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How is it that it slipped everyones mind to mention the blake/connant curse?

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    I'm sorry but i just don't get it. I mean everyone saw them getting closer. The outcome of them sleeping together wasn't farfetched in the least and yet no warning about the curse. Now i know that not everyone knew. For example even Ethan didn't know. Which is another thing that is weird. How could he not know when its his family it concerns and yet Amelia did know. So she didn't tell Ethan because why?? Another question.

    Concerning those that did know. Ok right now it appears as if John Blackwell, Jane Blake and Amelia Blake knew. So why didn't Jane warn her granddaughter about this curse. She must have told Amelia why not Cassie, she saw Cassie and Adam were getting close so why not tell her?

    Then we have John. Now John I can't fault too much as he has just appeared on the series and in Cassie's life. Which means she would not have believed him anyway also perhaps he was going to tell her but ran out of time. Even so however he should have made the effort to tell her even if she didn't listen to him.

    Amelia. She left an entire letter to Cassie but didn't include a fact that she knew would occur to Cassie. I mean the Connants and the Blake's are attracted to each other so she must have known that it was a possibility for Cassie to get involved with a Connant and yet no mention of this. But let's say that ok she didn't write that down if she had told Ethan all this about the curse well i believe some precautions would have been taken.

    I don't know that's my take on things. What do you think?? Of course there may be other ppl we don't know about that also knew about the curse yet remained silent. I suppose we will find on on Thursday's episode.

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    Agreed... None of it comes together well. Also I found the reason the curse was put in the first place very lame... Jealousy? Seriously? But the thing is, at the end of the day I love the dynamic. How at first Adam is unavailable cuz he's with Diana, and then even after they break up Cassie didn't want to hook up with Adam at least openly so as not to hurt Diana... And when they finally do they sort of have to announce it to everyone, and then find out how detrimental their relatonship is going to be for the Circle. And how the elixir works on Adam but not on Cassie? LOVE it!

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    In the conversation at the end between John Blackwell and Dawn, John admitted thatthere was no curse. John Blackwell made it up and admitted that he had enough power to spell Jane into saying that there was a curse. That's why no one ever knew about it "except Amelia and Jane".

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