The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

FOX (ended 1999)


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  • Season 1
    • Mange / Scribble
      Mange / Scribble
      Episode 13
      Mange There is a rumored bad dog in town. The SpyDogs are agast! He's not in their databanks, so Ralph offers to go check him out. But when Ralph and Mitzy finally confront the dog, Ralph can't do anything, because the "bad dog" is his brother, Mange. Scribble What does Scribble usually do when he's home alone? This story tells it all as Scribble goes on his own little adventure.moreless
    • Porkzilla / Money
      Porkzilla / Money
      Episode 12
      Porkzilla Two farm girls are giving their hog a special formula so they can get revenge on not winning the prize hog contest at a fair the last year. But the hog ends up drinking too much of the formula and grows to a spectacular size! He leaves the countryside and rampages through town. And Ralph must trust Scribble to come up with a special food to attract the pig away from the city. Monkey It all starts when an astronaut pins a flag on the moon, right on the moons weak spot, and the moon is punctured. Yes, the moon had been basically a floating balloon. But now the SpyDogs must work to rebuild it, and make it tougher. Unfortunately that requires a *lot* of money in a little amount of time. However will the SpyDogs manage?moreless
    • Lunch / Iditarod
      Lunch / Iditarod
      Episode 11
      Lunch The Space Slugs have invaded the schools as cafeteria ladies. They're putting an evil enzyme in the foods causing the children to turn into Space Slugs. The horrors! Ralph and food expert, Agent Noodle, must put a stop to this poisoning, and fast! Iditrod Ralph heads up to the Great White North to view the Iditarod and in the race is Agent Chukchi. But one racer turns out to be Catastrophe trying to disgrace the SpyDogs. It's a close race, can the SpyDogs win?? They most certainly won't let a bunch of cats beat them at their own game. And who is that mystery dog?? *Catastrophe's origin is revealed*moreless
    • Obedience / DoggyLand
      Obedience Dog owners everywhere are beginning to act wierd when they get a certain phone call. The calls are traced back to Miss Pavlov's School of Obedience. Ralph investigates to learn that Miss Pavlov is a hypnotist, taking control of the dog owners' minds. Ralph must call in for special back up and turn Pavlov's tricks back upon herself. DoggyLand The songs sung: Dogland Lullaby Wahoo...wahoo... It's the lullaby of Dogland This special show tonight Some simple songs 'bout good dogs Who try and get it right Don't wanna shed on sofas Don't wanna chew your shoes Don't wanna ruin no carpet Don't wanna howl the blues At the moon tonight At the moon tonight Seein' Too Much Pink I shed some pink hair on her sofa And lost some pink hair on her chair And though she's always said not to shed in bed, I think there's pink hair everywhere She's seein' pink hair in her coffee And now she's found one in her tea Yeah, I truly think she's seein' so much pink That she's seen enough of me Yeah, I truly think she's seeing too much pink She's seen enough of me Scribble Says *rhythmic barking* Tell us Ralph, tell us Ralph What does Scribble say? Scribble says, Scribble says He heard the Space Slugs plot away *rhythmic barking* Tell us Ralph, tell us Ralph What does Scribble say? Scribble says, Scribble says The invasion's on today. Hey! *rhythmic barking* Tell us Ralph, tell us Ralph What does Scribble say? Scribble says, Scribble says He ain't been out all day? Scribble. Sniff Once again he's rushed off And I'm feeling like I'm brushed off Is to stop and chat a bit A crime? Oy! There's a famous canine greeting We exchanged at every meeting We stopped to sniff the doggies in my time, oh! When I was a pup My papa summed it up Son, time goes