The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2011 on The CW

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  • THE secret circle season 1 episode 1 pilot

    Good serie
  • Well, a fair start but somehow a bit illogical.

    This show reminds me of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Harper's Island" but somehow I don't think it has an aspiration to be grimer like the former or scarier like the latter. At first I thought it will be quite a challenging show about a girl who struggles with her fate but I was very much surprised and disappointed when she denied her so called abilities and suddenly used them like nothing else she is been doing for the last fifteen years. Her grandma also seems to be a little slow thinker without realizing that the very first day of school by "accident "she gets the attention of a boy who is "one of them". A bit naive but let's see what comes next.
  • Fair Start

    I thought it was a good start, it didnt wow me, ive read the book and it very different coz cassie's mum doesnt die... (i think, cant remember) but it was definetly an ok start for me personally... i'm ito the adam and cassie thing already...
  • It was alright. Didn't blow my mind. I have not read the books, just so you know.


    I'm going to be frank. I only checked this out as I am a fan of Phoebe Tonkin(Faye) and wanted to see what her new show would be like.

    IMO it was the definition of mediocre. There wasn't anything I hated about it but there wasn't anything I necessarily liked either. I certainly wasn't as hooked by this pilot as I was by the pilots for Homeland and Ringer(Homeland, in particular, is brilliant).

    While Thomas Dekker(Adam) and Britt Robertson(Cassie) do seem to have some serious acting talent(Thomas in particular), I felt the acting by the rest of the cast was very sub-par. Gale Harold(Charles) does pull off a very impressive bad guy, but that said, I think we would need to see more of him before we can take him seriously. My girl, Phoebe, really has the attitude down but when it comes to showing any real emotion, she struggles and even her attitude felt false in parts. That said, Phoebe does improve when she has become more comfortable with a role so I feel sure it will improve with time. The rest of the cast had neither the ability, nor the dialogue to distinguish themselves from the background. Shelley Hennig(Diana) was noticeable but that was more because of her character than her acting.

    One area where TSC excels is special effects(Cassie's mom's death scene, Ethan's waterboarding and the floating rain were especially good). Having watched this, I am even more at a loss at Ringer's woeful boat scene. The CW really put some work into TSC's effects, something they did not do for Ringer, despite Ringer's effects being on a much smaller scale.

    That said, the twists in the pilot had a lot more gravitas in Ringer than in TSC. The reveal that Cassie's mom's murderer is actually Diana's dad, while surprising, held no real shock value, nor did the reveal that Charles and Dawn are partners in crime. It was surprising, yes, but the twist was weak, especially considering the energy in the Ringer twists.

    Sorry for comparing Ringer and TSC but, as they are both new shows on the CW, some comparison is needed. I feel like the crew of Ringer and the crew for TSC need to get together and teach each other their respective skills so they can do their shows properly. Ringer excels where TSC falls short and vice versa.

    If I remember to, I will tune in for ep 2. In many ways that's worse than hating it. If you hate a show, at least you remember it, which is better than having no strong feeling about it at all. Hopefully, I will remember and it will improve. It has as much potential as any supernatural show these days, but needs to do twice the work as it lacks the sex appeal of shows like Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

    Best of luck, TSC.

  • Mom acts brain less has three chances to walk out of house, but freaks out. Cassie hears some facts she doesn't like and freaks out. I really hate the brainless females in these shows!!!!!!!!!!!


    She desrves to die from terminal idiocy. And Cassie could have saved her mom by asking her to come out. And she still learns no lesson from this. that sometimes being inependent is the same as being selfish. Sometimes you need to have people believe you need them. I already dislike her. If someone doesn't learn from their mistakes then they are guilty of the bad things those mistakes caused. The problem is that Cssie isn't that likeable. She is considerably stupid. She just can't think. Its like she is a professional victim. And her one little queen act makes it all worse. No one needs a leader that acts like a complete moron, and then like she is the queen beee eetch. I don't see how this can be a good show unless she gets a better personality.

