The Sean Cullen Show

CBC (ended 2003)


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The Sean Cullen Show

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Welcome to The Séan Cullen Show guide at "Welcome, welcome to my show,
this is Séan's show and here we go,
it's a place even monkey's are afraid to go,
on the Séan Cullen show,
so sit back, sit back and relax,
let the tension flow right out of your cracks,
if you don't like that last line send us a fax,
on the Séan Cullen Show" What do you get when you have a man who sings hilarious songs, a Woman always in the kitchen cooking great tasty food along with her son who seems to get mad at anything, a real life band rocking to Séan's songs and a man who lives in the basement who needs to learn not everybody tells the truth, all living in one house along with, two critics in the audience always criticising every move Séan makes, a door-to-door canvasser always delivering useless items, an evil next door neighbor who always tries to conquer the world with the most craziest themes along with a trusty Sasquatch who has to learn not to touch Fau's hair, never the hair, and what do you get, the most craziest, twisted show in television. The Séan Cullen show has songs, hilarious original comedy, prizes, a real live audience and a lot of familiar television faces. It is a show that is suitable for almost any age!!!moreless