The Screen Savers

techtv (ended 2005)





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  • It was a great show before G4 got its hands on it. All I can say is thank god the kill it.

    The Screen Savers was a show for anyone that wanted to learn something from TV. I've learned more things from The Screen Savers then from anywhere else. When you wanted to know how a graphics card worked or which cpu was the best for the money you called Leo and Pat. Leo and Pat's Windows bashing was great and they always kept it light. There was always a sense of being with freinds when you watched the show. Then came the dark days of G4notechTV. Leo was off TSS(The Screen Savers) before the merger and did Call for Help full time but G4 felt it didn't have enough game content in it so it was canned. He was replaced by Kevin Rose. Pat left the show after that because of some problems with G4. And it all went downhill from then on. It was killed off late 2k4 and replaced with "Attack of The Show" after they pulled TSS through the mud first.