The Secret Circle

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode picks up right where the last one ended, with Jake returning to Chance Harbor and seeing Cassie and Adam share a steamy kiss. He's returned to warn Cassie about the witch hunters who are still after her. Adam is frustrated at Jake's return, and tells him to stay away from Cassie. Of course, this does nothing to stop Cassie from tracking Jake down herself.

Jake confesses that he witnessed the boat fire 16 years ago, and through magic, he can take Cassie back to that incident so that she can learn more about her father. They cast a time travel spell and astrally project themselves back. They stumble upon Jake's parents, who wonder whether they should try to negotiate with witch hunters. Cassie wants to follow Jake's parents but Jake doesn't have enough power to keep himself in the past and his consciousness returns to the present, stranding Cassie 16 years ago.

Cassie spots Ethan, who has claimed that he wasn't there during the fire, and he has brought along someone named Evan. Evan turns out to be a witch hunter and kills Jake's dad! More hunters arrive but John tries to fight them off. Cassie tries to follow her father but a woman can somehow see her and tries to chase her off using magic. In the present, Cassie's body struggles for air, and Jake goes back to rescue her.

Meanwhile, with her crystal's power nearly depleted, Dawn tells Ethan that Charles attacked her, so Ethan is eager to get Charles' crystal. He attacks Charles, accusing him of killing Henry Chamberlain. Later, when Dawn asks Ethan about Charles' crystal, he refuses to give it to her.

Faye is still visiting Lee and trying to make her solo powers stronger. A man named Callum visits the garage, seeking out something called "Devil's Spirit". This turns out to be some kind of magical drug. Lee's ex, Eva, appears to have been a victim of the drug's side effects and Lee doesn't want Faye messing around with it. That doesn't stop Faye from asking Callum for some of the drug. Maybe it will help with her magic?

Jake manages to return to the past and he arrives just in time to see John Blackwell use a very powerful spell to kill all of the witch hunters. Back in the present, Cassie finds her father's magical necklace and she tells Jake that she thinks her father is still alive. They dig up John Blackwell's grave, and inside his casket is a dog skeleton. Looks like Cassie's suspicions are coming true.