The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

(ended 2000)





The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Fan Reviews (2)

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  • What if Jules Verne stories were more than just stories?

    What a fantastic idea for a show!

    I absolutely adored it when it was on! Granted, I was in what... 9th grade at the time. But still. It was so much fun.

    The cast was fantastic: Chris Demetral was darling as Jules Verne. The epitome of innocent creativiy and naive brilliance. I had such a crush on him! 8*D Michael Praed was perfect as Phileas Fogg (or as I called him 'pointy sideburns guy-- hey don't judge I was in highschool), the tortured agent at her majesties service. Francesca Hunt sparkled as his gender defying spy of a cousin, Rebecca Fogg. Though I did think the sexual tension there was a bit creepy. Not that she was better suited to Jules (their flirting was more amusing than anything else), but still kissing cousins are incest in my book. I know she was adopted or something similar, but they were raised as relatives. So yuck, but not unwatchable. They just kept referring to eachother as 'cousin' so whenever the UST struck up, I just had to repeat *she's adopted* over and over again in my head. WOW, that was a rant. Anyway, last but not least was Michel Courtemanche, who was just great. So funny and quirky and fabulous that you had to love him.

    The plots could get a bit cheesy. But I love cheese. lol. And there were a few quality episodes in there as well. That's why I was so chuffed when they cancelled it! Sci-fi always cancels things I like. At least SG1 is still on. SAJV is in good company though, with I-man and such. Anyway, I hope they at least put it on Dvd.
  • Loved this show! Too bad it was short-lived though!

    I loved this show as a fan of Jules Verne
    And that I wished that it could had last a lot
    Longer than two seasons!
    I loved Around the World in 80 Days as a kid
    And have the book! Passepartout is my favorite character
    But I wished that he would had a much larger part because he has the potential to breakout IMO!