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AIRED ON 6/3/2013

Season 5 : Episode 24

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An ABC Family original series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager centers on the topic of teen pregnancy. Band geek Amy discovers that she's pregnant after a one-night stand with Ricky Underwood, the school's player. Meanwhile, devout Christian cheerleader Grace promises abstinence to her parents.
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  • Canceled because Shailene Woodley got the lead role in Divergent

    I've been thinking about this theory for awhile that maybe the series finale was rushed, like it would have ended differently if the show was renewed. Now I hope a pray that there is a movie deal like veronica mars where it's ten years later and we see what happened to everyone
  • Decent

    It wasnt a too bad of a show, but I find there was a little bit too much of the same drama played over and over again, but I did watch it from the beginning to the ending and was kinda sad of the way that it ended.
  • A great show just don't watch the last episode it will make it a disappointment

    In the beginning of the series everything made sense. Ben was the good guy, Ricky wasn't and neither was Adrian. But once Ben had slept with Adrian and they almost had their own child everything changed. Amy and Ricky fell in love and were going to get married. In my opinion Amy is selfish. Sure I will agree one shouldn't marry one just because they have a child together, but Amy and Ricky were just so perfect together. But what gets me angry the most is Amy begged Ricky to get engaged when he felt they should of just waited. He then gives her what she wanted he couldn't even go to a college that was three hours away from where they live because AMY felt it was too far away. But now Amy goes to New York and leaves her child to stay with Ricky. The show gives the wrong message at the end Ann says John isn't a life sentence but I guess because Ann left her family to go to palm springs she can't judge Amy. The show should have ended differently it wasn't fair for Ricky the one who actually grew upmoreless
  • Huge disappointment for emotional investment!!!

    It took me just one episode to get hooked to this show. Then be it the evolution of Ricky from being a man slut to such a responsible man, i completed 4 seasons in 7 days (literally) and started season 5 with same dedication. I took it slowly in order not to miss even a glimpse of it, as i knew it is the last season. And as i reached the finale, i was speechless, angry and sad with same level. I mean seriouslyy????? After being so attached to each moment Ricky and Amy spent together, this is how you end it??? That guy sacrificed so much for her and made himself such a caring loving father/fiance and this is what he deserves?? Sitting alone with his kid telling "she stayed happily ever after, so did we". I haven't seen more depressing ending than this. I don't know how and when i am gonna overcome this ending. Or probably i'll stop watching any more shows. How could they end an adorable and perfect relationship on such a sad note. I am deeply saddened with how abruptly the show ended!! Hugemoreless
  • An ending to call her own

    To many people are hating on Amy. She didn't want to have to be with a man, and depend on someone else. Amy wanted to be her own hero, and rely on herself for the first time. Just because she has a baby doesn't mean that she has to give up on her dream. and it may kill her to be away from john but she needs to do it for herself.moreless

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