The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 - Season 1

ITV (ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • New Year's Eve
    New Year's Eve
    Episode 6
    It is New Year's Eve and Adrian is contemplating all that has happened to him this year. It has certainly been a mixed one for him and for his family. His parents have separated and reunited after his mother's affair with Mr. Lucas from next door and he has taken on the care of an old aged pensioner which has proven both rewarding and difficult. Of great importance to him is the fact that he has had two rejection letters from the BBC and quite obviously become an intellectual. He feels he has grown a great deal, (both in height and as a person) and he has been fortunate enough to fall in love with the gorgeous Pandora Braithwaite. All of these things are quite an achievement for someone who is not yet fifteen years old!moreless
  • Hospital
    Episode 5
    Adrian receives word that he is finally to have his tonsils removed after being on the National Health Service waiting list since he was five. In his usual dramatic way, after talking with his grandmother and Bert Baxter, he is convinced that he may well bleed to death on the operating table. His father is very unhappy at having to buy him a new dressing gown, pyjamas and other accessrories with which to enter hospital but does so reluctantly. When Adrian is finally admitted to the ward, he is clearly frightened and wishes that his mother was with him but she is still in Sheffield with 'Creep Lucas'. Finally, on the morning of his 'surgical ordeal', his mother arrives at his bedside after he has spent a most uncomfortable night devoid of food and drink. She promises to keep his diary safe and not read it but he is still suspicious. After his surgery, Adrian is convinced that he is going to die because he feels so ill and cannot speak or swallow properly but the nurses are having none of his nonsense and get rid of him as soon as possible!moreless
  • British Museum
    British Museum
    Episode 4
    Adrian and Pandora's class are taking a field trip to the British Museum. Adrian and Pandora are very excited at the prospect of seeing some of the amazing exhibits there and, of course, nobody minds a missing a day from school to go on a trip to London either! Things do not go well when Barry Kent and his friend misbehave on the bus and the driver is afflicted with 'Motorway Madness'. Adrian is concerned that the driver is not fit to be in charge of the vehicle and is worried about the safety of those on board. At the museum itself, while Adrian, Pandora and a few others wander around admiring the exhibits, Barry and other run amok and cause several problems for the teachers, museum staff and the London police. Adrian, for one, is glad to return to the safety of home!moreless
  • Charles and Diana's Wedding
    It's July, 1981 and the whole of England is in a festive mood as the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer approaches. Adrian himself is disgusted that his father has done nothing more to celebrate the occasion other than hang a "Charles and Di" tea towel on the front door but there is going to be a huge street party and everybody is going to have a wonderful time! For Adrian, the festivities are somewhat overshdowed by the fact that his beloved Pandora is away on holiday in Tunisia with her family and won't be back in time for the celebrations but Grandma Mole is excited and delighted about the whole thing, being a staunch royalist. On the day of the wedding, Bert, Grandma, Adrian and George gather to watch the wedding on television but Grandma is not very impressed when Mr and Mrs Singh and their children arrive from next door as their television has broken down. Ah well, the street party is going to be loads of fun anyway and the wedding, of course, like all royal occasions will be magnificent. All would be perfect for Adrian if only Pandora were safe at home on English shores.moreless
  • Parents Separate
    Parents Separate
    Episode 2
    Adrian is incredibly upset when he learns that his parents are separating. Things are made even worse when he finds out that his mother is moving to Sheffield to live with Mr. Lucas, whom he has now decided he hates. He is worried about his father who is maudlin and possibly suicidal and his grandmother is no help when she seems satisfied by what has taken place. Of course, she has never liked his mother and always considered her wanton - a word which Adrian has to look up in the dictionary! With Pandora and Adrian now an item, she is a great comfort to Adrian but Bert says he doesn't hold with divorce as he was married for thirty-five miserable years and believes that others should have to stick it out as well. Things go from bad to worse when George is made redundant from his job and Adrian doesn't know how they will survive financially.moreless
  • Pilot Episode
    Pilot Episode
    Episode 1
    Adrian Mole is thirteen and three quarter years old and has what he considers a very difficult life. His is, in his own mind, an undiscovered intellectual who enjoys writing poetry and reading classic literature. He feels himself to be surrounded by Phillistines with little or no brains, most particularly his mother, Pauline. His father, George, is fond of old Jim Reeves records and is a very heavy smoker and quite a heavy drinker (in Adrian's opinion). In this first episode, Adrian has to suffer as he watches his parents' marriahe slowly disintegrate and his mother fall for Mr. Lucas from next door whose wife has just left him for another woman. It is soon clear that Pauline and Mr. Lucas are having a torrid affair but it seems that Adrian and his father are the only ones not to know about it. Ah well, at least he has the support of his best friend, Nigel, a grumpy old pensioner named Bert Baxter and the beautiful Pandora Braithwaite, a new girl at school with whom he thinks he might falls in love, after all, he is nearly fourteen so he feels it's high time that he did.moreless