by too quickly Much too soon you're old and sickly Slow down... And sniff the doggies in your prime, oh! If you rush by you may wiff 'em But you gotta stop to sniff 'em I'm proud I've sniffed some doggies in my time, Jack! Sweet Dingo Love When I was down in Australia, a mere puppy I guarded all the sheep at station 23 All alone in the outback every night I kept 'em all safe from the Dingo's bite Then I heard her call and I really took the fall She was the cutest little Dingo you'd ever see And her sweet Dingo Love Song was a-callin' me We'd howl at the moon through every night Though I knew every day it wasn't right The other Dingoes spread the word "Von Rabie doesn't guard his herd" Now 'cross the widest ocean and the deepest sea Her sweet Dingo love still calls out to me Though I try hard to fight it, I can't get free Her sweet Dingo Love Song's got a hold on me Her sweet Dingo Love Song's got a hold on me *howl* Let the Slime Age Start Once we had a planet It was made of slime and granite At least we took it all for granite till it fell apart So we went out to space Searching for a new place When we saw the Earth and it really stole our heart Earth has a real nice climate Though it needs more slime at Every given moment, coating every part So, How could it be a crime, to bury Earth in slime? When Earth is at its prime age to maximize its slimage We're working over timage Let the slime age start! Dread the Morning Light Tonight everything went so darn right But I really dread the morning's light I get the blame for shedding hair Now she doesn't even want me there Little Scribble has paid his dues Now he's gotta pay the price of shoes Once again I've ruined her rug And she's given me the final hug They musta heard me howl at the moon Now I'm leavin' little Sheila soon You know somehow it just ain't right They'll never know we saved the world last night I really dread the morning light Oh..I really dread the morning light Dogland Lullaby End This was the lullaby of dogland A special show tonight Some simple songs 'bout good dogs Whose owners got it rightmoreless
    • Pups / Zero (pre-empted)
    • D'Cell / Halfday
      D'Cell / Halfday
      Episode 8
      D'Cell Agent Mitzy happens across an unidentified humanesque robot while patrolling the Nebmart Grocery Store in Angus' Ethal 3000 module. The housewife robot disentegrates the Ethal, and soon a battle of technology starts between the SpyDogs and the looney, kid-genious Dr. D'Cell. Halfday The principal of the local school gives the kids a surprise halfday. Because this wasn't planned the SpyDogs must work quickly so they can assign dogs to watch over the children. But there's one child in particular that no one wants to watch over: Little Timmy. Ralph decides to take watch over the kid, little does he know what lays in store for him and his friends...moreless
    • I.H.R.F. / Oatz
      I.H.R.F. / Oatz
      Episode 7
      All of kids' favorite fast food restaurants are being changed into fish restaurants that are only serving raw fish! The evil mind behind all of this? A simply evil, genius blowfish. Now the SpyDogs must stop him to save the children! Oatz
      Something terrible is happening to dogs all across the land. They are being forced to wear clothes! And I don't mean those little doggy shirts you can find in pet stores. The money-loving Miss Oatz Cautere is designing the most outrageous doggy clothes. These clothes hinder the SpyDogs in doing their doggy duties. They must show the truth about the clothes to stop their owners from buying them.moreless
    • Small / Water
      Small / Water
      Episode 6
      The fleas offer to make peace with dogs. So Ralph, Mitzy and Von Rabie are shrunk down to meet with the fleas. But they're shrunk down too little and the fleas kidnap them to hold for ransom. The Bark Squad is then shrunk too to save our heroes.
