The Screen Savers

Season 8 Episode 44

Feng Zhu, GDC 2005, Chris Gore

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Mar 15, 2005 on techtv

Episode Recap

This Just In

Do The Strand: Blair Witch Project director Daniel Myrick is launching a new web series set in Venice, CA. Scary!

Now, That's Evolution! Here are some interesting screenshots from Will "The Sims" Wright's newest game project, Spore.

High Rez Skin Problems: lists the actors who look worse in High-Def.

Revenge of the Sith Concept Art

In 2002, Feng Zhu got the call every conceptual artist in Hollywood wants to hear: An invitation to join George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch in Northern California. What's more, he'd be helping design the look of the final Star Wars chapter, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. This was another highpoint in Feng's career as a concept illustrator, which began with his work on the Wing Commander video game series at Electronic Arts.

On the show, Feng brought with him some conceptual art for Episode III—illustrations that have not yet been released. (Thanks go to Lucas Film for allowing us to share them.) We'll have the segment clipped and on the site ASAP for your viewing pleasure.

Also, tomorrow we'll posting a web-exclusive interview with Feng. Until then, visit his site at

Hot Box

The FragBox was the overall lab pick in our roundup of Small Form Factor PCs last year, and this new version is even better, with one big kicker: You can purchase the system case alone for $299. With the DIY FragBox 2 case, you can build out your own great looking SFF (Small Form Factor) gaming PC and not have to pay the premium prices of pre-made rigs. It's great for LAN parties because you get the portability without sacrificing power and

Features include:

- All aluminum construction

- Handles any standard ATX PSU (any wattage)

- 2 hard drive bays

- Compatible with most standard micro-ATX mother board

- Cool looks (blue interior lights and laser-etched FragBox logo on an illuminated faceplate)

- The empty case weighs 8 lbs.

Get all the specs at the official FragBox website.

The Feed

911's No Joke: A hacker is jailed for launching a 911-dialing Trojan virus.

Money, Money, Money: World of Warcraft players get banned for selling virtual gold for real money.

Secure P2P? The ANts P2P app promises encrypted file sharing.

Zounds! It's DVDuesday!

The inimitable Chris Gore of dropped in to discuss today's biggest DVD releases:

The Incredibles 2-Disc Collectors Edition: The film is undoubtedly great. How's the DVD edition? "It's loaded with features, including two commentary tracks," Chris said. "Brad Bird is hilarious." Also noteworthy is the short documentary on NPR commentator Sarah Vowell, who voiced Violet. Verdict: Buy it!

Star Trek - First Contact (Special Collectors Edition): "This double-disc set hits all the marks," Chris said. "Tons of interesting stuff. This is the best Next Generation movie." Verdict: Buy it! (even if you have the previous no-frills version)

Live Calls

Craig from Santa Rosa, California wondered if Feng also has to conceptualize his 2D drawings as 3D objects?

Yes. "I grew up building a lot of models, which teaches you how things come together," said Feng. He also draws his objects from different angles, so computer modelers can see it from all sides.

Damien of Miami, Florida wanted to know how Feng got his Star Wars gig.

Feng said he had a friend at Lucas Film who told him about the call for designers. So he sent out his portfolio and hoped for the best. "The wait was nerve-wracking," admitted Feng.

It Came From eBay!

Kevin P. scours eBay for the most curious curiosities for your amusement:

Become the Royal Couple at the Testicle Festival

A Fart in a Jar

Pictures of Paul (No, the other Paul.)

Universal Cat Power Converter


Ten Minutes with Feng Zhu

The Star Wars conceptual artist details the world of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Small Form Factor Gaming PC Roundup

Everyone loves small form factor (SFF) PCs: They save space and they look cool. But how are they at...

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