The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 2

Humanitarian of the Year

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 08, 2007 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Sarah wakes up screaming, then quickly changes her mood to greet the morning with excitement. On her way to brunch she runs into Fred, an old classmate from Valley Village High who is now homeless and living in a box.

At brunch, Steve shows off his black eye and chides Brian for not protecting him with his karate skills. When Sarah shows up, Laura tells everyone about Jay "receiving the Humanitarian of the Year award for his work with blind kids". Everyone seems impressed except Sarah who suggests that she's even more deserving of the award for having taken in the homeless guy Fred, which she hasn't actually done, but no one else knows that. Laura and Brian remember making fun of Fred in high school because "his mom was the lunch lady and she queefed all the time". Fred was teased "mercilessly until eventually he went crazy and they had to put him in an institution".

Sarah leaves brunch and sets off to find Fred so that she can take him in and prove herself a humanitarian. Along the way she reminisces about Fred's mom, as well as her own experience queefing after a really big sneeze. She finds Fred and takes him home.

Back at Sarah's apartment, Fred now has his box set up in her laundry room and asks for food and a blanket. Unfortunately, Sarah doesn't want to enable him by just giving him food, and instead of a blanket she gives him dish towels before lapsing into a song. Fred tries to join in but "this isn't a duet". The song ends as Sarah goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth and briefly sees a female ghost in the mirror.

Brian and Steve are walking home from a movie when they get robbed by two male cheerleaders. Brian is unharmed after declaring that he knows karate, but Steve gets punched in the eye again as they take off with his wallet.

At the award ceremony, Jay is accepting his honor as Sarah and Fred walk in to join Laura, Steve and Brian in the audience. Sarah is disruptive enough to get a little scolding from Jay at the podium. "I'm so sorry Jay, please continue. The last thing I want to do is interrupt your story about how you spent an hour reading nursery rhymes, with my silly story about how I gave a man a home and changed his life forever." The crowd claps and Jay continues his speech as Sarah heads off for the bathroom.

As Sarah pees, the ghost appears again in the bathroom and peeks over the stall with a warning, but Sarah quickly dismisses her intrusion. When she's done peeing, the ghost tries warning her again, but Sarah brushes her off for not acting like a stereotypical ghost.

In Sarah's apartment, she gives Fred a new bindle and stick with a half eaten banana in it. The phone rings and it's Scarlett Lacey the host from Valley Village Live who's heard about Sarah's "amazing work with the local homeless" and wants Sarah on her show. The ghost shows up with her warning, but again Sarah rebukes her for interrupting her phone call.

Fred is watching the show from Sarah's apartment and seems to agree with the host who calls Sarah a hero. Steve is also watching the show from home as Brian brings him a meat mask for his two black eyes. There's a knock at the door, and Steve answers it only to be punched again by a neighbor who says "there's something about you that just takes me there".

When Sarah starts to give Fred's back story, and talks about his mom, Fred changes his tone. Sarah continues to harp on the queefing, demonstrating various ways it could happen, and using the term in several puns and word plays. At this point Fred is writhing and begins to have auditory and visual hallucinations.

Sarah comes home and Fred confronts her. "You told them about my mother." "IT WAS PRIVATE!" Fred grabs a knife and chases after Sarah who locks herself in the bathroom. The ghost appears in the mirror again saying "This is what I was trying to warn you about. Fred is my son. Twenty years ago he went crazy and he killed me." The ghost tells Sarah that only by queefing can she stop Fred. "It's his only weakness. The sound of it renders him helpless." All this while, Fred has been tearing away at the bathroom door. He finally gets through just as Brian shows up to borrow another steak.

Fred continues to hallucinate as he now goes after Brian who finally breaks out his karate skills. However, Fred is not so easily beaten. The struggle spills out into the hallway, and into Brian and Steve's apartment. The door gets knocked down, a pillow is shredded, and the punches continue to fly before Brian kicks Fred into a bookshelf, which seems to have knocked him out.

Sarah walks in and celebrates by jumping up and down with joy. Little does she know that Fred is behind her, back on his feet, getting ready to strike again. Brian and Steve try to warn her, but all the pillow feathers in the air make her sneeze, which then causes her to queef. Fred collapses helplessly.

In her apartment, Sarah has her goodbye conversation with the ghost who then flies away queefing. Sarah ends the show in bed with her final thoughts.
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