The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 12, 2008 on ABC Family
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Ricky wrestles with the repercussions of sleeping with Amy. Meanwhile, Amy considers moving in with her grandmother, Mimsy.

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  • Grace & Adrian become friends.

    Well, I thought this episode was going to be filler in the beginning, since everyone was just talking about Amy's pregnancy, so I thought it was kind of boring. But then the plots started to develop, and Ricky wants to be a part of his baby's life, and I don't think Amy has a right to shut Ricky out. I'm glad he's taking charge, and I understand him more on why he's like the way he is. Still traumatized from his dad who sexually abused him. Amy is thinking of moving away, George wants to move back home, and Ashley is disobeying, since the bar is set low 'cause of Amy. George doesn't end up moving back hom, but I liked the George/Adrian interaction. He got her a desk, I like how Adrian has more to offer than just sex. Ben & Amy's relationship grows stronger, and Amy's whereabouts on what to do are still up in the air at the end of the episode. I loved the Grace/Adrian interaction! Start of a great friendship, I hope. No Jack, yay! Everything else was fine. Good episode, marked down for the filler beginning though.moreless
  • Seventh Episode

    Amy talks to George face to face for the first time since he found out she was pregnant. George tells Anne that he thinks its time for him to move back into the house, but Anne won't let him. Ricky stays home from school at Adrian's house and he runs into George when he stops by. George and Ricky talk. George gives Adrian and her mom presents to keep his little affair quiet. Ricky goes to Amy's house and wants to talk, but he wants one of her parents home at the time. Amy and Ricky finally talk later when her mother is home and Amy stands up for herself.

    This episode was again average. I don't have much to say about this episode so I just give it a 8.2/10.moreless
  • Another side of Ricky

    Amy and George talk about the pregnancy. He wants to move back, but Anne won't let him. Almost everyone skips school: Amy, Ashley, Ricky, and Ben. Adrian, Henry and Alice leave early from school. Grace wants to become Adrian's friend. Ricky waits for Adrian to come home and he runs into George. George and Ricky have a very "outdoor voice" conversation (it's mostly George). George wants Ricky to have nothing to do with the baby and he tells Ricky that he's trash. Ricky is hurt and talks to his psychologist about it and he decides to change for the better. He wants to talk to Amy. After George leaves the Lees, he gives Adrian a desk as a present. Adrian and Grace get closer when Adrian drops by. Amy wants to go away to her grandma's and she doesn't want to see anyone, even Ben. Ben wants to see her though, but he doesn't want to say good-bye. Henry wants to have sex, but Alice wants to wait. Anne won't let George move back in.

    This episode was pretty good! I hope Ricky is slowly changing. I'm starting to like him and Adrian a little more. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Nothing really happened. Amy is avoiding school... along with everyone else it seems. Adrian and Grace find some common ground and hang out. Ricky is starting to take responsibility and Ben is still in love with a nice pregnant girl.moreless

    Nothing new really. There was just a bunch of talking about the same situations. Yes she is pregnant. Sure she wants to stay home. Alright we get that your dad isn't on best terms with your mom. I don't see how the father can yell at Ricky when he isn't being very responsible either. Like going off and having an affair makes you any more noble? Acting and writing isn't great, but it never was to begin with. Best example is the two Asian characters. Was there even a point to their convesation? I did enjoy scenes with Adrian though. I think she is the only one I don't hate. Grace on the other hand I can't stand. I mean can anyone be that happy and still continue on being sane? Watching those two interact is like watching a robot and a cat. Doesn't mean the episode didn't have its moments. I mean when Ben said he didn't want to say goodbye because he didn't want her to leave, that was cute. The hug at the end was nice too.moreless
  • Episode seven!

    Oh my GAWD! This series just gets better and BETTER!

    Amy has decided- she is leaving town to have the baby. But the important thing is that she has actually decided to go through with having the baby in the first place.

    Ricky's foster parents tell him to talk to Amy about the pregnancy, and tell him that he needs to take responsibility since he's going to be a father. So, after a conversation with George, Ricky talks to Amy, and he has changed for the better.

    It is the anniversary of the death of Ben's mother, and he goes to the cemetery to talk to her, and vent to her about how he's really feeling about Amy having a baby, and about getting married to her at fifteen.

    George buys Adrian a desk, but she's smart, she knows that there is a reason that he gave her the desk, she knows it.

    Grace and Adrian begin to become friends, or at least they start to get along.

    George decides he wants to go home, but Anne might not let him.

    Amy tells Ashley not to have sex until marriage.

    Amy and Ashley start to bicker again.

    Ashley wants George to return to the house.

    Anne and George fight about Amy.

    Henry wants to have sex with Alice, but she knows how to say no.

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