The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

FOX (ended 1999)


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The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

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Spy Dogs was a children's animated series made about the life of a dog who was really a spy. Here are all the characters, and villans. Main operatives Dog Zero Breed: unknown Home: unknown Rank: Chief of the Spydogs Ralph Breed: Mutt Home: America Rank: High ranking SpyDog Mitzy Breed: Terrier Home: America Rank: High ranking SpyDog Scribble Breed: Mutt Home: America Rank: SpyDog-in-Training Angus Breed: Scottish Terrier Home: Scotland Rank: Technology BARK squad-S.W.A.T. dogs. They allways wear helmets and waistcoats. Their names are Furry (leader), Dallas, Buck and Hatchet [edit] Other operatives Ayanna Breed: Basenji Home: India Rank: Operative Chukchi Breed: Siberian Husky Home: Antarctica Rank: Operative at Ice Station Husky DahgChow Breed: Chow Chow Home: China Rank: Operative Erin Breed: Irish Setter Home: Ireland Rank: Operative [edit] Villians Baron Bone: Corner the market in beef by luring all the cows in the world with a giant ball of cud. Catastrophe: A cat with mechanic tail and arch enemy of the Spydogs organization. He tried to take over the world with an army of mummy cats and Bastet. Chuck: Baron Bone's assistant. Colosatron: Computer that wanted to take over the world. D'Cell: He tried to steal every new gadget in the world so he would be on the cutting edge of technology. Ernest: He tryied to capture the Loch Ness monster. Ernst Stavro Blowfish: He took control of all the fast food restaurants in the world just because he thinks he is evil. Maws: Catastrophe's assistant with big teeth. Mistress Pavlov: She tryied to use her hypnotic powers to have the owners of dogs do her bidding. Porkzilla: He is not really evil. After he drank special potion to grow bigger he became huge and went to the city to eat. Space Slugs: They tried to bury the would in slime to reproduce their home world which was destroyed. Also tried to mutant the children of the world into Space Slugs by tainting lunchroom food in schools. Spin Doctors: They put a spell on the TV watchers of the world to make them watch too much television. Fleasmoreless