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the secret circle official cancel thread

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    [1]May 14, 2012
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    i thought i would make another thread considering the other one is up is just to say whether ppl think its gone get renewed or cancel.this thread means we can talk how wrong it was for the cw to cancel it.

    i mean i knew ringer wasnt going to make it to another season considering ratings drop and that sarah was prengant.

    far as nikita i knew it was gone get renwed.what ppl dont seem to understand bout nikita is that its the only show cw has that has mostly male viewers and considering how the cw target audiences is nikita is really good to have mosltyall male viewers.secondly nikita does very well overseas unlike anyother cw show they have and the fact niktia on friday which makes rating impossible to read b/c all network ratings are down on that i knew niktia was coming back.

    now the secret circle am i shock.what i really dont understand is why would the cw cancel a show that has better ratings then gossip girl and hart of dont make no sense to cancel a show with good ratings and greatpromise and then to renew two failure shows.does that make sesne to anyone.just when i thought the cw had it figured out.they cancel a show with good ratings and renwe two shows with terriblke ratings.i could see if gossip girl and hart of dixie was like nikita on friday nights and does well overseas but it dont.

    shame on you you guys express your angry.

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    [2]May 28, 2012
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    I totally agree, TSC had a B+ rating and was one of the top 4 shows. Can't believe they cancelled this show. Send am email in protest to CW!

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