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  • The Big S ! The most,awesomeness of the highest.

    This show is the future,still in 2014,ahead of it's brilliance of Sarah's whole,perspective and underlying meanings in humor is so decadent and amazingly sharp witted,to me she seems to be,the comedians comedian,and the peoples comedian ,the left the so funny may kadoody all over the place!!!
  • A terrible, unfunny show.

    I don't like this show at all. I admit that I used to like it, but my feelings changed for it. There's nothing funny about it, and I really could've done without it. All the characters in this show are horrible. The worst character is Sarah. She thinks she knows everything, she doesn't listen to anyone, and she's extremely arrogant and obnoxious. Her two neighbors who have an obsession with pot are bland characters, and they're not funny in the least. I remember one episode where they had an obsession with farting. What? The plots and storylines are awful. Sarah trying to be black, Sarah suing the Mongolian race, and Sarah marrying her dog? I don't like the humour in it either. It's usually just gross humour that doesn't have any appeal. Overall, this show is not worth watching.
  • Epically unfunny

    Wow. This show amazes me. It certainly had the possiblity of being funny, but the jokes are often streched, and they leave you gaging more than they leave you laughing.

    I've seen two episodes of this show, and I'm ashamed to say that. They have a few unfunny jokes that they stretch to the enth degree. I find that the characters are completly unlikable, and I feel sorry for anybody that would call this good entertainment. It's obnoxious, over the top, and loud. Plus, it's just mean spirted. Don't get me wrong, politcally incorrect jokes are fine when they are in somewhat good taste and used in moderation, but this show screams them at you consistantly.

    Bottom line, don't watch this show. It's just painful. I see the potential, and trust me, there isn't that much, but I think the writers are high when they write this junk. I could come up with funnier jokes off the top of my head.
  • The Sarah Silverman Show is horrible. It's crass, nasty and makes fun of terrible horrific events like the Holocaust. The whole thing is awful.

    The Sarah Silverman Show is horrible. It's crass, nasty and makes fun of terrible horrific events like the Holocaust. I just don't think that low class, foul, nasty dialog is funny.

    It just shows a true lack of creativity. Who writes this stuff?

    Why do people think that injecting foul language into a show will automatically make it funny.

    Well, for the record, it doesn't. Good humor doesn't have to be ridicule everything good and wholesome in our society. Social commentary can be great, but mockery and scorn just isn't appealing in the least.

    The whole thing is awful. Don't waste your time.
  • this was a dam shame it got canceled.

    Sarah Silverman was the funniest show i have watched on comedy central next to South Park and Drawn together.It just makes it funny how 30 something year old woman can a acted like an immature 12 year old by making crude and insane comments about stereotypes and be funny.Or like most the times when she is making fun of her gay friends Bryan and Steve.and she is always insulting her sisters boyfriend in the beginning of the show and how she goes on the most retarded adventures ever like the episode were she gets high on cough syrup. this show was funny and it still is when i watch reruns of and i say screw you to comedy Central for canceling it.
  • Are you serious?

    This is a perfect example of how TV on comedy central has completely fallen apart. I swear if it wasn't for south park and futurama and scrubs, I was disown that entire station. The Sarah Silverman Program has, by far, the worst jokes and storyline of any show I have seen. She has an obsession with poop. That is pretty much the most unfunniest and disgusting type of humor ever. And it is way overused in this program. I am so surprised and disheartened that it hasn't been cancelled yet. Is this seriously what is apppealing to people?! All I can say is god help us.
  • There are some questions that we on this earth cannot answer. One of these questions are: How can this show ever be air on television or why it hasn't been cancelled yet?

    Whoa...just whoa.... What a bad show overall.
    This is such a bad show that's it isn't EVEN funny (a quality that this show doesn't even have..). Sarah is portrayed an obnoxius little dumb idiot who thinks she knows everything but she doesn't.. SHE KNOWS NOTHING! She is so retarded that it is just sad!

    Her gay neighbors are just as retarded and stupid as Sarah... They smoke weed..whoa! They're not even funny. I didn't watch the show long enough to observe the other characters and I don't plan to.

