The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 5

Muffin' Man

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Mar 01, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Muffin' Man
Sarah tries to explore her own sexuality. Meanwhile Brain and Steve bicker over a soft drink.

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  • Sarah falls for this cop named Tig. She then decides she's a lesbian. In another story Brian and Steve argue over TAB.

    This episode is so funny. Almost every line that comes out of these peoples mouth is hilarious. I love that Sarah thinks she may be a lesbian because her attraction to another woman. I love that Brian and Steve are fighting about TAB. This whole episode had me laughing beginning to end. Sarah just cracks me up. I love the "Lesbian" pose she does and the fact that she is so evil. Sarah is so obnoxious and I love her for it. I hate how the season is so short. I do love that no matter what Sarah and her friends can make me laugh time and time again.moreless
  • Sarah trying out lesbianism....

    Sarah, is she curious oabout homosexuality, or is she trying for attention? You never know with her, but watching her try to court Tig is unbelievably hilarious. From the first side comment up until the moment of the kiss...then the chase down the stairs and into the rain. But, the side story is just as funny. The big, gay orange people arguing over Tab is great. From the original trying of the soft drink to stocking the apartment with it, the Tab wardrobe, the Tab-mobile, and getting ready to move to Tabville and work in the factory....So so funny. This show better be picked up for season 2.moreless
  • I wasn't expecting to like this show but its turning out good.

    The bickering over Tab was hilarious. Oh and Sarah Silverman is just about evil and I love her for it. I'd like to post a note on this episode but I can't, rank too low. In this episode they show a scene from the next episode that hasn't aired yet. In the part where she remembers her previous relationships with men it shows her being asked for her cell phone number by the guy that I think is god in the next episode.moreless
  • Best show yet!

    I wrote a review for the first episode of "The Sarah Silverman Show" and panned it. Yet since then, like the other viewers according to the ratings, I have found each episode to only get better and better. This episode was the best so far.

    Two primary plots here. Sarah decides that she is a lesbian and makes a major play for Officer Jay's temporary partner Tig. Tig is a butch lesbian who initially doesn't believe Sarah's claims of new found lesbianity. Sarah immediately takes her new lifestyle to the extremes, as she always does, until the moment of truth. Oops, once more it turns out that Sarah hasn't found her niche.

    Meanwhile Sarah's gay friends have a bit of a disagreement. A waiter brings Brian Posehn's character a Tab (diet soda I thought had been discontinued) and his boyfriend mocks him as not wanting to try new things when he wants to return it.

    To make a point this sets off the funniest story line so far as it appears that they added crack to the Tab. Suddenly it is Tab clothing, runs to buy case after case of Tab until finally one is dressed like he is in the Tab car for Nascar and the other is an dressed as an actual can of Tab. There are even plans to move to Chatanooga so they can work in the Tab plant. Absolutely highlarious and it outshines Sara's storyline which was worth watching. Lots of show stars wouldn't allow their co-stars to have such good lines and plots for fear they would be overshadowed. I'm proud of Sarah that she would push her supporting players into the limelight like this.

    Their storyline ends with a tender declaration of love: "Dude, I'm so gay for you." followed by a fist bump.

    A great show and after the last several I'm now looking forward to each new episode. They took a critic and turned me into a fan.


    Edit to add two more points-

    I note that it seems that they have now taken pains to give Sarah some opportunities to be sometimes hot and other times adorable. This is a major improvement.

    I often fast forward through the the songs. I hope they either make the songs much much funnier or start to cut them back a bit. In this episode they smartly wove in some other funny bits to break up the song. Good move but they still could have cut a minute or two of it out and instead added some more dialogue based humor. Singing, in itself, isn't funny and I don't think the songs have measured up to the rest of the show. The show has obviously surprised me in the past and now I have confidence that they will get it together over time. trivia note: Sarah's daughter from "Not without my daughter" returns in this episode to play Sarah as a child. I was pleased to see this as I think that little actress is a lot of fun.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The scene with the black man (who later turns out to be God) asking for Sarah's cell phone number was supposed to be from the first episode. But because the producers felt the episode was a little "too much" they moved it to the end of the season. Therefore, his appearance as a former lover is out of sequence.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Sarah: (Sung) Whether you gay or straight or black or white or Asian...But just those five, just those five kinds of people.

    • Host: I'm sorry but there's no smoking allowed here.
      Sarah: Go tie your balls in a knot, breeder!

    • Jay: Yeah, so my partner got suspended because this Hispanic kid pulls a gun on him, Paul opens fire. Turns out it's a pellet gun. It looked really real, though.
      Laura: There should be a law that those things have to come in bright colors.
      Sarah: Laura, they're human beings!

    • Sarah: Like if a puppy made love to a swan and crapped out a woman, that would be Laura.

    • (Voice over)
      Sarah: The Sarah Silverman Program may not be suitable for sensitive viewers. If you are such a viewer, now might be the time to make yourself a nice B.M.

    • Sarah: What is a lesbian? What is anything? Like, what's a unicorn? It's a horse with a horn on it's head that's magic. You know, a lesbian is just a woman with a horn on her head that's magic.

    • Sarah:Ooh, ooh, Tig! Do you know how many, uh, lesbians it takes to screw in a light bulb?
      Tig: Uh-uh, no.
      (Tig exits)
      Sarah: Oh.
      Brian: She should know that.
      Sarah: Yeah.
      Laura: I think it's three.

    • Sarah: I'm totally ready to les out!

    • Sarah: I'm a full-blooded dyke! And I say "dyke" because I'm like, taking the word back from The Man. Baby, I'm in it to win it. And when I say "it." I mean "tit," and when I say "tit," I'm mean "your tit."
      Tig: You better watch it. You're getting yourself way over your head.
      Sarah: Hmmm, That's funny, 'cause that's where you're ankles are gonna be.

    • (The host reading his own poetry)
      Host: This next one is called "The Beach is Big."

      The beach is big, where's our blanket? Where's our blanket?
      A thousand faces. A sea of faces.
      Where's our blanket? Where's our blanket?
      Oh, there it is.

    • (Sarah talking to her dog Doug at the end of the episode)

      Sarah: I don't know where to start with this one, Doug. I mean, I-I've failed at heterosexuality. I've failed at homosexuality. I guess I have to stop thinking that the right person's just going to come along, you know? I have to be the right person. I have to come along. I'm a me-mosexual. Yea, anyway. Good-night Douggie. I hope you die in your sleep tonight. Nah, I'm just kidding. But if it had to be one of us, I hope it's you.

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