      The world's water supply is disappearing, it's a real mystery. No one can find the leak. And Ralph must rely on luck to find the problem.moreless
    • Twilight / Fetch
      Twilight / Fetch
      Episode 5
      Twilight Catastrophe has stolen the Eye of Osirus and the Staff of Pharfigruttentuttenruttenschnarfen to reanimate cat mummies to do his evil bidding. He plans to awaken Cleopatra's cat with the help of Bast so he can rule with her for all eternity. The Spy Dogs must go up against the millions of cat mummies and stop Catastrophe. Fetch Ralph becomes impatient with his master's wanting to play Fetch. But then Ralph has a flashback and remembers how the game of Fetch came to be, as told by his old teacher, Dahg Chow. The story relates to the very first Spy Dog, of the name "Fetch."moreless
    • Spin / Earnest
      Spin / Earnest
      Episode 4
      Earnest Ernest Hemingway's finally caught the Abominable Snowman, and now he's after the poor Loch Ness monster! When the Spy Dogs hear of this, Ralph is alerted immediately, and goes off to Scotland, where he meets up with fellow Spy Dog, Erin (*sigh*, as Ralph would say), and Erin then proceeds to tell him the true story behind the Loch Ness monster. As soon as she finishes though, Ernest is hot on their tail, and it's up to Ralph and Erin to save poor Nessie from Ernest. Spin The Ferret Network's been having trouble with their ratings, and as a last resort, they hire four new people, who happen to be spin doctors, that put spells on people, forcing them to watch TV in a trance. How is this bad for dogs? They go unfed, of course! Secret Agent Ralph is sent in, undercover, in an executive robot, where he discovers the spin doctor scam. Together, he and another Spy Dog destroy their curse, and leave the spin doctors to the Ferret Network.moreless
    • Bone / Time
      Bone / Time
      Episode 3
      Someone is stealing the worlds supply of beef. Which means that all the dogs are having to eat veggies! Apparently the baddie is hypnotizing the cows with radioactive cud. So it's up to Ralph and the crew to dispose of the cruddy cud.
      Another day is passing by slowly. So Ralph decides to tell Scribble a story about how the Spy Dogs once saved the world from a storm of asteroids. But before Ralph can explain how it was done, the disaster repeats itself. So Scribble gets to experience how it was done first hand. It's an amazing feat as the Spy Dogs save the world yet again!moreless
    • Hair / Homework
      Hair / Homework
      Episode 2
      Hair It all starts when the flea nation steals a truck load of the government's hair growth chemical. Ralph is contacted about the missing chemical. He then, using his high tech TV, finds that the fleas are aboard a blimp floating above the local baseball stadium during the big game. So Ralph, with the help of Scribble, Mitzy, Frank, and Angus' floppy foam hats, have to put a stop to the fleas evil plans of making the dirty, long haired, nail biting fans in to big fuffy balls of perfect living conditions for the fleas. Homework All dogs are supposed to take pictures of their owners homework to send in for examination in case of any harmful formulas or equations. Von Rabie missed sending his little Shiela's homework because she got in trouble for lying. After being contacted, Von Rabie sends in the homework pictures. But then it is discovered that Shiela made a formula that would help restaurants serve the correct amount of food to each individual person. In other words: The end of the doggy bag! But by the time the authorities arrive to confiscate the homework, Shiela's gone off to school! So it's up to Von Rabie, Mizty, and Scribble to go to school, recover the homework and dispose of the evil formula.moreless
    • K-9 / Postal
      K-9 / Postal
      Episode 1
      K-9 Ralph is alerted by the secret headquarters that a strange epidemic of people hating their dogs is spreading around, and he seeks the help of French poodle, Agent Noodle, the master of fuzzy logic. Once Agent Noodle discovers that the epidemic is being spread by a strange chemical in the human snack foods, Ralph, Noodle, and Mitzy travel to Angus' Labratory, where Ralph undergoes scrupulous training to go undercover as a cat at the Notneb Kitty-Litter Factory, where there's been rumors of cats roaming around. While there, Ralph discovers that the cats are putting the chemical, K-9, in the snack foods, and is joined by Mitzy and other spy dogs to defeat the cats. Postal It all starts when Ralph suddenly notices a pattern in the mail that his owners are receiving: everything is a "You've won ten million dollars!" mailer. He also notices a strange slime on the envelopes, and sends the data off to the secret headquarters. He then receives word that the slime is from the evil Space Slugs, who are attempting to take over the world, while disguised as mailmen. Ralph and Mitzy sneak into the Smallton Postal Office, where they "conveniently" hear the evil plan. They barely escape after being discovered (by means much like the "bug joke" in Monkees Chow Mein), and come up with an unbeatable plan (And no, I won't tell it to you, that'd ruin the whole story!).moreless
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