  • The Secret Circle is one of the best shows i have seen in years. I liked this show from the first episode and i normally don't like pilots. If you didn't watch TSC till now you have to give it a chance because its amazing. (Beware Spoilers!!!)


    The first episode begins with the death of Cassie's Mother and then goes a little in the future where we see Cassie going to live with her grandmother and while she goes to school she meets new people who know that she is a witch (but she doesn't know that she is a witch) Faye sets Cassie's car on fire to let Cassie embrass her witch side and takes out the fire by magic but she couldn't so Adam helped her get out of the car and put the fire out himself. Then they all tell Cassie that she is a witch and she freaks out and runs away from them, Adam tried to stop her but he couldn't. After that we see Faye making the sky rain heavily and she couldn't stop it so Cassie comes and stops the rain herself and saves them. In the last scene we see Cassie finding a book of spells (i think). The parents also have their own story line and most of them are evil. I can't wait for more TSC and i hope it gets renewed for a second and third season because this show is worth watching.

  • well here we go another teen focused show....


    so basically a bad guy, a bad witch, goes and kills a girls mother to have her come to town and discover shes a witch?? and find out that the town has other teens trying to form a circle?? alright well right off the bath i can tell the circle isnt a good one.

    The pilot was mediocre thou ... it has very lil information, kinda gets u lost... u see a girl that doesnt know what to do or what the hell is going on in a moment and then in another she stops a hurricane like storm???

    mmmm ill check it out cuz its prolly the nearest cool thing ive seen to magic tv shows since charmed and of course merlin on scifi.... oh and tired of the kitties fighting with the blood suckers shows and movies....

  • Nothing Special But has Plenty of Room for improvement


    The pilot was no blow your mind experience BUT then there was plenty of room for improvement.

    The SC is different to the books Cassie and her Mother move to Salem, moves in with Cassie's Grandmother - the show has the mother murdered at the start with Cassie moving to Salem by herself, Cassie doesnt have the encounter with a stranger on the beach and doesnt get kidnapped and taken to the beach for the SC initiation - the show doesnt explain why Cassie decides to move so far and in with her Grandmother, I mean what young person with a drivers licence would??

    There is a scene in a forest where Cassie and another member of the SC float all these rain drops which looks pretty spectacular BUT then so does a lot of the filming locations.

    Will be tuning in for episode two lets hope the producers dont ruining the series that has potential.

  • Pilot


    For a pilot this episode was great and it was even better than vampire diaries pilot imho.It had great characters such as Cassie and Faye which gave me the biggest interest in characters and also the alcholic parent(cant remember his name?)for some reason i was like "oh no please dont kill him off so soon already" when the bad guy tried to kill him but just gave him a warning as far for the plot development it didn't show that much but i'm sure it will build up in the next coming episodes so.

    9/10 very good for a pilot episode and i will definetely tune in for the next one.

  • There's a new witch in tow!


    The epitome of a CW show, this new witchly series, based on the books written by the same author as The Vampire Diaries, and created by the producers of The Vampire Diaries series, has more than a whiff of – yep, you guessed it – The Vampires Diaries to it. Throw in a splice of Supernatural to its DNA ( I haven't yet decided if the the opening sequence is simply paying homage to its CW brethren, or if it's a total riff); an indie/pop heavy soundtrack, and plenty of eye-candy, and it results in a fairly expected, yet nonetheless watchable Pilot.

    A month has passed since the sudden death of Cassie's (played by Britt Robertson, very cute) mam; she relocates to her grandmother's house (where did she stay before that?) where she stumbles upon various characters, perhaps too many, that seem to know far too much about her arrival. Making her acquaintance with the local deviants, Cassie is informed that she is, in fact, a witch. There's plenty of back and forth ''I don't believe this'' dialogue, as well as an intriguing backstory involving the older generation of witches.

    Let's cut the cake here: this is a much more polished pilot than what VD offered us a few years ago (it feels like I've been watching that show for aaaages). The production design is very reminiscent to its fang-y counterpart, and a lot of the emotional character beats are similar, too. There's the small town locale; the budding, awkward love triangle; the love-to-hate bitch; the cute busy body; and Elijah's stunt-double, otherwise known as Charles.

