The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on The CW

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  • Fire/Ice

    Fire/Ice was a great episode of The Secret Circle and I enjoyed watching this episode as Cassie explored more of her background and found some interesting information, Faye took matters into her own hands again for selfish purposes causing harm to others, and Adam is making his feelings for Cassie known. There was a lot of character development and it was great to explore this story line early and get it out of the way. The ending was a good surprise. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • Fire and Ice and Angst

    I liked. A lot. For the most part.

    The whole Adam and Cassie being meant for each other thing really annoys me, and whenever it was brought into the plot in this episode I kind of just laughed. Which is mean, but I'm not one for that sort of plot line. Still it was a really good episode. I loved seeing Diana, Cassie and Melissa be friendly to each other and the former two trying magic just to change the colour of the dress. Its like they are teenagers or something (sarcasm (ish) alert).

    Another good part of the episode was Faye. Yay her and showing her bad side, even is she also showed she cared a little for a bit ('my circle'). Don't think she will be antagonistic for too long, she is still magically part of the circle. Also, why did she need the voodoo guy if she already had the spell? That confused me how she was asking him about what was going on but she had supplied the spell...although I probably missed something in all those exchanges.

    I am hoping for further still development with the black magic stuff simply so we can move on from the story line (Cassie won't be a baddie, let's be honest) and so we can find out who the other Blackwell is (because they likely will be)

    And the ending was freaking awesome.

    Sigh. Lord I looooooooove this programme :)