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The Screen Savers

techtv (ended 2005)



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The Screen Savers

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Computer problems getting you down? Don't worry The Screen Savers is here to help. This live show contains technology tips and tricks, gaming news, movie reviews, and live phone calls. Hosted by numerous people, it first aired on ZDTV, then TechTV and finally on G4TechTV weekdays at 4 Pacific Time, 7 Eastern Time. Later, the show changed formats and became Attack of the Show. Show Timeline Highlights May 11, 1998 - First Show (ZDTV) March 17, 2005 - Announcement of Title change to Attack of the Show March 18, 2005 - Final Show on November 11, 2004 many of the former TechTV personalities and staff were terminated. These included current The Screen Savers personalities Alex Albrecht, Yoshi DeHerrera, and Dan Huard.
Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte

Co-Host (1998-2004)

Patrick Norton

Patrick Norton

Co-Host (2001-2004)

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose

Contributor (2000-2004), Co-host (2004-2005)

Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane

Contributor (2003-2004), Co-Host (2005)

Kevin Pereira

Kevin Pereira

Co-Host (2004-2005)

Brendan Moran

Brendan Moran

Contributor (2004-2005)

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  • Hay I would like to see it back but that will not happen. However you can here Leo and Pat and the rest on there podcast called This week in tech found at Pat has his own TV like show. You can found it at dl.tvmoreless

    Hay I would like to see it back but that will not happen. However you can here Leo and Pat and the rest of the crew on there podcast called This week in tech found at

    Pat has his own TV like show. You can found it at

    Yes There BACK!!

    Oh Leo is getting ready to do a TV like show to. It's called the MacBreak. It can be found at

    I hope that this helps all of you Screen Savers funs out there.

    You can found them lested in the podcast part of iTunes 4.9 - 6.0.1 for windows and the mac.

    The best to all of you for 2006,

  • Well, this is the last good show on G4. No more G4TV.

    Well, G4 and TechTV merging were not a good cominbation. The Screen Savers is for tech / computer geeks, and G4 is for gamer geeks. And the verdict is gamer 1, tech 0.

    When you have a chance, you should see Kevin Rose's podcast -- you can find it online. You may somehow relive the Screen Savers that way.
  • Whaaa! I miss the screen savers, the best show ever for computer lovers and the tech savvy

    Danm that G-4... see, there was once a time, when Tech-Tv and G4 were far apart, by 3 stations!

    But then... All of a sudden, Tech Tv Dissapeared! None of the shows were listed in the "on demand" index! So I check out the G4 station, only to find a logo of to plugs and bolth channel names, saying "Tech Tv and G4 are joining Forces blah blah blah..." At first I didn't think this was all that bad, But then, as every day went by, the "tech-tv" part of the logo got smaller, and smaller, untill it dissapeared! Now this show is only on at like, 11:30 at night, or a really old re-run durring the day time. But I will give a review of the "classic" "The screen-savers."

    The first time I watched the show, There were only 2 hosts, Pat, and leo. But in the later years of the show, other hosts came in, and that added alot to the Kevin Rose, and yosi. Every day would be a blast. It may be too late now, but this show is sadly going to waste :(moreless
  • I miss this show...

    I used to love this show before G4TechTV got a hold of it and destroyed it. Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton worked really well together before they left due to the merge. I learned so many little tips and tricks on my computer and got free little downloads here and there that made life easier. I even used their advice to purchase certain computer hardware. I really miss this show and nothing really has stepped up to replace it.moreless
  • Unlike the new show it would become, "Attack of the Show", The Screen Savers was an in-depth show that helped viewers with their computer quandries and exposed them to new and exciting things in the geek culture.moreless

    "The Screen Savers" was one of the ZDTV/techTV shows that you could pat the network on the back for, which managed to contain a lot of depth in its information and yet was entertaining and fun. Its new mutation, "Attack of the Show", is really more of what the show "Internet Tonight" was than the helpful and informative "Screen Savers" ever was. A shame that both can't coexist.

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