The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 3 Episode 2

Accentuate the Positive

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 2010 on ABC Family
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Amy is accepted into a 4-week music program in New York, but she worries that it is too far away to attend. Elsewhere, Jack is looking for a new place to live, and maybe even a possible reconciliation with Grace. Ashley stands by Adrian as she wrestles with a very important decision. Ben and Amy have decided to get back together, but his drama with Adrian is impossible for him to ignore. Lastly, Ricky learns the truth about Adrian's situation, and George and Anne deal with trust issues in their relationship.moreless

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    Adrian is pregnant now? Somebody call Fonzy because The Secret Life has now officially jumped the shark.

    They don't even really mention Amy's baby anymore, so are we to believe that if Adrian has one it will be relevant to the future of this program? Or will Adrian just go and have an abortion and reignite the age old Roe vs. (Dwyane) Wade argument?

    This show started to go downhill when all the girls starting fawning over Ben. Ben was supposed to be a nerd and now he has slept with Adrian, and Amy and Grace both want to sleep with him. There's character development and then there's this.moreless
  • Adrian stays home sick while Ashley comforts her.

    This episode was a lot better than season priemere. I am so glad that Adrian is pregnant. That means she might get an abortion and we could see how she deals with it. It would be interesting to see how she gets treated for getting an abortion. I liked how Ashley comforted Adrian all afternoon. The acting or maybe it's the writing that improved for the scene when Ricky sees Grace and founds out she's pregnant. I love how emotional it all was. I'm glad that Amy got accepted in a 4-week music program in New York. That means there's a chance that Amy and Ben will break up soon. And if that doesn't break them up then whenever Ben tells her that Adrian is pregnant with his baby then that should break them up. I love the scene where Ben tells his dad that he got Adrian pregnant. I also love the scene where Jack and tells Grace that they should support adrian be there for her as friends. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
  • Adrian confides in Ashley about the pregnancy.

    I felt as though this episode was a bit better than the premiere, but pretty much along the lines of the same quality. I think this episode did do a good job in continuing the story lines, the flow of the plots was really good in this episode. Adrian is pregnant, we found out from the last episode that she is considering abortion. Adrian & Ashley ditch school to talk about the pregnancy, and their friendship develops. Ricky eventually finds out that Adrian is pregnant, that was pretty much the only really eventful thing that happened in this episode, and Ben accepting that Adrian is actually pregnant. Grace is my favorite character on this show, but her disapproving eye rolls and her bad mood didn't help her character very much. Grace is upset that Ben broke up with her for Amy. I felt as though she was just stomping around angrily throughout the episode. I liked the Grace/Jack scene, and it made me nostalgic and it kind of made me want them back together. Jack continues to look for a place to live, but doesn't get very lucky. Thank god that there wasn't so much Madison exposure! Don't like Grant, never will.

    Finally we get a story line that isn't about sex! Amy gets a chance to go to New York over the summer, but she decides to pass up the opportunity because of John. The thing I didn't understand is why would Amy tell people, just so she can say that she isn't going to accept the opportunity? That didn't really make sense to me. The Juergens family issues always make me laugh, It's really hard to take this show seriously times, it's like: "Did they actually JUST say that?" I couldn't tell if it was an intentional joke or they were trying to be serious. Ben & Amy are going strong, but Amy starts to have her suspicions, and Ben tells his dad about the pregnancy. I'm liking how the episodes so far have left us hanging which make the flow of the plots more enjoyable. Overall a good episode, that was pretty much the same as the premiere.moreless
  • Adrian admits the truth to Ashley

    In this episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, the following happens. We see that Adrian is in fact pregnant and confides in Ashley about it. Soon Ricky learns that she is pregnant and tells Ben, who tells his father at the end of the episode. Amy gets accepted into a music program in New York, but realizes that she can't go because of John. Jack is still trying to find a place to live, so that his parents can move away without him, but so far he isn't having much luck. It wasn't shocking that Adrian was pregnant, but the question is now, what is she going to do?moreless

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