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  • lets protest at headquarters

    This show is amazing i do not have 2 go into details bc only real fans will be on this page. There are still petitons on care 2 and i want us to protest at their headquarters in california for the show to be brought back
  • The secret circle the best

    This show is amazing just to start off. I hope you get this but i, the world is waiting for that wish to happen and see the words come out into there eyes "session 2 the secret circle :)" I am hoping that you have a second that and take my suggestion and make your show in the spot again:) Thank you
  • the secret circle

    The May 11, 2012, it was announced that The CW would not renew the series for a second season.

    After hearing the news, fans of the series signed on the website Twitition to achieve the second season, hoping that The CW renews or any string as ABC Family's resume, however this does not shappen. has over 9,000. 000,000 signatures and each day goes.
  • The secret circle

    bring the show back! It's by far the most awesomest show I have ever watched it keeps you on edge and is by far absolute amazing! how could you cancel a show that brings such a good rating and people enjoy. Please make a season two you can't just leave us hanging there like that i want to know what happens next!
  • 10
    I agree with most of the comments below - why would you cancel any show without doing a viewer poll BEFORE you cancel the show an not after.. bring back The Secret Circle.. along with The Carrie Diaries the recently cancelled The Tomorrow People & Star Crossed!!!

    Please, BRING BACK THE SECRET CIRCLE!!! We want to see next seasons very much !!!
  • Awesome show

    I wish there were more seasons :(

    I was so mad they cancelled this! I loved it!
  • Whoever decided to cancel this show is an idiot and should be fired.

    Shocking and unacceptable!
  • CW: Listen up! If you have this MANY fans asking for that show to be continued, wouldnt you bring it back....

    If you lose ratings based on a cancelled show then you need to reconsider. Granted it is two years later, I just came across this recently on a website. It is addicting, insightful, and powerful. I implore you to reconsider this show.

    Its true this vampire, werewolf thing is getting repetitive, its good, but why not bring a show of witchcraft back? You'd be surprised on how this can add to your ratings. On a personal level I have watched a few of TVD (The Vampire Diaries) and its ok... but its not something I would watch even if its the only thing on.

    You guys probably don't read these reviews on the shows especially The Secret Circle, but maybe if you want to reconnect with your viewers and show that your more than just spitting out television shows left and right, that you hear the public and try it out. Half of what we have today with television, even movies, was based on a risk. And look at the results. Back then people would have shunned the idea of a television show based on vampires living a so called "normal life". And as you can see now with that risk being brought by movies the risk has become beneficial on your account.

    Remember the television show Charmed??? Its playing on TNT in the morning two 1 hour shows during the week days. Still playing to this day. If I remember correctly The last episode completed was 2006. and 8 years later..... Still popular to this day. It may not be on your channel anymore, but look on how it blossomed. Reaching out to women everywhere, empowerment, etc.

    The Secret Circle is like that, may be darker, and talks about obsessions, but look at Diana's character staving off evil and believing good triumphs overall. So why not bring it back? What have you got to lose????

    I hope you do read this, maybe you can do the public viewers some justice. Its been 2 years just like Jake's disappearance, so why not make a comeback?? I challenge you to do it.
  • i was waiting for this... but sad to know they cancelled the season 2 :(

    i'm a big fan of this show, the story the cast & how they act on their character fits them so much, evrything is beautiful so why cancel the show.. honestly "the secret circle is way better than TVD coz its not over acting and and way more realistic !!!!
  • want to keep watching

    My husband and I are patiently waiting for more episodes of this show. We both love it.

    What the heck happens now? The last episode was so open. What happens now that the

    Blackwell children have arrived and John is gone? Want to watch more please! Loves the show.
  • a bring back MUST

    I just watched the first season all in the past two days, I'M HOOKED! NOW DANGLING because I have no idea what was gonna happen next!! Does Cassie n Adam find their love again? Are the new comers more dark? What's grants deal? What about Diana's Father? These are only a few left unanswered questions....