    The storylines are terrible like the one when she became "black" to prove some retarded point. It wasn't funny. The Bottom Line is that this show tries too hard to be funny that it ends up throwing up on itself. The show basically mutilates itself. I rather watch Hannah Montana (and I'm talking about Season 2 (which just turn that show into something I hate with a passion.)4Kids seems better than this sad excuse for entertainment. Stay far away from this "show."
  • save 30 minutes of your life and just stare into a fire; it'll be more useful and entertaining.

    I really can't understand anyone who likes this show. I don't find it funny, cutting edge or anything other than terribly annoying. I keep hoping that it'll somehow improve, but each season gets worse. it can't seem to find it's footing, there's no coherence to the episodes. I can't really write any more of a review without just falling into a torrid fit of tourettes, but this stupid system forces me to put in a minimum number of words, so that's what I doing here. and oh my. look, there. we're almost up to 100 words. oh. there it is.
  • Is there a way of giving a rating lower than 1 on here? Cause, if so, this excuse for a "show" deserves it.

    I never liked Sarah Silverman...even show, I set down and gave this show a chance....what I found out? I still deeply dislike Sarah Silverman, I dislike the rest of this pathetic attempt at comedy's cast. I know it's on Comedy Central, which loves Love-brow comedy...but, man....and all those annoying 'She's just a girl" promos every 5 minutes are more than enought for me. Either Jimmy Kimmel is more powerful than I thought, or Sarah is doing more than him to continue to get this crap to air. Seriously...I can't imagine anyone but stoned out high-schoolers or college kids with i.q.'s under 100 watching this. I'm usually not this rough on shows I dislike, mind you. Usually, I'm an "to each their own" type of person, but how anyone, and I mean anyone can enjoy this is beyond me.
  • is there a worse show on TV? prolly not

    Sarah Silverman is quite possibly the most annoying person that i have ever seen on a television show. I would like to know who exactly told her that she is funny and deserves a tv show because both of those two things are absolutely not true. This show has absolutely terrible acting, jokes and actors. When i watched this show the other day, i couldnt help but become more and more angry with each "funny" moment. I do not understand how even the most immature of all people could find this horrendous show funny. I just dont understand how crap like this survives on television when quality shows such as Jericho were taken off.
  • Are these lines funny? "Burn the white house" "Young black women are prostitutes" ???

    What on earth happened to this girl?
    First of, let me start by saying I am NOT a hater. I kinda like that gal. Her stand up is rather funny and most of the time she is a pleasure to listen to and watch. Her political views make her comedy spicy. Generally I like her. Also it is a plus that she is so pretty and she is a comedian, I mean kudos to her for not taking advantage of her beauty to be another famous floozy. But this show?! Man what is WRONG with these people? It is terrible!! It is not funny! It is not fresh! It is not new! It is not witty! It is not even annoying!. It is just an outdated, archaic I would say, really bad collection of retarded teenage gags. Is she under heavy medication? Is she losing her mind? Is she on crack? I can not find an explanation for this unspeakable piece of televised feces. The script is as if written by a paraplegic monkey with gonorrhea. Lines like: "Burn the white house" "Young black women are prostitutes" make you wonder. What kind of humor is this? What on earth IS this? She is trying TOO hard to provoke in order to get attention. Sarah honey I'm sorry but you are NOT George Carlin. Stick to your mediocre, and occasionally entertaining, stand up or just change your job.
  • Extremely funny if you have the right sense of humor. Most will miss the subtle irony in most of the scenes.

    It's unfortunate that so many people seem to vehemently dislike Silverman and this show; but it's also predictable. The show, for me, has a lot of subtle commentary about the absurdity of society - a lot of what I laugh at is how absurd the situations are, not the actual "erherehr, she said doodie" (though, I'll admit, the over-the-top songs are pretty hilarious). In my view, the human archetypes in the show are good reflections how people actually act, but Silverman portrays them in a way that shows how absurd people are and how they take themselves too seriously. Officer jay is a good example of this.

    Most people will likely not like this, however - they probably fit the archetypes portrayed in the show too much and thus will be more annoyed then amused. Like any other show that's too intelligent for the masses, it probably won't last. But I'll enjoy it while it does.
  • We may never know how many people Sarah Silverman had to sleep with or blow to get her own show but, then again, she may actually tell us at some point in the future.

