The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 4

Not Without My Daughter

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 22, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Sarah becomes an adviser to a local beauty-pageant contestant. She encourages a young girl to enter the pageant in order to fulfill her own childhood dreams. Meanwhile, Steve's behavior in a police car result in unforeseen consequences.

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  • If loving sarah is wrong, i dont wanna be right

    This show is amazing. It is pure genius. The writing, the acting, the editing, genius. This show is definately a diamond. Once again you get trapped in the idiotic innocence of the character and you just forget what morals are, and you're ok with that. Seriously, having sara adopt that girl for all the wrong reasons is what makes this show so awesome. Can anyone imagine who needs a child less than miss silverman. Also, we get some classic sara moments, the Ann Frank monologue, the "Winner" speech, classic. What stands out the most are when Sara uses abortion as a motivator, but for all the wrong reasons. I was on the floor. Like i said this show is genius, so wrong but genius. I mean who would have thought to have the girls sing amazing grace while the bomb went "off". I think i have tears of laughter in my eyesmoreless
  • A bizarre standup CAN work as a real sitcom.

    When I heard about this show I wondered how Sarah could possibly adapt her stick to a sitcom. This episode shows just how well it can work, however. Sure, the main plot plays up her character's obliviousness, self-absorbed world view (it's quite funny when the "big reveal" passes harmlessly over her pretty little head). But the B-plot with the “geighbors” and the cops provide a welcome relief from Sarah overload (BTW, I once knew a gay couple who were geek slobs just like these two, so it’s nice to see this new kind of gay character on TV).

    She’s doling out the outrageousness (and, thank heavens, the singing) in small enough doses so that it doesn't become repetitive and boring. If the show keeps up the pacing, and continues to mix things up with the other characters, it may develop into something far better than all but her most devout fans could imagine.moreless
  • MUwhahahahah Sarah with a child...and the Gaybors storyline.

    Sarah find a child and enter her into a beauty pageant. But even better than Sarah twisting this little child into a mirror image of herself is the revalation that the child is actually her own daughter tha she abandoned at the hospital shortly after giving birth, or in Sarah's words, her abortion. But even better than that is the "bomb" left in Officer Jay's car. A Homeland security task force nabs the Gaybors, for the huge fart that left as a present for Office Jay. Commentary on the socio-political climate of America today? Who's damn funny and the best comedy on the air.moreless
  • More Mr. Show Faces are revealed and we get more fun Sarah!

    There is a mixed assessment of this show so far. A lot of people are still on the fence about it or don't agree that it's one of the funniest shows on television right now. That's fine. In all honesty after watching the second episode, even though it guest started Zach, it fell mostly flat, but I think she's done a good job of ironing out the details and it's starting to carry it's universe a little better.

    With last weeks 'aids' episode and now our 'lil' miss' episode this week, we get, albeit not unfamiliar comedy landscapes, but at least fun and more entertaining takes on them than usual. We also see two more Mr. Show alumni make an appearance, with that of Scott Aukerman and Jill Talley gracing our televisions with their presence. All in all a good episode, if nothing else the B story was stupid fun enough to giggle at throughout.

    Sarah's par is beginning to level out with a few episodes under her belt. I expect at least the same level of comedy from her 'lesbian' episode next week.moreless
Jill Talley

Jill Talley

Patty Jenkins

Guest Star

Jon Schroeder

Jon Schroeder

Jim Jenkins

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Becky Thyre

Becky Thyre

Pageant Mom

Guest Star

Laura Marano

Laura Marano

Little Sarah/Heather

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Heather is singing the "Poop Song" with Sarah while she's in the tub, when she turns her head to look at Sarah you can see the tube top that's covering her chest.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Heather: I'm gonna make you proud of me!
      Sarah: Oh sweety, I'm already proud of you. All you can do is make me unproud.

    • Brian: You called earlier?
      Sarah: Yeah, I want you to come over and do some queer stuff to my daughter.
      Brian: Excuse me?
      Sarah: Ya know, I mean she needs a whole makeover. I need you guys to come over and do a whole montage on her. Maker her look fabulous and stuff.
      Brian: Sarah, being gay doesn't make you genetically able to do makeovers. Besides, do Steve and I seem at all fashionable to you?
      Sarah: No! You guys look horrible! I thought it was just like…ya know the shoemakers son has bare feet kinda thing.

    • (To Heather)
      Sarah: No carbs, sweety. It's little miss rainbow not little miss fat-ass.

    • Laura: Little Miss Rainbow? Didn't you take second place in that pageant when you were a little girl?
      Sarah: … Wow. That stung. Ah, yes, Laura, that's right. But Heather is going to make all that go away; aren't you my little bottle of orange flavored cough syrup.

    • Heather: You snooze, you lose!
      Sarah: To the Jews!

    • Sarah: I know what you're thinking; it's crazy. I look like I was ten when I had her, specially down there if you know what I mean. (Whispers) On my vagina.

    • Sarah: My father told me something before he died, and it's true. I never realized until today, but it's true; kids are dicks.

    • Sarah: Let me tell you a little story about a time when I gave up. About 10 years ago I got pregnant and everyone around me wanted me to give up and have the baby, and for about 8 1/2 months I listened to them. Until finally I worked up the courage to walk into that hospital and say get this thing out of me. And let me tell you something, having an abortion is one of the hardest things anyone could ever do. It took hours. I had to physically push the fetus out of me, and when it came out it was crying and covered in this like gucky stuff. I didn't have the money to pay so I crawled out the window and I went home and watched In Living Color, cause that's what was funny back then. Heather you have a choice, you can walk away and give birth to a failure that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Or you can go out there and have the abortion of your dreams. So what's it going to be?

  • NOTES (1)