The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on The CW
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Cassie looks up Heather Barnes, an old friend of her mother's, but is disappointed to learn that Heather has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire 16 years ago. Feeling guilty that her mother and the Circle may be partially responsible for Heather's current state, Cassie tells Diana that she wants to use magic to help Heather. Diana refuses to go along with the plan, but Faye is more than willing help - for a price.


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  • Best episode yet!!!

    Best Episode Yet!!! This episode moved at a much faster pace. I loved the "magic" at the beginning of the episode. Heather's house looked really cool and kind of scary! I really didn't enjoy the third episode as I thought it was slow and didn't have any cool scenes this one. I hope there are more episodes done like this one or I might quit watching.
  • I've given up hope to this series already. Been waiting for it to pick up a pace but this episode is another let down. Can't even believe that it has the same team as TVD's.moreless

    Just when I thought that finally, a clear challenge or villain or even a purpose is present for the protagonists, but what a disappointment. The story gets even more flimsy and cheesy, with no solid story to focus on. Can't even root for any character.

    To date, the best episode for me is the pilot, and gets lost from there.
  • While the episodes prior to this one were alright, this is the first one to actually show that this show could become a must see addicting show.

    So far this show has been alright but nothing special about it. That is until this episode which proved that this could go some where. The pacing improved, the back story finally started to go somewhere and they introduced the fact that there is evil that is after them. This evil is demons and it is exactly what the doctor ordered for this show. Having never read the books I knew nothing of the story so the first few episodes I felt that there was something missing, something that would give this circle reason to be. The addition of demons opened up the story and darkened it up while making it more fun. At the climax of the episode Heather shows up at Cassie's house, tells her the basis of what happened in the fire, before the demon takes control of her again and tries to kill Cassie and Faye. I think this is the best scene in the series so far and I hope we see more like it.

    Like I said this is the first actually good episode which gave this show a footing. I hope it continues to improve from here.moreless
  • This episode just blew my mind away.

    The episode was by far the best in the series so far. The series just got better and better it took TVD some time to reach what TSC has reached in just 4 episode and the demon story line is great it is different from the kinds of demons in supernatural and in this series the demons and witches are enemy's and i would like to see the fight between the two. We gota littlecloser to finding out what happened to their parents and who knows what else is out there until now we know there are demons and witches but maybe there are so much more creatures out there. This raised some questions in my mind maybe Diana's father and Faye's mother arepossessedby demons but i suspect Diana's father more because hedoesn'tseem to care so much i can be so wrong about this but we just have to wait and see. The cliffhanger at the end was so great i thought it was going into Nick because he looks kind of evil and maybe the circle can be broken as the promo for the next episode hints i really cannot wait for next weeks episode i think that this episode raised more question and provided some answers but this episode was perfect inevery way people who read this review please watch TSC it is the best new show i garentee it and if u don't enjoy an episode of it just send me amessageto my account i really want this series to be the highest rated show on the cw.moreless
  • Heather

    Heather was a good episode and I enjoyed watching it though I felt the acting was forced and the story predictable. I feel like every one is trying too hard and the show is just an excuse for advertising. There is still a lot of potential and there were some great parts and interesting revelations in this episode. This episode reminded me of the Goa'uld from Stargate SG-1. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens next!!!moreless

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