    Some shows and acts are difficult to watch; Napoleon Dynamite, The Office are good examples. Watching them causes pangs because you realize I know these people, I work with these people, I go to school with this guy or even, I am that guy. But the longer you watch the more you realize that hey, that's just life and real life can be funny, interesting, even noble, although it can be painful also. But watching Sarah Silverman, I realize that I don't know anybody as racist or insensitive as her and I don't want to know anybody that ugly on the inside. Nothing she does or says is funny, it is just sick and malicious. She is very much in love with herself but, I don't know how any other compassionate human could enjoy her act. I take that back, I bet her racist humor would have been a big hit in Nazi Germany; until they discovered her religion.
  • If a singing piece of poop and older Jewish woman named Irene had a baby, it would be Sarah Silverman. And their grandchild would be this show. The humor will only appeal to a very small percentage of people, and if that's you you will love this.

    This show is off-color, uproariously funny, and most of the time really stupid. If you are completely disturbed by this show and feel sick afterward, just remember-it could have been worse. If this isn't you, then this show is just right. The Sarah Silverman Program can be a stroke of genius at times. For instance, Sarah enters rehab in order to learn how to fight the urge to lick her dog's anus, and a fellow therapy member says she is a curious eccentric like Einstein and Freud. Her friend later goes on to compare her to the person who first discovered milk in a cows utter. He says Sarah was just looking for the next milk. Only she was searching inside a dogs anus. If that didn't just make you laugh, then this show is not for you. If it did, then The Sarah Silverman is the show for you.
  • Wow, is there anything lower?

    I can't imagine anyone watching this and not wanting to post a bad review. It's bad. Very-very unfunny. Case in point: In one episode, our lovable, goofy potheads keep dropping their serviettes to have a conversation under the table about where they going to buy pot after the cop at the table is bragging about how he caught their source. This "joke" is played out at least 3 times. Yes, I understand your confusion, I can't find anything even remotely entertaining in that either and I still love Beavis&Butthead, not just when I was 15. How did anyone give money for it? How did noone cancel this after a single episode? And most of all, how could this show be renewed when Arrested Development is still cancelled?

    In fact it's so bad that the question I've kept asking myself everytime I've seen anything from this attractive girl was "why does noone tell attractive ppl when they are horrible at what they do"? I really thought this trend would stopp at high-school, but apparently not. I'm sure if she understood how incredibly unfunny she is, she would just stop.

    Let's get someone to tell her to her face. No rudeness, no demeaning, just please make her stop.
  • I love Sarah Silverman!!

    I remember the first time i watched this show and i couldn't believe how funny Sarah Silverman was. After just 1 episode she easily became my favorite female actor ever. The show is hilarious in itself with some crazy characters and the coolest dog in the world - Doug :D. But aside from that the reason i love this show so much is because it's so crazy, the plot lines are hilarious and sometimes really weird like the one where Sarah dated God xD. Sarah is the funniest character of them all however, an eccentric carefree person who licked her own dog's butt just to see what it tasted like. Sarah Silverman has now become one of my favorite shows ever and i haven't even seen all of season 2 yet!!. I just hope that a third season will be made because the world needs Sarah Silverman and i need her, i would totally recommend anyone (with a sense of humor) to watch this show because it's so cool and sometimes really disgustingly wrong which is always a good thing :D!!
  • Good show, funny charachaters, Sarah's really hot, and it's a lot of crew on it so if anyone watched that back in the day should be happy. GO WATCH THAT SHOW

    Really evil show, and i love it i dont know this show gets such a bad reviews on that site, writing abysmall and szit, i mean that's a really funny show, with great view of many social issues like race, religion, gay marriage, abortion and all of that stuff, Also the songs are really great and funny, only thing in that show i could pick on is that sometimes is just plain disgusting, but im gonna rate it a 10 anyways beacuse some of your unfair, and emotional reviews, so maybe just maybe instead of watching fackin CW's One tree hil, or other teenage "drama", start watching a show that may teach you something, or even better go read some books or szit
  • Brilliantly random, occasionally shocking, inspired hit of non-formula silly genius.

