The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 2

Another One Closes

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2011 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Leo is sitting at his desk, and surreptitiously removes a picture of him and his deceased wife, Sarah. He gazes at it, but puts it quickly away when Betty enters the study. Betty tells him that it's ok, she understands that he's upset about Ben and Adrian, and he tells her that when he sees Ben upset like this, he thinks of Sarah. Betty offers to go over to Adrian's to do something to "bring her mood up." Leo shrugs and encourages her to go on to bed. She asks him to go with her, but he puts her off, saying he has a lot on his mind since Camille quit. Betty is surprised to hear that Camille quit, and offers to come into the office with Leo to help him. "I can do anything that Camille can do – if not more!" Leo is privately horrified at the idea, but kindly tells her that she would be more help visiting with Adrian. She agrees, and as she turns to go upstairs, Leo heaves a sign of relief. Ben returns to the condo, and finds Adrian sitting on the patio staring up at the stars, wondering where the baby is and asks Ben if he believes that she is somewhere in another dimension. Ben tells Adrian that he thinks she's in a warm, safe place and that when people die, they look back on those left behind. Adrian is upset: "But she's just an innocent little baby!" Ben tells her that he likes to think that she is with his mother and his mother is taking care of her. Adrian seems to be comforted by that idea, and he coaxes her inside. As he hugs her, Adrian tells him that Amy has moved in with Ricky. He hesitates, and then asks her if that upsets her. "No, Ben – losing the baby, that's what upset me!" Anne arrives at the Juergen's house to drop off Robbie and finds George covering appliances in the kitchen with plastic. She is aghast, and warns George that she wants to be able to approve any changes in the house, since by their agreement the house belongs to her, but George doesn't really have a plan. Anne is in a hurry, and as she leaves, she warns George again that she has to approve his plan before he does anything, especially if he's supposed to be watching Robbie. Before she leaves, she observes that George seems a little "off", and he expresses his frustration not only with Amy moving in with Ricky, but finding out from Reuben before Amy told him. Anne asks if Ashley had checked in last night on the first night of her cross-country trip, but neither of them have heard from her. Anne leaves, just missing Ashley's phone call. Ashley had not called because they drove for 12 hours and it was late. George is insistent that she call every night, no matter how late. She describes their trip that day – they stopped at a donkey farm to feed donkeys. George doesn't think that is very "educational", especially since they only got two hours away. He asks her to repeat the rules, and she pulls out a list: same hotel room, separate beds, no sex, no restrooms in truck stops . . . the list goes on and on. As they say goodbye, she and Toby discuss their route for the trip – he wants to take Route 66, because he feels they would see more than being on the freeway. She shrugs, tells him that he's the driver, and off they go. As George hangs up, Amy comes in, wondering why George has asked to see her. He tells her that he noticed that she didn't come home last night, and they begin to argue about her moving in with Ricky. "First you were staying over there, now you're living there!" he exclaims. Amy turns up her nose. "'Staying' sounds so low-class," she complains, "so yes, I prefer to say 'living." George grimaces and tells her, "No matter what you call it, living together IS low-class." At Amy's shocked look, he continues. "You're the one that said it – and you're right – low class." Amy snidely asks if that wasn't the same thing that he and Anne were doing just a short time ago. "Yeah, and see how that worked out," George points out. They continue to argue, and Amy doesn't understand why George is upset, knowing that she and Ricky were having sex and she was over there a lot of the time anyway. George tells her that he had hoped that they would get engaged, go to college, and then get married and live together – he doesn't think they are old enough or mature enough to be living on their own. Amy points out that they aren't mature enough to have a two-year-old either – but they do. George is adamant that one mistake shouldn't lead to another, and that they don't have to raise him, unmarried, shacked up in an apartment. With finality, Amy declares that "That's what we want to do." They disagree as to how mature Amy and Ricky are, but Amy finally