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The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2011 on The CW
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Episode Summary

After a sudden family tragedy, Cassie Blake moves in with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, the town where her mother lived years before. Cassie quickly starts to learn from her new classmates that there things about her past that she never knew about--like the fact that she and her new friends are all witches, and they want Cassie to join them in creating a new generation of the Secret Circle. As Cassie starts to unlock her new powers, she uncovers a dark side to her abilities and soon comes to realize that with her new found destiny comes a level of danger.


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  • THE secret circle season 1 episode 1 pilot

    Good serie
  • Well, a fair start but somehow a bit illogical.

    This show reminds me of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Harper's Island" but somehow I don't think it has an aspiration to be grimer like the former or scarier like the latter. At first I thought it will be quite a challenging show about a girl who struggles with her fate but I was very much surprised and disappointed when she denied her so called abilities and suddenly used them like nothing else she is been doing for the last fifteen years. Her grandma also seems to be a little slow thinker without realizing that the very first day of school by "accident "she gets the attention of a boy who is "one of them". A bit naive but let's see what comes next.moreless
  • Fair Start

    I thought it was a good start, it didnt wow me, ive read the book and it very different coz cassie's mum doesnt die... (i think, cant remember) but it was definetly an ok start for me personally... i'm ito the adam and cassie thing already...
  • It was alright. Didn't blow my mind. I have not read the books, just so you know.

    I'm going to be frank. I only checked this out as I am a fan of Phoebe Tonkin(Faye) and wanted to see what her new show would be like.

    IMO it was the definition of mediocre. There wasn't anything I hated about it but there wasn't anything I necessarily liked either. I certainly wasn't as hooked by this pilot as I was by the pilots for Homeland and Ringer(Homeland, in particular, is brilliant).

    While Thomas Dekker(Adam) and Britt Robertson(Cassie) do seem to have some serious acting talent(Thomas in particular), I felt the acting by the rest of the cast was very sub-par. Gale Harold(Charles) does pull off a very impressive bad guy, but that said, I think we would need to see more of him before we can take him seriously. My girl, Phoebe, really has the attitude down but when it comes to showing any real emotion, she struggles and even her attitude felt false in parts. That said, Phoebe does improve when she has become more comfortable with a role so I feel sure it will improve with time. The rest of the cast had neither the ability, nor the dialogue to distinguish themselves from the background. Shelley Hennig(Diana) was noticeable but that was more because of her character than her acting.

    One area where TSC excels is special effects(Cassie's mom's death scene, Ethan's waterboarding and the floating rain were especially good). Having watched this, I am even more at a loss at Ringer's woeful boat scene. The CW really put some work into TSC's effects, something they did not do for Ringer, despite Ringer's effects being on a much smaller scale.

    That said, the twists in the pilot had a lot more gravitas in Ringer than in TSC. The reveal that Cassie's mom's murderer is actually Diana's dad, while surprising, held no real shock value, nor did the reveal that Charles and Dawn are partners in crime. It was surprising, yes, but the twist was weak, especially considering the energy in the Ringer twists.

    Sorry for comparing Ringer and TSC but, as they are both new shows on the CW, some comparison is needed. I feel like the crew of Ringer and the crew for TSC need to get together and teach each other their respective skills so they can do their shows properly. Ringer excels where TSC falls short and vice versa.

    If I remember to, I will tune in for ep 2. In many ways that's worse than hating it. If you hate a show, at least you remember it, which is better than having no strong feeling about it at all. Hopefully, I will remember and it will improve. It has as much potential as any supernatural show these days, but needs to do twice the work as it lacks the sex appeal of shows like Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

    Best of luck, TSC.moreless
  • Mom acts brain less has three chances to walk out of house, but freaks out. Cassie hears some facts she doesn't like and freaks out. I really hate the brainless females in these shows!!!!!!!!!!!moreless

    She desrves to die from terminal idiocy. And Cassie could have saved her mom by asking her to come out. And she still learns no lesson from this. that sometimes being inependent is the same as being selfish. Sometimes you need to have people believe you need them. I already dislike her. If someone doesn't learn from their mistakes then they are guilty of the bad things those mistakes caused. The problem is that Cssie isn't that likeable. She is considerably stupid. She just can't think. Its like she is a professional victim. And her one little queen act makes it all worse. No one needs a leader that acts like a complete moron, and then like she is the queen beee eetch. I don't see how this can be a good show unless she gets a better personality.moreless

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