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Ten of America’s brightest high school seniors compete for a full-ride college scholarship worth up to $240,000 to the college of their choice. The contestants come from economically diverse backgrounds and may not have otherwise had the opportunity to attend a top university. The Scholar, filmed on location at the University of Southern California, challenges the students to demonstrate their skills in the areas of academics, creativity, leadership, and community service. The pressure is on for the students at the end of each episode when they face the sudden-death oral exams at the hands of the scholarship committee.
Peter Johnson (II)

Peter Johnson (II)

Scholarship Committee Judge

Marquesa Lawrence

Marquesa Lawrence

Scholarship Committee Judge

Shawn Abbott

Shawn Abbott

Scholarship Committee Judge

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  • A reality show like no other.

    This show was awesome because it showed that at least one reality show was about something other than people fighting for money. With this show they at least were fighting for a scholarship which would help them out. When I watched the show I learned stuff I never would have learned anywhere else which is awesome.
  • 10 intelligent high school seniors compete for scholarships. They dress in bikinis,live on peanut butter and jelly, and wait...wrong show. They cohabit peacefully and resolve all conflicts. Are we sure that this is reality TV?moreless

    This show is a noble effort. It takes good kids and makes them work cooperatively in order to succeed. They are judged not only by their individual accomplishments, but also by their ability to be a team player.

    Whether or not you find this entertaining is up for debate. I somehow feel better having supported the show. Or at least I would if they weren't plugging USC and Walmart every other breath.

    The real twist in this reality show is the lack of conflict. No one is sneaking behind everyone else's back. One time Max was attracted to both Melissa and Alyssa. They talked it through and got over it. When does that ever happen in real life? Seldom. And on reality TV? Never! The easiest person on the show to dislike is Davis. That makes him my show MVP. Without him, this is like watching the top ten in your class compete for a prize you could never earn. And where is the fun in that?moreless
  • You won't see this on MTV.

    This is inspiring (and reassuring) television. That such a diverse group of intelligent, capable and civic-minded kids have an opportunity for education that they might not have had is terrific. I love this program and encourage everyone I know to watch it.

    In a television world (reality) where we reward the vulgar and salacious, The Scholar is a breath of fresh air. It's no wonder there are shows like this on MTV.moreless
  • What can I say... every good show on television is harsh-worded by critics, so then everybody decides not to watch it. A classic example is this show, The Scholar. An absolutely fabulous and original show on ABC.moreless

    The Scholar is probably one of the most smartest and most orginially well-developed reality shows on TV in a couple of years. The show brings together 10 hopefuls of winning a scholarship, having to face challenges, then having a chance to compete for a scholarship.

    This is a must-watch and is sadly unpraised for by the critics. Like someone else said, it'd be really sad to not see a season 2 for this show, cuz I'm REALLY looking forward to it if there is one.

    Please watch this show! You won't be sorry.moreless
  • The Scholar is a fantastic show that is greatly unappreciated by viewers and critics. It's a great shame that there will not be a second season due to the low ratings (save for a miraculous renewal).moreless

    The Scholar is definitely my favorite new show this summer. I'm very interested in academics and therefore this show interests me a lot. One thing I like about it is that the contestants aren't greedy and they actually deserve the prize. No other reality-competition show is like this. The overall structure of the show is fantastic. My favorite parts are the Captain's Quiz and the Showdown at the end (I forgot the name for it). The team challenges are pretty entertaining too and I like how the captain of the winning team goes to the Showdown with two people that the Scholarship Committee pick based on their performance. One of the best things about this show is that there's little luck involved. To get into the Showdown, it takes skill, even though once you're there what questions you get is determined by random luck (this can also be said about the Captain's Quiz but in both cases they vary the categories). Another great attribute of the show is that people aren't eliminated. Instead, each week a person gets into the final 5. It's a very interesting and original concept that continues the show's positive theme. The conestants are a fantastic group! There's some I completely love (Amari & Melissa), some I really like (Milana, Jeremy, & Liz), some I'm neutral about (Gerald & Scot), some I casually dislike (Alyssa), and some I dislike with a passion (Davis and the horrible MAX). I wish the critics would appreciate the positive nature of the show and that more people would tune it and give it a chance. It's too bad that good shows like this fail while shows about completely immoral people become hits (ex. Desperate Housewives).moreless

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