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The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 1 Episode 1

Officer Jay

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 01, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Sarah gets arrested for drinking (cough syrup) and driving. After she is released from jail Sarah discovers the attraction between her sister Laura and the arresting officer. Meanwhile Brian tries to convince his partner Steve that he is bisexual.

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  • I didnt want to like it, but i did

    Its amazing really. I saw the previews and i was turned off. I then read the reviews and i was won over to at least watch, and i am so happy i did. At first the show's premise seemed dumb and just another Comedy Central Crapshow. however Ms. Silverman really has something here. The opening song was hilarious and so unnecessary. I think that is the magic of this show. You know its stupid, you know its wrong, but you cant look away. Sarah acts like a 4yr old the entire show, yet your never bored by it. She gives just the right amount of stupidity and innocence. When she ended the show telling what she learned, she definately took a animaniacs approach. With most shows you learn a real and usuable however overdone value, this show we learned that Old black women are wise, but young black women are prostitutes. It doesnt get any lower than that, but admit it, we love to be bad.moreless
  • Yowza! And this show got picked up?

    I'm a fan of Silverman. I usually enjoy her humor and I like the whole crew she runs with -- Kimmel, Carolla, etc. But this show was fairly awful.

    It had its good parts and some funny stuff. I thought the hallucination sequence was fun. Every now and again there was a clever line. But the whole concept here is flawed. The characters and their relationships are a tad too zany. Silverman's character is apparently mentally retarded. She is so stupid that it isn't really funny but more sad. Also, I can't feel attracted to a retarded person. Boom, a big part of her appeal down the toilet.

    I would have liked to see her with similar issues but in a character with some basis in reality. Her stand up persona is a good example of what it good have been. Still politically incorrect, selfish, neurotic but as a fully developed adult. Instead she dresses and acts like a four year old.

    It is too bad. This strikes me as a wasted opportunity to showcase her talent. I'll be shocked if this show gets picked up.moreless
  • Pilot, but not really.

    This show got great reviews from the people who matter (not those mainstream critic morons). But this first episode left me wanting. It was decent enough to earn a second shot, but this was definately the worse episode of the first season, and shouldn't have been allowed to be the pilot. But the drinking and driving was ok. Meeting officer Jay helped, because his character's hatred of Sarah is great in other episodes. ANd the line about the sex addict with a tiny vagina is probably one of the best in the show's first season. The show definately picked up and is worth season 2.moreless
  • "I don't know who put a nickel in you but it's time to make change."

    I was laughing the entire time at this very funny television episode. I liked the jokes a lot. The characters said and did thing that were hilarious, and I liked them a lot. I hope future episodes of this television program are as good and as funny as this episode was.

    This episode was so funny, with the cough syrup , the stupid but very funny jokes. Everything just went together. Sarah silverman pulled it off and everyone loved it. I don't really care what other people think , this episode was one of my favorite ever, i will always love this episode. If another one tops it, but i don't think one will come along soon that will top this one. So funny how she crashes her car, does the robot , and has two gay friends, even halo 2 is in this episode which she did mention on a award show that some people need to play xbox and playstation more to get rid of aids. But one of her best episodes yet! Well her only that has been released :Dmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Posters on Brian and Steve's wall:

      Homestar Runner - A flash animated internet cartoon by brothers Mike and Matt Chapman.

      Robot Bastard - A short film written and directed by Rob Schrab. He is also one of the creators of The Sarah Silverman Program.

    • The video game Steve is playing in this episode is Halo 2. This is a poplar game developed by Bungie and can be played on a Xbox, Xbox 360 or PC.

    • Writer/director/creator Rob Schrab provided the voice of the Loch Ness Monster in the animation sequence.

    • We learn in the opening sequence that Sarah found her dog in the trash.

    • In the opening sequence Sarah states that her parents are dead. Their tombstones in this sequence reads "Max" and "Rose" Silverman.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (To Laura)
      Sarah: You are replacing me. Guess what, it doesn't matter, sissy. Cause I'll replace you...with THE NIGHT!

    • Sarah: Thank you so much old, black-woman, puppy!

    • (Mocking Officer Jay)
      Sarah: Hi I'm a cop and my face is a toilet!

    • Officer Jay: Listen, I don't know who put a nickel in you, but it's time to make change!

    • Officer Jay: M'am do you know why I'm standing here?
      Sarah: You got all C's in high school?

    • Loch-ness Monster: Hey Sarah! You look really thin! You should eat something!
      Sarah: Loch-ness Monster, you're the best!
      Loch-ness Monster: I am!

    • Sarah: My favorite person is my sister, Laura. It used to be Jared from the Sub Way commercials, but I thought he got too preachy.

    • Sarah: I learned so much today, Doug. I learned that orange cough syrup can make your car fly. And I learned that Laura needs a man in her life to feel good about herself. It's sad. Also I learned, whether you're gay, bisexual, it doesn't matter, you know? Because, at the end of the day they're both gross. But mostly I learned that elderly black women are wise beyond their years. But that younger black women are prostitutes. (long pause) Good Night?

    • Sarah: Here we go... Whoo, this one has a duck on it! (Drinks from the bottle of cough medicine then spits it out) Ohh, no thank you! Ooh, this one's orange!

    • (Sarah reads cough syrup bottle)
      Sarah: Maximum strength, night time use only. Like my body knows what time it is. Advertisers.

    • Sarah: Laura your car smells like farts!

    • (Sarah and Laura talking about Officer Jay)
      Sarah: What a boob.
      Laura: Sarah!
      Sarah: What a douche?

    • Sarah: Laura, stop flirting. Like he's really going to be interested in some sex addict with a tiny vagina.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Brian Posehn was originally unaware that his character Brian was actually gay until halfway through shooting the second episode. He presumed that Brian and Steve were just roommates.

    • This was intended to be the second episode of the series, but was bumped to the first episode due to the original opening episode "Batteries" containing what the execs felt was too much for the shows first run.

    • This episode pulled in 1.5 million viewers making The Sarah Silverman Program the most popular primetime program on "Comedy Central" in the past two years.

    • The picture on the old woman's purse in the "Fan-Tasti-Mart" is of Sarah Silverman's real nephew. He is the son of her sister Susan.


    • WWE
      The line from Cookie Party ("Let's get ready to crumble!") is a reference to Vince McMahon's line when he begins a World Wrestling Entertainment match with "Let's get ready to rumble!"