declares that she is happy and wishes that he would be happy for her. They catch their breath, and quietly, Amy tells her father that she is sorry that she didn't tell him. George gazes at her, and suddenly sees a 6-year-old Amy sitting in her place. He tells her that the door is always open, no matter what happens. The 6-year-old Amy lisps, "I love you, Dad," and as the teenage Amy leaves, George shakes his head. "In the blink of an eye," he murmurs. Adrian is talking to Grace via a video call. Grace is in a tent in Zimbabwe, and is trying to talk sensibly to Adrian about her grief. Adrian reiterates that "how lousy I feel right now has nothing to do with Ricky and Amy." Adrian is distraught, and Grace wishes she could give her a hug, but reassures her that in time, things will get better. Adrian thanks her, but is upset that everyone wants her to behave like nothing had happened – Adrian is afraid that if she acts as if nothing had happened, it would not be honoring her little girl. Grace sympathizes, suggests that the best way to honor her would be to go out and continue living her live, perhaps doing a good deed in the baby's name. "Like volunteering to help in Africa?" sneers Adrian. Abruptly, Adrian terminates the conversation, upset at the turn the conversation has taken. Ben emerges from the bedroom, and asks how Grace is. "Grace is Grace," she shrugs, and he asks her what Grace said to upset her. She shrugs it off, and Ben continues, pointing out that neither Amy nor Grace know what to say to her. She agrees, exploding that no one can say the right things to her. "Including me?" asks Ben. Aware that she is treading dangerous waters, Adrian pastes a false smile on her face. "No, Ben, not including you," she assures him. He leans over to kiss her goodbye – on the cheek, to her consternation. Leo calls Ben before he leaves for school, and tells Ben that Camille has quit and that he wants to send Betty over to talk to Adrian to keep her from coming into the office. Ben is hesitant, unsure of what effect Betty will have on Adrian. Grace is videocalling her mother, asking her to stop by and see Adrian, as she is afraid she said the wrong thing to her during their earlier conversation. Kathleen refuses, reassuring Grace that it was good advice, but perhaps Adrian just wasn't ready to hear it – besides, Grace will be home soon, and she can apologize in person. Grace hesitates, and then asks if she can stay longer in Zimbabwe, but Kathleen says no, insisting that their agreement was two weeks in Zimbabwe, and no more. Jack enters the kitchen while they are talking and greets Grace onscreen, reassuring her that he talked to Grant and "he's cool with it." "Cool with what?" Grace asks in alarm, and Jack realizes that Kathleen has not told him about the new living arrangements with Tom and his girlfriend and Jack moving into Tom's old room in the house. Grace is unhappy with the arrangements, incredulous that her mother is permitting Tom's girlfriend to move in. Kathleen explains her thinking – Tom is happy, and Jack will only be in the house until school is out. Grace gets an outraged look on her face, and Kathleen warns her, "Don't do that face! It's not attractive, Grace!" With a small shriek of frustration, Grace terminates the videochat. At school, Ricky asks Amy who told her father that she had moved in with him. "Who do you think?" hedges Amy, unwilling to admit that she told Adrian, who told her parents, who told George. Ricky suspects it's Ashley. "Well, we don't know that for sure," Amy suggesst weakly, but Ricky is convinced, and wants to "talk" to Ashley the next time she calls. Amy points out that Ashley probably won't be calling them anytime soon now that she is on her trip. Ricky offers to talk to George to smooth things over, but Amy is adamant that she doesn't want Ricky and George talking. Ricky shakes his head and tells Amy that he was afraid that Ashley would talk. "That's why I didn't want you saying anything to Adrian," he reminds her. "I know that," says Amy, guiltily remembering that she has told Adrian that very thing the day before. She then suggests that George may say something to Reuben, who might in turn say something to Adrian and Ben . . . her explanation trails off as Ricky stares at her, and she hurriedly kisses him and excuses herself for class. Ben greets Ricky in the hallway, and asks if he would mind if he talked to Amy. Ricky sighs and reminds Ben that he doesn't need to ask his permission to talk to Amy, "she's not my property," but seeing that Ben is tense, he insists that Ben tells him what's wrong. Ben tells him that he doesn't think it was very nice of Amy to tell Adrian that Amy and Ricky were moving in together. "It's a little soon to be rubbing your cohabiting