The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 10, 2012 on The CW

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    Make Another Season plsss
  • Bring it back !!!

    Waiting for Season 2 ... had seen the review of season 2 ... Adam should still be the same good guy rather than turning bad
  • Fantastic Show!!! but canceling it really!?

    I love all the episodes! I hate how they canceled it like that's Dumb!!!!!! That is one of the best shows so far! (Besides The Vampire Diaries)
  • love it

    y'all need to make season 2 but BIG and awesome
  • love it

  • Family was brilliant and perfect in almost every way!

    Family was a brilliant and perfect season finale of The Secret Circle and I really enjoyed watching because the story unfolded in some pleasantly unexpected ways. There was a ton of action, drama, and intrigue. It was fun watching every thing come together, learn about Blackwell's true intentions, and to see Cassie and Diana working together and how Cassie hurt her in order to bring her magic out and it worked big time! I was pleased with how the story finished with more mystery and a graduation of sorts for all of the characters who have been through a lot adjusting to a life with magic. I look forward to watching more seasons!!!!!!!!!
  • Cannot Believe they are canceling !!

    I LOVED this episode , it had a little bit of everything in it & with the cliffhanger ending ! they NEED to do another season !
  • That was good

    What a great season (and it had *better* be just a SEASON) ender for Secret Circle!

    All season there have been a lot of balls being juggled - the Witch Hunters, the Demons, John Blackwell and his hidden agenda, Charles & Dawn and their quest to regain their power, the kids search for the truth of what happened to their parents 16 years ago, Cassie learning more about who she is than she probably ever wanted to know - and trying to figure out how to deal with it all, and Faye's quest to just be able to be a witch all on her own. By tonight's episode, I think most of us has some pretty good idea on just where the show was headed - and without giving away any spoilers, some of those were right and some were real shockers.

    Throughout the series, the character development has been logical and believable without being too predictable, as have the storylines themselves. The performances are quite good - especially for a "teen angst" show about high school, broken families, demons and - oh yeah - witches. Over all this has been one of the few "appointment viewing" shows I've had this year, and I hope to be able to keep those appointments next season!
  • The real story has just begun & it's incredible

    What a freaking awesome finale!!! It was AMAZING and it opened so much possibilities for season 2, that I REALLY hope it's happening! Solo magic's back, yay - which means lot's and lot's of FUN! Can't wait to see what Faye will come up with! No doubt that will be very entertaining! And Dawn finally got her powers back, so who knows what she is going to do with them, should be interesting, don't ya think? We still have no freaking idea who's Grant and who's side he's on, I still kinda suspect that he may be related to Blackwell, or at least to other witches... guess we'll have to wait and see! Adam is turning dark... hmm, that's interesting... and Cassie is more powerful than ever, which I am very sicked about! Don't make Cassie mad, or you'll be sorry... and she has family visiting in town, that reunion should be fun, especially after she just killed the Blackwell or daddy dearest, poor John by the way, he still had some many plans...oh John and his plans, some many memories... he was such a dreamer... Anyway, the show is incredible & I really wanna see what's next, that's all I'm saying.
  • Babang!!!

    The Secret Circle came around a full circle. I got everything I wanted to see in the finale and it still not enough.


    1. Solo Magic back... finally. And Blackwell dead at the same time. LOL

    2. Jake's grandfather knew so much, so it was kind of a requirement that his bloodline may have some secret defense.

    3. Other four Blackwell Children... that was so obvious. 3 boys 1 girl. If they really are going there... should revive Nick now. :P

    4. Charles alive with bound demons... angst is always good for later usage.

    5. Another episode where there was more FAYE!!! YAY FAYE! She'a a shining miracle.

    6. Adam getting dark... ooo didn't see that coming really!


    1. Diana should not leave. Her character was getting shaky and shaky and in last was complete opposite of her start. I mean SHE started the circle for God's sake.

    2. Melissa... why is she there? If there's season 2, the writers should give her better story-line.