The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

As Chance Harbor readies for a fundraising event, Cassie is concerned about where her magical power comes from. However grandmother Jane is useless at answering Cassie's question. She even tells Cassie that she'll go talk to Faye's grandfather, Henry. Cassie worries about what happened to Jane's memory.

Melissa has returned and she has her cousin with her, a cousin whom Diana takes a liking to. Good thing too, since she and Adam are still on the outs. Faye wants to talk to her mother Dawn about grandfather Henry's death, but Faye is confused when Dawn doesn't seem to be too broken up over it. Faye spots Jake at the clubhouse and confronts him about stealing something from the Circle. He claims that the stone he took belongs to his family and that he was only going to place it on Nick's grave.

Cassie tells Jake that her father died in the fire that took the lives of so many others, so she doesn't know too much about him. She and Jake discover the Blackwell family tree, which reveals that originally, the Blackwells were called the Balcoins. Jake speaks with Isaac and warns him off from outright killing Cassie. Not only does she have black magic powers, but also she's descended from the Balcoins, the source of all black magic. Isaac says they need to talk to the Council to figure out what to do with Cassie.

Cassie wants Jake to be her date at the fundraiser, but he says no. She gets upset because she knows there have to be some feelings between them, but Jake tries to brush it all off. Faye speaks with Adam about his suspicions about Jake, and they agree to work together to find out his true motives.

Cassie attends the fundraiser anyway, and Jake eventually shows up, admitting to their growing feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Adam lurks in the background, trying to spy on Jake and Cassie together. Later he spies on a conversation between Jake and Isaac. Isaac tells Jake that they need to kidnap Cassie and then train her to use her black magic as a witch hunter.

Adam tells the rest of the Circle that Jake is a witch hunter and after Cassie, but Cassie has already left the party with Jake. Jake explains to Cassie about her ancestors, who were purveyors of dark, evil magic. Jake tries to convince her to skip town completely, but Adam then warns Cassie via text that Jake is a witch hunter. Cassie tells Jake that she needs to go home to pack, but Isaac is waiting in her bedroom for her.

Meanwhile, Charles appears to be shifting his loyalties as he feels guilty over what he did to Jane. It gets worse when memory-addled Jane starts talking about Dawn's crush on John Blackwell.

Jake convinces Adam and Faye that he wants to help Cassie, so they team up to find her. Adam and Faye rescue Cassie as Jake struggles to fight with Isaac. Jake believes that Cassie is strong enough to fight off the dark magic's evil, but Isaac isn't so sure. Besides, Isaac says, Cassie isn't the only child of Blackwell in the Circle.