bliss in her face, don't you think?" Ben asks angrily. Cautiously, Ricky reminds him that Amy stays at the apartment, but Ben maintains that staying at the apartment is different from living at the apartment. "That seems to be the general opinion, but either way, it's not anyone's business," shrugs Ricky. Ben maintains that Amy made it Adrian's business when she told her, and that Amy was supposed to cheer Adrian up, not drop this bombshell on her. "Why should Adrian care?" inquires Ricky. Ben begins a rant that it was insensitive, trying to live some sort of over-the-butcher-shop fairy tale while no one seems to care that Adrian is heartbroken and in a lot of pain. Seeing Ben's rising agitation, Ricky guides him outside where they can talk privately. Once they are alone, Ricky tells Ben what he thinks: That Ben is the one that is upset that Amy has moved in with Ricky, not Adrian – because Ricky suspects that Ben now wants out of that relationship. Before Ben can respond, Ricky offers him some advice, "whether you want it or not, from a guy who's been there . . . I didn't want to be with Amy when I found out she was pregnant. I didn't even want to be with her when she had John. It took a long time, a very long time, to get to know her, for things to change between us. I wanted to run – and I know you want to run. But you can't – you can't right now, and you know that. Just wait it out, Ben – just wait it out. You might feel differently in another year or two," he finishes. "Things might get better with Adrian. You got married for the wrong reasons, maybe you'll stay together for the right reasons." He then goes on to remind Ben that Ben and Amy as a couple are over, and he and Adrian as a couple are over. "I'm in love with Amy, and I want to be with her for the rest of my life – and only with her," he tells Ben. Ben stares at Ricky for a moment, and then tells him, "If I leave Adrian, you'll feel even sorrier for her than you do now – way too sorry for her not to sleep with her." Ricky is silent as Ben continues. "You've changed – but you haven't changed that that much." As Ricky continues to stand speechless, Ben gives him an ironic half-smile. "Yeah, we know each other a little too much at this point, don't we?" he tells Ricky. Ricky turns on his heels and strides away. Jack and Madison are talking in the hall, and Madison is upset. He is describing his plans to Madison – living in Tom's old room, and then move to Arizona to be with his parents over the summer and then live at home and go to college there – he misses his parents. "Aren't you going to miss me?" demands Madison, but Jack points out that she is a year behind him, and she can choose to go to Arizona for school when she graduates. "It will be one year of us driving back and forth, and then we'll be at the same school again!" he promises her. She's still not happy with him living in the bedroom next to Grace, "but, if in the end, I win, I'm ok with that!" she chortles. Jack grimaces behind her back, but quickly smiles at her when she possessively clasps his hand. In the girls' rest room, Amy is upset that she has lied to Ricky about telling Adrian about their living arrangements, and is explaining it to Lauren. Lauren recommends that she go to Ricky and tell him immediately what happened, but before Amy can go find Ricky, he makes his way into the bathroom looking for her. Lauren looks at her meaningfully before she leaves. "Do it!" she hisses. Ricky tells Amy that he wants to go talk to George before he goes to work, to clear the air. He pauses, and Adrian allows the opportunity to tell Ricky the truth to slip through her fingers. Instead, she tells him that "I asked you to leave it alone, and now, I just want you to leave it alone," she repeats. A pause, and Ricky tells her that he just gave her a chance to tell him the truth – but she flunked. He knows she talked to Adrian, and is angry that she has lied. "I told you if you told Adrian that it would be a problem," he tells her. "Now, it's a problem!" He turns and walks out of the ladies room, leaving behind a chagrined Amy. Tentatively, Amy returns to the apartment later that afternoon with John. Ricky greets John cheerfully, but John is tired and unresponsive. "I didn't have a great day, either," he say to John. "I asked your Mom not to do something, and she did it anyway." Amy is indignant. "Don't tell him bad stuff about me – I don't tell him bad stuff about you!" "No?" asks Ricky, not quite believing her. Sheepishly, he apologizes. "Sorry," he says, "that was my way of trying to get an apology." Amy accuses him of baiting her and setting her up to lie again. "So, now it's my fault?" asks Ricky. "No, it's my fault," admits Amy. "If you don't want to live with a liar, I'll go home." Ricky