The Secret Empire

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • Season 1
    • Chapter 14 - Escape to the Stars
      Unable to reverse the Compliatron's effects, Donner determines to destroy the city's power source, forcing the aliens to leave Earth.
    • Chapter 13 - Partisans Unchained
      Millie and Billy make their way to the underground city to warn Marshal Donner that, while he has been rescuing the Partisans from mind control, Keller is about to use the same machine to enslave the population of Cheyenne.
    • Chapter 12 - Powerhouse
      With Thorval finally having succeeded in using the Compliatron to subdue the Partisans, Donner has to infiltrate the city and locate the reversal unit.
    • Chapter 11 - Return to Chimera
      Most of the Partisans are captured, and Princess Maya almost dies when she escapes to the surface world without a breathing mask.
    • Chapter 10- The Last Gasp
      Thorval makes a deal with Keller whereby the earthman will receive a Compliatron to enslave the people of Cheyenne, while Thorval launches an attack on Princess Maya and the other Partisans.
    • Chapter 9 - Mandibles of Death
      Emperor Thorval orders that Billy be killed by being thrown into a compression tube.
    • Chapter 8 - Sizzling Threat
      When Marshal Donner disguises himself as one of the Phantom Riders so that he can stop their next gold raid, he is mistaken for one of the robbers and thrown into his own jail.
    • Chapter 7 - Attack of the Phantom Riders
      Having returned to the surface world, Marshal Donner realizes that no one will believe his story of an underground world, so he decides to disrupt the gold thefts that have been providing the power source for the Compliatron, unaware that young Billy has been taken hostage by Emperor Thorval.
    • Chapter 6 - Seeds of Revolt
      Donner is rescued by Princess Maya and the other Partisans, an underground group in the underground city, who have been able to resist the effects of the Compliatron. But he still has to find a way to escape the underground city, as Thorval finalizes the details of his plan to take over the surface world.moreless
    • Chapter 5 - The Mind Twisters
      Jim is now captured by Emperor Thorval, who tries to use a mind-control device on him called the Compliatron, which he already uses to keep his own people in subjugation.
    • Chapter 4 - Prisoner of the Empire
      Marshal Donner has been captured and is about to suffer an icy death, but the evil Princess Tara offers to spare his life if he will become her slave.
    • Chapter 3 - Plunge into Mystery
      As we join the story in progress, Marshal Donner has followed the masked gold robbers to what he thinks is the hidden entrance of their lair, but he finds that it leads to a fantastic underground city called Chimera. He starts to explore it, but is discovered, and now it's the Phantom Riders who are chasing him.moreless