    This show has one extra thing going for it that makes it better than most other sit-coms on TV - it is totally unpredictable. Try to guess what will happen next...Good Luck with that. It is not afraid to be offensive whether dabbling in racist, religious or gross-out gags. This one is always original. Its a sad state of affairs when "Two and a Half Jokes" (where all they ever do is insult each other, and not well) is the highest rating sit-com anywhere but thank God there is something like Silverman on to redeem TV. A breath of fresh air.
  • The best on TV! :)

    This is the best show on television at 10:30 pm! How could you not like the episode "Pee"?It was so funny! Not to mention the Doodie Song and other songs are hilarious! Why would you think not? So far the homeless episode was funny! She lost her house keys and it ended up in her friend Homeless Mike's hair! I thought that when Toot go his brain shot out in "Pee" that was funny! And the beard at the end getting ripped of was funny! The only Season 2 episode i haven't seen is #12! Do you know where i can watch it?
  • Something to wait for.

    Well. I honestly don't know what you people are whining about. Show is hilarious, as are all the individual characters. This show is well written, even though some of the material might be outside range for "good taste". But that's what Sarah does best. She can make things fun, even though they are not funny in the first place. This behaviour is something that can be found in other shows as well, for example, South Park. Which also succesfully makes fun out of things that you aren't generally allowed to laugh at.

    That's the thing that makes this particular show special. It's breaking invisible walls aroud us all the time, making other people's views easier to understand.

    So.. If you give a show rating "1" and then whine about it's contents that you don't understand, i humbly don't see the point you even watching it in the first place. There are other channels too you know?

    Go Sarah! I hope you get at least two more seasons at the glorious Comedy Central!
  • Sarah Silverman plays the same ignorant and hilarious character that she does in her stand-up. The character's ignorance is reflective of our racist and bigoted American society, and works brilliantly to create a message of its own.

    Season 1 was brilliant. It seemed like every single line was hilarious. My friend and I would watch those episodes and laugh our asses off. But season 2a was the complete opposite. I got the sense that Sarah Silverman, as well as the other writers, were simply trying to recreate the brilliance they had achieved with season 1. But they came up short...VERY short. I'm talking midget scale. Because each joke seemed forced and lame and half-assed. 2a was a horrible disappointment. I'm really looking forward to October, when they will air season 2b. Will they pull it off or if it will more 2a-esque hell? Here's the thing...commencing yourself into any new genre is no easy feat, TV included. I remember when I started doing stand-up, my first set was brilliant and my second set was sub-par. But I learned from my mistakes and I turned my 3rd set into a laughing riot. Now that Sarah Silverman has screwed up in season 2a, maybe she will learn from her mistakes and redeem herself in 2b. If you watch her movie, "Jesus is Magic" and season 1 of The Sarah Silverman Program, you'll see she is a brilliant comic. She has the brains to see her 2a mistake and make up for it. Have faith. She'll come back.
  • Farts jokes have never been funnier

    The sarah silverman program struck me as strange and stupid the first time around but after watching each episode ive grown to like it. Most of sarahs humour is just fart jokes but she pulls them off so well you cant help but love her for it. So far ive seen all 5 episodes and my favorite is Not without my daughter. This episode seems really stupid but has a good story going on at the same time. Sarahs scenes are just randomly funny but i really liked her gay neigbors bomb scene. All the characters seem to have real chemistry because they really do. Sarahs sister plays her sister and her friends play her friends. I think that was the best way to do it. I know a show is good when i start qouting randoms stuff from it. I cant help but saying for some stupid reason i find my self singing the poop song to myself at work. Its even worse when people stare. I really enjoy this show yet this is just the opinion from a 16 year old guy.
  • This show is pure genius!!

    This show is genius in my opinion. It makes fun of stereotypes in such an obvious way that is sometimes misinterpreted and considered childish. The show is brilliant and people who enjoy Sarah Silverman's type of jokes will definitely love this show.
    Even though most people consider the humor used in this show offensive, the only thing offensive about the show is some of the language used.
    Sure she makes fun of religion and every imaginable race, but she does not distinguish or promote any belief of her own and equally makes fun of everyone. Just sit back and laugh. Laughter is life!
  • The Sarah Silverman Show: this show is funny.

