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  • bring back

    please bring back
  • Great show but could have better back story

    The show was captivating and really got my attention, but a host of contradictions came up that just did not add up. The time lines were odd, like did Faye have a relationship with Jake when she was in eighth grade and he was a senior?!? And what about high school, did Diana just drop out when she left? And how old was this Australian guy and what did he want with a 16-18 year old? Plus Charles mentions that Elizabeth was his wife: were they married in hs?!? And did Cassie's Mom finish hs? Plus, where were the people who took care of these teenagers, how come they were free to do whatever they wanted without curfews or any of those things. Lastly, what about the crystal Adam's dad had?!? How did they get that one? Like I said, it was captivating, but the background story could have been written better.

    I crave vampires, witches, and werewolves & after finishing 'The Secret Circle' I was hooked. I was oh so disappointed that they've decided not to continue the series but I still believe they could make it happen! Please bring Season 2 to us!!
  • TSC Fan for life

    Please bring back TSC. Like other post from other fans, after all this time I still miss it. The cast was awesome and the story line perfect. Why do they always seem to cancel the good shows??????????
  • Please Renew !!

    So Many Witch shows are Never give a long fighting chance since the charmed days !! Witches of East end was yanked as was this before hand and then there was another great supernatural show called the gates and also Star Crossed was slso yanked !! All these Networks now a days need to wake up already and listen to the fans instead of the cash !! Shame on You Networks !!
  • For all the TSC who want more TSC Seasons

    I love this show and 3 years later I am still not over it. For all the TSC fans who want to keep our fav witches alive read my fanfic story 11113758/1/Jake-and-Cassie-make-love-The-Secret-Circle-after-Season-1
  • please please for the love of the secret circle!

  • The secret circle

    Great show great actors? Would love a second season !!!!!!!
  • the secret circle

    I loved it so much and all the actors and actresses and was so excited and then you assholes go and cancel the show . This could of been stopped please take the pitty lie and shove it up your ass. Every time theirs a good awesome amazing show you go and cancel it. Makes me not even want to watch another show because fear of them all being snatched . Put it back on tv dammit ........

    this show was amazing. You shouldnt of ended the way you did to make us believe there was going to be more. there are over 100 networks you could of asked any of them to take on the show this show blew vampire diaries out. I loved the first season and im hoping there will be a second season with the same cast.

    I never understand how they cancel a good show I would love to see a season 2 of The Secret Circle with the same cast it was sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!
  • The Secret Circle

    I would love to see a season 2 of The Secret Circle with the same cast!! I never understand why a great tv show is removed after only one season and yet so many horrible ones seem to drag on!
  • pls pls pls pls pls

    I have watch season one at least 20 times, i would love to see what happens next! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!
  • The Best Show on TV

    This is the greatest show. It blows Vampire Diaries out of the water. They really need to bring it back!!!
  • perfect!

    oh please please please tell me there's gonna be a 2nd season!!
  • Second and more Seasons for The Secret Circle...

    I have a broad array of friends who discovered this series on Netflix. What a total waist to have watched the first season expecting to later find out that it's been cancelled! This series was the most exciting drama of it's kind. You should totally complete the other seasons if not only for Netflix, hulu, that the ones of us who want to watch this series has the ability to.
  • Why don't you bring TSC back

    Guys I really enjoyed whatching the series and I am waiting to whatch a brand new second season.. At least a third of my friends are too so I am kind of wandering why don't you do something about it.. I really think that is one of the best TV-series ever and am dying to whatch it all over but only one season is not exactly what I want..
  • One of the Best Series ive seen...

    My daughter and I really enjoyed watching this a shame there is no season 2. I really hope in the near near future they bring it back. Something my daughter and I can do together and enjoy it.

  • Best show ever!!!!

    I watched season 1 5 times and I love it!! Please bring TSC back!!
  • Best Binge Watch

    Just binge watched all 22 episodes yesterday and had a great time doing it. There a few things that stand out when you see all the episodes at once that you miss when only seeing it week-to-week. Like Cassie always being the one in crisis and Blackwell's awesome wardrobe. I want to dress like that evil SOB. Anyway, great fun good show and I really wish there was a season 2.
  • lets protest at headquarters

    This show is amazing i do not have 2 go into details bc only real fans will be on this page. There are still petitons on care 2 and i want us to protest at their headquarters in california for the show to be brought back
  • The secret circle the best

    This show is amazing just to start off. I hope you get this but i, the world is waiting for that wish to happen and see the words come out into there eyes "session 2 the secret circle :)" I am hoping that you have a second that and take my suggestion and make your show in the spot again:) Thank you
  • the secret circle

    The May 11, 2012, it was announced that The CW would not renew the series for a second season.

    After hearing the news, fans of the series signed on the website Twitition to achieve the second season, hoping that The CW renews or any string as ABC Family's resume, however this does not shappen. has over 9,000. 000,000 signatures and each day goes.
  • The secret circle

    bring the show back! It's by far the most awesomest show I have ever watched it keeps you on edge and is by far absolute amazing! how could you cancel a show that brings such a good rating and people enjoy. Please make a season two you can't just leave us hanging there like that i want to know what happens next!
  • 10
    I agree with most of the comments below - why would you cancel any show without doing a viewer poll BEFORE you cancel the show an not after.. bring back The Secret Circle.. along with The Carrie Diaries the recently cancelled The Tomorrow People & Star Crossed!!!

    Please, BRING BACK THE SECRET CIRCLE!!! We want to see next seasons very much !!!
  • Awesome show

    I wish there were more seasons :(

    I was so mad they cancelled this! I loved it!
  • Whoever decided to cancel this show is an idiot and should be fired.

    Shocking and unacceptable!
  • CW: Listen up! If you have this MANY fans asking for that show to be continued, wouldnt you bring it back....

    If you lose ratings based on a cancelled show then you need to reconsider. Granted it is two years later, I just came across this recently on a website. It is addicting, insightful, and powerful. I implore you to reconsider this show.

    Its true this vampire, werewolf thing is getting repetitive, its good, but why not bring a show of witchcraft back? You'd be surprised on how this can add to your ratings. On a personal level I have watched a few of TVD (The Vampire Diaries) and its ok... but its not something I would watch even if its the only thing on.

    You guys probably don't read these reviews on the shows especially The Secret Circle, but maybe if you want to reconnect with your viewers and show that your more than just spitting out television shows left and right, that you hear the public and try it out. Half of what we have today with television, even movies, was based on a risk. And look at the results. Back then people would have shunned the idea of a television show based on vampires living a so called "normal life". And as you can see now with that risk being brought by movies the risk has become beneficial on your account.

    Remember the television show Charmed??? Its playing on TNT in the morning two 1 hour shows during the week days. Still playing to this day. If I remember correctly The last episode completed was 2006. and 8 years later..... Still popular to this day. It may not be on your channel anymore, but look on how it blossomed. Reaching out to women everywhere, empowerment, etc.

    The Secret Circle is like that, may be darker, and talks about obsessions, but look at Diana's character staving off evil and believing good triumphs overall. So why not bring it back? What have you got to lose????

    I hope you do read this, maybe you can do the public viewers some justice. Its been 2 years just like Jake's disappearance, so why not make a comeback?? I challenge you to do it.