The Save-Ums

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2006)


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  • Boring, boring, boring!

    This show is just so annoying now! Why does everybody have dopey smiley faces on their faces, like those dopey smiley toys with the weird looking smilies? Foo sounds like one of those cutesy Japanese characters. Jazzi is just annoying, Custard is supposed to be some sort of "cool" person. But he is the opposite. Noodle is annoying, and Kachung, well, he's alright. They help the same people over and over and over! Whether it's those ants, or those bats (which look cute, by the way), or those crabs, or whatever, it's the same people! The theme song is annoying, too. I've watched this once to get this stupid song stuck in my head. So my suggestion, stay away from this one. It's too annoying!
  • this show prove that even if your small/little you can do whatever you are tasked to do.the save-ums helps the kids that are in trouble in their city or place. sometimes at the end they have solve the problem.

    i like this show cause it shows no matter how bisg or small you are you can always help the ones in need.i also love the theme song cause it also says about something in them.
    in the land inthe air under th sea we're the save-um it says that no matter where they are they are ready to help.they usually help monkeys',dinosaurs and fishes.i always wait in playouse disney just to wach for this show. it is really inspirational for the little ones. the save-ums can also make you laugh. watch it , it is really good! the save-ums
  • Save-ums teaches children how to think on their own level. A delight to watch.

    Save-ums is part of the Ready, Set, Learn programing line up. It is very original and my daughter loves it. There is a catchy theme song that is easy to sing along with. The main characters are Jazzie, Foo, Ka Chung, Noodle, Custard, B. B. Jammies, and the puffs(they are little balls and squares of hair and fluff that are the save-ums pets). They have a save-ums central where calls come in from this fantastical world of persons in need of saving. There are cool designs for vehicles. Their catch phrase is "Small is Powerful, Belive it". My daughter walks around the house saying it. In short it is a delight to watch. Would recommend to anyone.
  • On the land, in the air, under the sea - no matter where you go, the show wil be stuck in your head (for the bad) and you'll wish you never watched it from the start.

    There are two words that can effectively sum up the show in a nutshell - "annoying" and "pointless". There are many flaws in this pathetic excuse for a show that make it so pointless to watch. For unstance, the theme song can easily annoy its viewers, especial when it gets stuck in their heads for a while, or even a long time (if you don't want this to happen, avoid this show).

    The episodes are all lame and a complete waste of time - those words couldn't put it better. Every single thing about the show - the lame and annoying theme song, the pointless episodes, the retarded characters, EVERYTHING - is both annyoing and pointless.

    As you can see, those two words are effective in describing this waste of a show - describing it as a show not recommendable for even 3 year olds.
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