    Before this February, I hadn't known Sarah Silverman as more than that irritating girlfriend on School of Rock, so trust me, I entered with skepticism. But after seeing segments of the common comedy sitcom of these days and being disgusted with the same, recycled family friendly crap, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this gem. Nothing is off limits for the perpetually politically incorrect Silverman, whose character's ignorance serves as a wake up call to all the people who are actually like that in real life. Sarah's unforgettable attempts to get attention and the hilarious subplots of her generous sister, her nemesis Jay, and her gay neighbors all compliment the show's originality and ambition. If the humour of this show escapes you, then you're probably a Family Guy fan.
  • Love it or hate it... and I love it!

    any show that has delivered unto us the greatest fart joke ever i think deserves some serious accolades. given the degree to which sarah is such a loathsome character, one would imagine that it'd be difficult for the audience to feel anything but contempt for her, and actually, this seems to be the case with those who cannot stand the show. but for those of us who "get it", somehow the producers make everything a-ok and you just laugh your behind off at everything that transpires. i highly recommend this show to anyone with an open mind and a sense of humor.
  • change the channel quick

    This show is nt funny and really stupid. I always wanted to see what this show was about but I was always doing something eles. So for a few weeks I saw this show. I thought it was going to be pretty good but boy was I wrong. This show is pointless and dumb. So I decided to watch another episode because I wanted to give it another chance. The next episode was even dumber than the last one. I guess she has some sort of obsession with poop. So form now on I will not watch this show or even give it another chance.
  • Perfect for the dirty sense of humor

    Oh what a guilty pleasure this show is! In my book any person or show that can blatantly make fun of the things this show makes fun of is pure gold. The Sarah Silverman Program can get away with making fun of Religon, Sexually, Race, and AIDS to name a few! This show is like a roast with out the guest of honor.

    Not to mention, that The Sarah Silverman Program has the ability to make horrible topics laughable.

    I can't wait for season two and the DVDs to come out. This show is perfect for those of with a sense of humor. So the people who ranked this a 2 or below need to lighten up a bit.
  • a show on comedy central starring sarah silverman

    wow. this show is a complete waste of time, its the worst show on comedy central. it isnt funny, i watched like 5 episodes and didnt laugh once. it seems to be trying too hard to be funny but failing miserably. the writing is just off the wall, they rely on fowl language, shock value and violence to be their comedic medium, these can be funny when used in the right way but the writer of this show doesnt do anything cleaver, all the jokes are stale and overused. sarah just seems to act immature..shes an adult woman, i just dont like her in general her character is everything i hate, immature, selfish and has a fluctuating personality, she gets into trends like a high school kid and then tries to fit in. seriously, what adult woman takes sterotypes this seriously, not one who should be shown on TV thats for sure. the actors are just as bad as the writer, but i have to say the worst is sarah. her stand up may even be worst than this show, not funny in the least bit and she just seems to think if she curses a lot and uses a lot of vulgarity people will find it funny no matter how unfunny and unoriginal her jokes are. it is quiet obvious that silverman doesnt put much though into her jokes, an ammature like me would be able to think up better material in less than 30 minutes
  • This show feels as though it tries too hard: tries too hard to be shocking, tries to hard to be "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and races to the least-common-denominator audience who favors Comedy Central. I'm not a fan.

    I watched five episodes of this show on the recommendation of a friend whose TV advice I trust; and I thought it was pretty lousy. I get the point; Sarah Silverman is a social pariah who reacts to situations in a way in which we all wish we did. She's meant to be like Larry David from "Curb Your Enthusiasm," someone whose lack of self-awareness and self-righteousness leads to hilarious outcomes.

    Only this show is no "Curb Your Enthusiasm." It is, like many Comedy Central shows, a dumbed-down version of something that is good. This show isn't smart funny; in fact it's not even really funny.

    "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is good because Larry David is trying to do the right thing, but his sense of entitlement and right/wrong just doesn't jive with everyone else's, leading to him always being a bit out of step with the rest of his social acquaintances. Sarah Silverman, on the other hand, is written with the idea that Sarah travel around her universe without the idea of doing good; no one is that selfish. And if you think the idea of the most selfish person in the world makes a good premise for a comedy show, than I'd suggest you'd be wrong.
  • Great Show, and Comedy

    This was probably one of the first shows I watched on Comedy Central Since then I've been Hooked the channel I mean this show is amazing at how funny it is. It brings Happyness to my heart to see that I'm not the only one out there that likes this show. I really like the Style of Comedy and Jokes, it just keeps you watching besides that Sarah is a Wonderful Singer/Comdian. My favorite Episodes have to be the when sarah's remote dies out, and the one when she brings a Hobo Home. I give this show 10 out of 10!
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