    But the hour moves along a lot quicker, with an infinitely more tolerable bunch of teens to root for this time around. And, I gotta be honest, I'd be more inclined to join the witch-brigade than I would vampire, so this type of mythology building suits me down to the ground. And a lot of the appeal stems from the older generation of witches. I enjoyed the fact that the kids have no idea that their parentals are evil dicks, and apparently are encouraging the not-so-secret circle to unintentionally awake something in Cassie that Elijah2.0 and the Evil Principal want from her.

    There are also a few darker elements that come with the 9pm territory, that perhaps VD wouldn't have gotten away with so early in the game (that's not the case anymore – latest episode, anyone?). Even though it plays out a lot like the opening during Supernatural's pilot, Kl—er, Charles' actions were pretty frickin' cool. He had to draw from the physicality of water and fire (although he didn't have to do that later on during another cool sequence involving water), and I liked that. This isn't Charmed. Yes, they only had to mutter a few words to stop Faye's storm, but the majority of what we've seen, they had to draw from their surroundings. I hope they keep this aspect of magic up.

    As for the characters, aside from the adults, no one truly stands out right now if I'm being honest. Everyone did a serviceable job. The script could have used a sprinkle of humour, as everyone is very glum throughout, but I don't find anyone to be especially irritating (yet).

    All in all, this was a very safe pilot from the creators of The Vampire Diaries. Hopefully, just like its sibling show, The Secret Circle will break out once it lays out all of the ground rules.

  • Pilot of The Secret Circle


    Pilot for The Secret Circle was a good opening introductory episode to the new series and I did enjoy watching it however I felt it lacked in some areas. Being the pilot I will give room for the series to find its footing, as most great series do have a some what rocky start. The characters were all generally interesting though some times the acting seemed forced. I also felt that there wasn't enough emphasis on certain characters "forces" in their scenes. I think things could have been a little more edgy, but I attribute the feel to the editing and direction more than just the acting. Over all I'm curious to find out what will happen next. I found the plot intriguing after a few revelations. I hope that the series gets more intense and dark. I look forward to the next episode!!!!

  • The premiere underwhelmed with too much repetition and not enough intrigue.


    I don't know if it's the idea of TV witches not being interesting since Charmed closed the door or the special orphan in strange place concept or the theme song that after four times is already annoying. Anyway, The Secret Circle fails to stand out from the ever-growing pool of stories based on the same premise.
    It did however introduce a slew of nice, interesting characters. Of course, everyone we met played a part, but that's almost necessary in what seems to be a tight-nit mystery. Faye, for instance, manages to steal the show quite often. A rather admirable trade, what, with the awesome cast and all. Unfortunately that's where the specialities end. All of the characters are set up to be dynamic and will surely win you over if you stick around but the show fails to give a proper reason why you should.
    There's a group of witches that can be really powerful, boohoo. There's a murderer who wants to kill the older generation. Yikes. And there's a whole tangled web of parents dating, loving and witch crafting each other in the past without clearing up what all the fuzz is about. Zzz.
    The fires, the weather, it's all very dull in my opinion. Gale Harold couldn't scare a puppy dog and the magic tricks feel nothing like magic. I'm sorry if I'm still tingling from the Harry Potter finale but The Secret Circle is not what I like or what I need.
    Perhaps I'll check back during the next Sweeps. Until then this is one candle I'm blowing out.

  • a good beginning


    This a great pilot for a serie, it has a great introduction of the story and it characters, letting you see a glimpse of what is to come...And you also get a idea of who the characters are without giving it all alway

    It leaves you wanting more and that is exactly what it's supposed to do can't wait till the next episode...

    to be honest i didn't think it would live up to the vampire diaries, but this episode has changed my mind

  • Entering Cassie's Circle


    This is a great pilot for what I hope will become a great show.

    It is intriguing, the cast is well chosen (although most older characters do look a bit too young for their supposed age), and the main character (Brittany Robertson) is just uber gorgeous.