The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Cassie is woken from sleep by the sudden arrival of Jake, who reprimands her for not locking her doors. Jake warns Cassie that she's evil, thanks to being the daughter of John Blackwell. She feels threatened by Jake's presence and suddenly, Jake begins to choke to death. Cassie then wakes up, revealing that Jake's return (and her subsequent attack on him) were just part of a dream.

Adam shows up at Cassie's house the next morning and asks her why she's been avoiding all her friends. Cassie confesses that she harbors dark magic and begs Adam not to tell anyone else. Kate, Charles's mother and Diana's grandmother, has come to Chance Harbor on the pretense of checking on Diana after her breakup with Adam. Kate also confronts Dawn about the strange goings-on in Chance Harbot, and Kate knows that Dawn is at the center of it. Meanwhile, Faye wants Melissa to get over Nick's death and suggests that helping her develop her magical powers would be the best way to do that.

Diana catches Adam researching dark magic online, and he confesses that the research is for Cassie. When Diana presses Adam for details, Cassie shows up and starts magically choking Adam for breaking his promise. Cassie tearfully apologizes to Adam in front of the rest of the Circle and runs out.

Dawn and Charles discuss what to do about Kate. Dawn wants to just kill her, but of course Charles is reluctant about killing his mother. Meanwhile, Cassie casts a spell to call Jake back to her. Diana catches her doing this and she reminds Cassie that Jake is a witch hunter. Diana's worried about what might happen to Cassie so she suggests that Cassie not spend the night alone.

Cassie goes to Diana's house, and Dawn also shows up, with a bottle of wine. There's an awkward dinner with Cassie, Diana, Dawn, Charles, and Kate attending, and Dawn appears to want to encourage Kate to drive the wine she brought. Charles worries that Dawn's planning to poison Kate so he takes the bottle and empties it. Dawn admits that she only wanted to talk to Kate and had no plans to kill her...yet.

Melissa and Faye find out about a voodoo practitioner in town who may be able to help Faye get stronger. They go to his home and he agrees to perform the ritual, which involves partially undressing Faye. Back at Diana's house, she and Cassie are readying for bed when Adam shows up. He's there to apologize to Cassie for telling the Circle about her secret and leaves quickly. Later that night, Cassie is in the kitchen and Kate tells her that she knows a spell that will remove all dark magic from her. Cassie agrees to the cleansing.

They go out into the woods to perform the spell, but Diana spots something weird in her grandmother's luggage: mandrake root. Diana is sure that Kate's a witch hunter and is about to kill Cassie so she and Adam head out into the woods to rescue Cassie. Meanwhile, Kate tells Cassie that the only way to get rid of dark magic is for the body to die, and Cassie is buried alive in the middle of the woods. Not for long, though, as she uses her powerful magic to escape, just as Diana and Adam show up.

Faye finds out that the voodoo ritual didn't work and she returns to the guy's house to trash his place. He panics and tells her that he now realizes she's truly a witch. He promises he'll help her out.

Charles confronts Kate before she leaves Chance Harbor. He warns her that he'll tell the Elders about what happened, but Kate tells him that she knows of his role in Henry's death and in Jane's sudden forgetfulness. She reminds Charles to do the right thing and not follow Dawn blindly.

Cassie talks with Diana about how using dark magic made her feel very powerful. Diana asks about how powerful Cassie feels, and we find out that Jake is lurking around outside the house.

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