The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Cassie discovers that one of her mother's old friends, Heather, still lives in Chance Harbor, and so she tries to find her in order to get more information on the fire. Heather's brother Wade leads Cassie and Adam to where Heather sits, motionless for 16 years. Cassie sees that Heather might be under the influence of a binding spell, and she wants to lift the spell to speak with Heather. Diana says that it might be too dangerous. Faye says that she'll help Cassie, but only if Cassie allows her to read her mother's grimoire.Cassie is reluctant, but she agrees.

Nothing seems to happen at first, and Cassie is disappointed. Diana finds out from her mother's grimoire that the spell on Heather was meant to keep evil at bay. Meanwhile, Heather snaps out of the binding spell and wanders over to Cassie's house. Heather is looking for Cassie's mother, saying that "she wanted to protect you". Heather housed a demon, and now Cassie and Faye's spell has set it free.

As Nick and Melissa experiment with magic while in bed together, they find Heather attacking Faye and rush to help. As the Circle struggles with the demon, Wade shows up, which distracts the demon in Heather enough to rush into the street, and into the path of a truck. Heather is killed, but the demon survives and secretly hides in Nick's jacket. The demon has chosen Melissa as its new host.