The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4

ITV (ended 1987)


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  • Season 2
    • Church In Hull
      Church In Hull
      Episode 6
      It's official. Adrian has had enough! He's cracking up and has decided to run away from home to escape all the confusion, torment and pain. Guarding his secret very well, Adrian packs his belongings and leaves his parents' home, hoping to find a better, happier and much more stable life elsewhere. His journeys take him far from Leicester and, he hopes, far away from his family troubles where nobody seems to care about him or notice the torture his is enduring. But is there hope for his future? Will some kind soul take pity on him? Perhaps the answer to all of his prayers lies at the church in Hull where, finally, there is someone who will listen, care and understand, not to mention give him a decent meal!moreless
    • Reconcilliation
      Episode 5
      George and Pauline have decided, after much discussion, to give their marriage another try. George has agreed to not mention Pauline's affair with 'Rat Fink' Lucas and Pauline has agreed to do the same regarding George's fling with Doreen Slater. It has also been agreed that both children will be given fair and eqaul attention from both parents and that they will make more of an effort to spend time together as a family and alone as well. Things seem to be going along reasonably well until Mr. Lucas suddenly announces that he wants access to 'his' child! Surely Rosie belongs to George? Pauline certainly thinks that she does and George is hopeful but Mr. Lucas is quite determined that Rosie Mole is, in fact, Rosie Lucas. Can Adrian cope with all this pressure in his life? It seems that he is slowly but surely falling apart but nobody has noticed. Of course, he is used to being sidelined while the adults in his like create as much havoc as is humanly possible but he is not sure if this latest round of problems can be dealt with. Just being himself is difficult enough without the people who are supposed to love and care for him making his existence more difficult with each passing day. How will he cope? Can he handle all this trauma?moreless
    • Mother Gives Birth
      It's time for the newest member of the Mole family to make his or her entrance into the world and Adrian becomes far more involved in it than he ever intended because he is now 'the man of the house' with his father gone. When Pauline goes into labour, Adrian goes to the hospital as per her instructions and is appalled to learn that she expects him to stay with her throughout the whole traumatic event. Really, Adrian has quite a lot on his plate at the moment with Pandora, school and worrying about his family, so having to be present at the birth of a baby is overloading his coping capacity quite a bit. Needless to say, he is pleased that all goes well when his tiny baby sister finally makes her entrance.moreless
    • Skegness
      Episode 3
      Adrian and his parents decide to go to Skegness for their summer holidays. Adrian would rather go somewhere far more exotic but Skegness it it. To top it all off, he will be away from his beloved Pandora for two weeks. His mother's pregnancy is still bothering him somewhat but he knows that there will be another member of the family screaming the house down before too long and he is just hoping that it won't interfere with his studies and go around smashing all his things when it's walking. The holiday is a boring and dull as Adrian predicted it would be but things become a little more dramatic when his father gets some vitally important news that sends him running back to London and causes havoc within the whole family.moreless
    • Skating Rink
      Skating Rink
      Episode 2
      Adrian is sick of being the only male virgin in his class and is especially jealous of Barry Kent who constantly boasts about his conquests. As Pandora has no intention of 'going all the way', (or even close to it!) Adrian decides that other measures are called for. With the assistance of Nigel, he learns that one of the girls from school will do anything if she is given a particular gift. Full of excitement, Adrian agrees to her terms and they meet at a local skating rink, which is where everything goes down the tubes because not only will the girl NOT sleep with Adian, she is also an expert skater, which Adrian most certainly is not! As if all of this isn't enough, his parents have some potentially devastating news for him. Poor Adrian, once again all of his best laid plans are thwarted and he is STILL a virgin, much to his disgust.moreless
    • Falkland's War
      Falkland's War
      Episode 1
      Adrian is both elated and terrified when he learns that Britain is at war with Argentina over the 'ownership' of the Falkland Islands. Argentina has invaded the islands and Britain has gone to war. George Mole, Adrian's father, wishes to go and fight in the conflict and is, therefore, heavily disappointed when he is turned down by the War Office. Adrian follows the progress of the Falkland's situation very carefully and is worried about people getting killed because of the fact that Britain has chosen to use such force. To add to his problems, his mother is acting strangely and people believe that he is a glue sniffer after an accident with a tube of glue! It is clearly not a good time for Adrian as he struggles with his usual amount of dilemmas and tries to cope with being a teenage boy at the same time!moreless
  • Season 1