unlike any other humor out there. Sarah Silverman is a genius, purely revolting on so many levels, but is that humor so wrong? Because if it is, let me assure you, than right is no longer part of my vocabulary. She is the best, simply the best! Keep this show alive!!

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    • Sarah: Fred! Did you see me on TV, I was so great!
      Fred: You told them about my mother.
      Sarah: Yeah! Oh! Why, was that off-limits?
      (Fred nods)
      Sarah: Oh, well…ya know what? Maybe we should sit down and discuss what's touchy for you, because they definitely want me back. And I wanna be able to have the freedom to--
      Fred: IT WAS PRIVATE!
      Sarah: Awh! Say it! Don't spray it! God, I want the news - not the weather!

    • Sarah: Am I a hero? I don't think so. Did I help one man get his life back? OK, I'll take that one. But is that heroic? I dunno, I don't like labels.

    • Fred: Do you think I could get some blankets?
      Sarah: I would love to give you blankets. I would LOVE to give you blankets! I only have five, and I really need all of them. Cuz what I do is like I jack up the A/C and then I love to get in bed and just stack them one and top of the other and just bundle. Ahh, I got you! Of course I have blanket's for you. You're favorite kind - dishtowels. I hope you don't mind, they're clean.
      Fred: Aw, those are great!

    • Fred: I don't mean to bother you, but, eh, do you think I could get some food?
      Sarah: I thought this might happen…Fred if I feed you then you're just gonna learn that food is just this 'free thing' that you don't have to earn. And in a way it's gonna make you homeless-er.

    • Sarah: I'm gonna take you home with me.
      Fred: Really?
      Sarah: Yeah!
      Fred: Why?
      Sarah: Hmm. I'm not a religious person but…God, probably.

    • Jay: Ya know, if I could just help one blind kid…
      Sarah: Then, what?
      Jay: Ah...well then I…it would…it's good.
      Brian: That's awesome, man!
      Sarah: I must be like the blind children, because I don't see what the big deal is?

    • Sarah: How are you?
      Fred: Well I'm homeless.
      Sarah: Oh…right…good, great, great.
      Fred: Actually, it's pretty awful.
      Sarah: Oh. Right. Yeah…

    • Sarah: Jesus, you're a dead woman but you're acting like a dead baby!

    • Fred: Sarah Silverman?
      Sarah: Gross, homeless guy?

    • Laura: Sarah, I'm so proud of you. I really think what you're doing is important.
      Sarah: Really?
      Laura: Yeah.
      Sarah: I'm gonna do something else important, too.
      Laura: What?
      Sarah: I'll give you two's yellow and it's pee pee!
      (Sarah gets up and walks away)
      Laura: Oh, going to the bathroom?

    • Sarah: I'd better go. The homeless don't crap themselves.
      Brian: Um...yeah they do.
      Sarah: Exactly.
      Jay: Gross

    • Ghost: You must listen to me. This is important, Sarah! Please!
      Sarah: Let me ask you something. If you're such a ghost then why don't you talk like (starts moaning like a ghost) this?
      Ghost: That is a crude stereotype. Talking like that to a ghost would be like saying the "n word" to a black person.
      Sarah: Oh really? Well interrupting a Jewish person while she's urinating is like saying the Holocaust never happened so I guess we're (starts moaning like a ghost) even.

    • Ghost: Sarah... Sarah... Sarah, there is something you should know.
      Sarah: I'm going to the bathroom!
      Ghost: (whispering) Sorry.

    • Sarah:We shouldn't be making fun of it. A lot of famous people have it. Queefer Sutherland. Diane Queefon of Annie Hall fame.
      Scarlett Lacey: Queef Witherspoon.

    • (Sarah talking to her dog Doug at the end of the episode)

      Sarah: I learned that gay guys love karate. But they are so unpredictable, like for when they're going to use it. And I also learned that if you open your heart and help people...they're gonna eventually try to stab you to death. Hm. And it's sad.

    • Sarah: Hey, who's ready to spend his first night not getting stabbed by drunken teenagers?
      Fred: Oh…me!

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