The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 8

A New Kind of Green

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 10, 2009 on ABC Family
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Adrian is eager for Anne and George to reunite, but her intentions are for personal reasons, which leads to friction between Adrian and Amy. Meanwhile, Anne makes some important decisions about her future with David. Amy is convinced that Ben had sex in Italy over the summer, but he denies it. Jack and Grace deal with jealousy issues, while Adrian pushes for an exclusive relationship with Ricky.moreless

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  • I know what you did last summer.

    This was a summer aftermath episode to me. I like how the writers had summer offscreen, which leads to tons of possibilities on what happened that summer. Like Jason & Grace, or Madison & Jack. We don't know what happened, but we know the Dead Parent Club has been going on... without Grace. Amy & Ricky continue to think that there is something going on with Ben & Adrian, it's so unrealistic. I don't know what to think of Ben & Adrian's relationship, I mean if there always cheating on each other, they don't trust each other, I don't see their relationship working. Amy being suspicious that Ben had sex in the summer, is a perfect way to ruin everything, after everything was going so perfect, Amy has to suspect something is wrong. Adrian continues to want to buy George's house, and in the end, she gets what she wants. The end was weird, I don't understand why Amy would care so much that Ricky told Adrian that he spent the night at Amy's house. If they just slept, why did she make such a big deal? By the end, it's Amy vs. Adrian. And Grace determined to find out what happened between Jack & Madison. Anne breaks up with David, thank god! Also thank god for no Betty in this episode. A pretty good same old, run of the mill SLoTAT.moreless
  • Season 2, Episode 8

    This episode was good yet bad. I mean you got Amy being annoying because she wants to know if Ben had sex in Italy over the summer. You got Adrian complaining over Ricky, like always and wants to move into George's house so she can spy on Ricky. Grace finding out Jack and Madison have been talking over the summer so shes jealous. Adrian and Grace give Ashley a visit to check out the house, but Adrian really just wants to spy since she already saw the house. Amy doesn't want Adrian around John and when Ricky has John at his apartment, Adrian shows up. Adrian's parents go and check out George's house and George accepts their offer. Anne breaks up with David, yet David decides to give the car to Anne.moreless
  • Same old, same old.

    There are some shows out there, like your Losts, Damages etc. where you need to watch every episode to follow the complexity of the storylines. The Secret Life of the American Teenager is not one of those shows. This was essentially the exact same episode we have been seeing for months. Amy doesn't trust Ben or what he did in Italy, and Adrian and Ricky keep flip-flopping between wanting to be exclusive and not wanting to be exclusive.

    I'll continue to watch because there is something appealing about this show, but they desperately need to make things better than this or people will lose interest and fast.moreless
  • Amy wants to know if Ben had sex with someone else during the summer. Adrian wants a committed relationship with Ricky.

    This episode was of the Secret Life was not so bad. Though, I could have done without the fighging. And there were some very funny parts.

    Amy - Amy is such a spoiled brat. I don't think the writer's are ever going to plan on making her a nice person. Ricky - Ricky is being jerkish. I was beginning to like him more and more, but I don't like that he won't be comitted with Adrian.

    Ben - I'm really confused. I'm not sure if Ben cheated on Amy or not. Hopefully he did, so maybe he and Amy will break up. Adrian - I like that Adrian wants to have a commited relationship with Ben, it shows she's grown as a character.

    Jack - I think it's awesome that he and Madison been having their own Dead Parents Club Meetings.

    Grace - Grace should not be jealous of Jack. I am also glad she's less creepy in this episode.

    Anne - Anne is so confusing. And her stomach is so huge. I am actually glad that she's not moving in with David. And David actually seems not to be a jerk in this episode.

    George - Wow, I've never seen George so angry at the beginning of the episode. Ashley - Ashley is so smart. She's smarter than everyone on the show. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
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    • Adrian: Oh you think you know everything just because you had a baby!
      Amy: No I don't! Do I Ricky?
      Ricky: Kind of.
      Amy: Oh thanks a lot Mr. Father Of My Baby!

    • (Griffin knocks on George's window for Ashley)
      George:You know him?
      Ashley:Kind of. Roll down the window.
      Griffin: Hi, I'm Griffin, Ashley's friend...her gay friend.
      George:You're gay? Hallelujah.

    • Amy: (about John) You put him down this minute!
      Adrian: Don't get upset. I was just holding him.
      Amy: (takes the baby) You're never bringing him over here again!
      Ricky: Thanks for calling.
      Ben: Sorry. She insisted.
      Ricky: You can take him home, but he's coming over here again, and Adrian can hold my son if and when I want her to hold him.
      Amy: I don't want that...that...
      Adrian: Slut?
      Amy: Yeah. That's the one. I don't want that...
      Adrian: Slut.
      Amy: Touching my baby.

    • Amy: No one is buying my dad's house. He's not moving. He's certainly not moving back in with us.
      Adrian: It's his baby.
      Amy: Yeah. So?
      Adrian: So he's moving back over there!
      Amy: There's not room for him over there! (Ashley walks in) There's not room for her, either.
      Ashley: Says who?
      Adrian: Oh, you can stay with us. I'd hate for you to have to endure her.
      Ashley: Well, that's an interesting proposition. Let me think about it.
      Ricky: Like you're gonna live with Adrian and her mom and her dad? You're not gonna do that.
      Ashley: You're not telling me what to do.
      Amy: No, I'm telling you what to do. You're gonna stay in this house with Dad, because I need your room for the nursery. Mom can move over there with you and Dad and her baby if they get back together.
      Ashley: Yeah, right. And you get the whole house to yourself?
      Amy: I could use a whole house.
      Ashley: Get real Amy. Mom and Dad aren't going to give you the whole house.

    • Grace: By the way, how are you doing with school, Ashley? (moves in and puts her hand on Ashley's shoulder)
      Ashley: Personal space alert, Grace.
      Grace: I understand.

    • Anne: (about David) Maybe I should just stay with him.
      George: You're having my baby!
      Anne: No. David's told me over and over again that he doesn't care, that he loves me anyway.
      George: You don't love him!
      Anne: I do love him! I'm just not in love with him. Honestly, George, I don't know if I'm in love with you, either. I love you, but--
      George: You're in love with me! You've always been in love with me!
      Anne: Maybe I just love you, like I just love David.
      George: Oh, come on. You would choose that building block weenie over me?
      Anne: I like that building block weenie! That's why I went out with him, because I like him.
      George: You just like him because he likes you.
      Anne: So?

    • George: Oh, I see. And you and Anne, you're more intellectual equals than Anne and myself, or Anne and me, or Anne and I? Enlighten me.
      David: Let's see...
      George: I don't really care. I ain't got no education, so I'll just have to use my brain.
      David: I thought you graduated from college.
      George: Not a good one.

    • David: You see, George? Right there. That's exactly what Anne hates about you - that crudeness.
      George: That "crudeness" is what got her pregnant.
      David: I know about the night in the garage. A night in a garage does not a lifetime make.
      George: What is that? Iambic pentameter or pig Latin?

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