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The Secret Life of the American Teenager

ABC Family (ended 2013)



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The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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An ABC Family original series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager centers on the topic of teen pregnancy. Band geek Amy discovers that she's pregnant after a one-night stand with Ricky Underwood, the school's player. Meanwhile, devout Christian cheerleader Grace promises abstinence to her parents.

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    Fan Reviews (209)

    • Absolutely Terrible

      I've grown up watching a lot of movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. and this is by far the worst piece of crap that I have ever seen. I like Shaliene Woodly and her movies but in this show I absolutely resented her. She was such a prissy naive little brat who thinks that the world revolves around her. I hate this show so much because the characters are awful and the storyline got old. Amy was so judgmental of what Ben did all the time and she did the same exact things, Ben was nothing but a great boyfriend to her and she kept pushing him away n when he finally got tired of her n broke up with her she wants to act like she really loved him, Ricky had a bad past but all he wanted was sex and it got a little old, I thought that him and Adrean should have been together but I guess not. Adrean wanted his love but he was too afraid to make a commitment and when she had sex with Ben everyone wants to get mad at Ben and her even thought they cheated on them first so they had no right to be mad at anyone but their selves but once again everything goes the way Amy wants it to go. Grace was such a naive whinney little girl that was confused about sex and thought that it killed her father and vowed to never do it again and still did it. Ashley was cool and the only smart one until she fell for Ricky. Lauren and Madison was it, they were gossip girls. Jack was just a bad actress that by the way can't dance and all he wanted was sex. But overall the show was terrible and the ending is terrible and I regret every single second I spent on watching it.moreless
    • surely in 5 seasons they could have come up with something a little more interesting and realistic

      Worst show ever. i'm not sure how they did 5 seasons, but didn't actually accomplish anything. grace talked about having sex with jack for 5 seasons and how it is a sin, but still managed sleep around. Amy whined for 5 seasons about being a teen mom and liking ben then ricky, then ben, then ricky... and for some reason the writers seemed to think that not only did they think 1 couple in this high school should get married, but somehow all of them thought marriage was a high school thing-to-do and there PARENTS all seem to think marriage was the answer to all there issues. What! Who writes this crap! Last point is that all of the girls are mean and nasty to each other an there families and it was really annoying.moreless
    • wow, just wow

      Ah geez. This was a terrible show. The charcters and actors were awful. I liked Shailene Woodley but they made Amy into a bitch by the end. Yeah, the end was awful. And the dialogue was awfully repetitive. Can't believe I wasted a whole summer watching this trash.
    • With a show like this, you gotta wonder why they call themselves ABC Family.

      I really hate this show and for good reasons: 1. The characters are unlikable; if they're not being teenage stereotypes then they're certain acting like idiots who don't know what they're doing. 2. It doesn't belong on a "family friendly" channel; this is a show I expect from TeenNick. Oh wait, isn't that Degrassi?! A show that deals with teenage problems just to amuse teenagers who are most likely experiencing those problems as they're watching it?! 3. It's so dramatic; and don't fucking tell me "it's a teen drama" or "teens go through this kind of trauma all the time" otherwise I'll kindly tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! A. Zoey 101 was a much better teen drama than this piece of crap; it might not be Dan Schneider's best show, but at least it had a subtle tone. This show is so dramatic with its portrayal of teen pregnancy and how to deal with it that it's just made me cringe and groan every time I saw a fucking promo for the show. B. I have a friend who was pregnant during high school and she wasn't moody or regretful of getting knocked up while still a teenager; she was fucking happy and proud that she was going to be a fucking mother!!! This show embraces the stereotype that teens who get pregnant regret the decision so much so that if I was a girl and I got pregnant( I'm a dude, by the way), I wouldn't just be offended, I'd petition to have the show cancelled before it's first season wrapped up. I don't recommend you watch this show or any of the shows on ABC "Family" because the characters are very stereotypical, the acting is so over dramatic it's stupid and the premise is offensive to most expecting teen parents. Fuck this show and fuck ABC "Family!!" >:(moreless
    • Horrible last season

      This was such a good show which I highly enjoyed, but this last season just about ruined it all. And wtf is wrong with the last episode, I know it got cancelled and all, but this is just about ridiculous. Thanks for a good show up untill last season, even though I had hoped it continued like season 4. Amy and Ricky really deserved to have some happiness in their lives after all they have gone through.moreless

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