  • Amazing show!!

    i have only recently heard about it and watched season one in a day and it was so great. i loved that Adam and Cassie had an instant attraction to each other because that doesn't happen to everyone. i tried looking to watch season 2 and i found out that the show got cut after one season. I want the producer to reconsider and overcome his delusional idea and produce some more is the producer of The Vampire Diaries and that is also great and i think that the secret circle is as great as it and TVD is on it's 5th season now so i know he can produce great things.
  • I wished there were more seasons....

    I wished there was more want more seasons.. i am dying to see it more.... please produce ... i am waiting..
  • I want season 2!!!

    I can`t wait untill it appears! I didn`t see to appear. Did it appear???
  • A really good show!!

    bring back the show please!!! it's a very good and excited serie and i love it!!! please bring it back!!!
  • It is a really good show.

    I hope the season 2 can come back.
  • Very Boring

    This show is very boring and the story wasn't so great. I didn't like the main character either, overall this show was a waste of time.
  • Very sorry!!!

    Very, very sorry that the show was closed. I watched all the series and this pleased me and my friends the most. And the ratings could go up. This show is on a level with the vampire diaries, the Ancients. And the good in this series, it's well-chosen cast.
  • Didnt deserve to get cancelled

    Cw made a big mistake after cancelling this and ringer
  • it is very good show

    bring back the show
  • If you still want to save it , read this!

    This abrupt cancellation crucially affected the fans of the show. The CW all of sudden erroneously cancelled it. The fans that are proponents of the idea should send feedback message immediately to channels like CBS ,ABC . To exempify, endeavour to write a message :

  • Amazing!<3

    Please bring it back!!! I'm so obsessed with season one! It was such an amazing show!
  • Why Must you do this????

    The secret circle is an amazing show I like many other people really got into this show as well as friends and family of mine have all gotten attached to this show you simply cant cancel the show or the seasons the show must go on we have to see it please don't take the best show on tv its the only amazing show existing on tv that is very entertaining and exciting to watch when i got to the last episode for season one i freaked when my sister said they dis continued the show an that their wouldn't be another season you have got to find a way to continue the season... even if you have to put it on netflix fans are dying to see more just like i my self am wanting to see more of this show you got to bring it back please!!!!!!!!! :) please give us a second season on chiller please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am dieing to see a second season its not fair they took such an amazing show away any more they have crap shows on tv why take the best show on tv away the world is wanting a season two of secret circle an sense cw wont continue with it please have chiller air the 2nd season
  • i love this show

    they should have never ended it like they did I wish they would bring it back
  • I hate to say this but....

    GOOD RIDDANCE. This started getting annoying to me around episode 13. I was really into it when it started, but I can't. I'm willing myself not to delete the rest of the episodes.

    Cassie and Adam; I don't get it. I can't see in what episode they fell in this gut-wrenching love?!! I don't even see the attraction between the two of the first 1 or 2 episodes, it was cute how their magic worked together, but don't see it.

    Now all of the sudden, Cassie (maybe it's Cassie that has me not liking it's her) I digress; now this chick is in every body's business; busting in doors, tossing people across . Please episode 18 be over quickly!!
  • Leaving us With Cliff Hangers and Disappointment.

    REALLY?!?!?!?! I absolutely LOVED The Secret Circle and finished the series on Netflix within a few days. I need the second season! You left us with soooo many questions. Like Adam's greed over the skull, what was with him rubbing all over it?! What was the thing Jake's grandfather gave him? Are the other Blackwell children gonna make a circle? Will Diana come back? Is Charles alive as himself or a resurrected demon? Is the circle never getting back together?! I am extremely dissapointed with what you left your fans with. You screwed us over with that ending. Come on!!! GIVE US OUR SHOW! GIVE US MANY MORE SEASONS TO COME!!! Also, this show would be great as an ABC family show or something. When I found out what channel it was on, it surprised me it wasn't on something more common.
  • we want our circle back

    cmon CW everyone is waiting for the secret circle season 2

    you cant just bail on all your fans!

    plus now that you wouldnt take them i dont even think they will make a season 2

    so please!

    at least tell us if we can find it on the internet so that we can watch season 2

    you cant just stop in the need to continue it

    or make a last episode of season 1

    but u cant just stop it in the middle of no where and keep us all wondering

    please tell us if anything new comes up
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