reassures her that she is 'home'. She offers a genuine apology for telling Adrian, and Ricky in turn apologizes for baiting her. Amy is surprised that Ricky isn't angry. "It's over," he says dismissively, and they turn to the apartment. Back at his old house, Ben is talking to Alice and Henry, reiterating that Amy and Ricky's relationship isn't going to last. "He got what he wanted – he's having sex with her, and he didn't even have to marry her to get it," he says in frustration. Alice wonders if he thinks they should have gotten married, first, but Ben reiterates that Ricky will never marry Amy, because he is not the marrying kind. "He can't make that kind of commitment, now – it's ridiculous!" he says, seemingly unaware of the irony of his saying this after marrying Adrian. He sighs, and then tells Alice that it's just like old times, the three of them hanging out in his room. "Yeah – just like old times," agrees Henry and Alice doubtfully. Henry exchanges a look with Alice and then asks Ben, "Alice and I were wondering – is it too soon to ask . . . " ". . . if Adrian and I are staying together?" finishes Ben. He goes into a monologue on how he doesn't want to be married, but he is stuck for the moment, "but as soon as anything changes, I am running for the door!" He is obviously relieved to have someone to unload his uncertainties on. Embarrassed, Alice and Henry exchange glances again, and Alice says gently, "We weren't asking if you two were staying together. We were just asking if it was too soon to stop by and visit Adrian." Embarrassed, Ben hesitates. "Nooo – I don't think she's ready quite yet," he tells a bemused Alice. Alice mulls over his outburst, and then tells Ben that she thinks it would be a good idea if he didn't tell anyone else what he was thinking right now. "Things could change," she offers, but Ben is adamant. "Not fast enough," he declares. "I want out. And every time I say it, I feel less guilty about it." Alice and Henry don't know what to say to this. At the condo, Betty is talking to Adrian, telling her that she hates to see Adrian like this. "Like what?" asks Adrian defiantly, stuffing a pastry in her mouth. "Well, you aren't Jewish, are you? You haven't covered up all the mirrors, have you?" asks Betty innocently, implying that Adrian doesn't look good and isn't taking care of herself. "No, I'm not Jewish!" exclaims Adrian, and Betty replies, "Good – I'd hate to see you settling for being a tomato, when you used to be such a hot tomato. Or is it tamale? No, it can't be tamale – tamales are thin!" to which Adrian glances down guiltily at her expanding waistline. Betty encourages her to go to the gym, or "get some of those new shoes that make your butt tight!" She points that that there's a salon down the street where she can get her hair done. "Or go get some clothes that fit!" she exclaims. As Betty goes on, Adrian becomes angrier and angrier. "Betty, I'm in mourning – and Ben doesn't care what I look like." But Betty disagrees. "Take it from a former pro, honey – he does care. And so do you. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you've got to do something. You can mourn and still look good!" she encourages Adrian. "Just think Jackie Kennedy?" Taken aback, Adrian shakes her head. "Whaaat?" As Betty tries to explain, Adrian interrupts and tells her that she knows who Jackie Kennedy was. "Well good – because you're a mess – a big, hot mess," declares Betty. "Are you saying I'm fat?" asks Adrian defensively. "Yeah, that, too," agrees Betty undiplomatically, critically surveying Adrian's unkempt condition. "Try smiling – you have such a beautiful smile!" "I don't feel like smiling!" declares Adrian, but Betty tells her grimly, "Well, do it anyway," and reassures her that she will be all right. They begin to giggle, and Adrian admits that Betty is the first person to not treat her as if she is going to break. "Honey, you're already broken," Betty observes, and agrees that what Adrian has been through has been traumatic, but she can pull through. Adrian hugs Betty and tells her that she's not sure that she can. Betty assures her that she can. "You have to. And . . .," she sniffs cautiously at Adrian, "You also have to take a bath!" Adrian begins to laugh for the first time, and then confesses that she's afraid that Ben will leave her. Betty assures her that Ben would never do such a thing. "He was in it for better – now he's in it for worse . . . us Boykewich girls have to stick together," she reassures a calmer Adrian. Kathleen checks in on Tom and Rachel and the children. The kids are at the table doing their homework. Kathleen is surprised that Rachel is fixing dinner, because she had planned to invite them to eat at the house, but Rachel is adamant that she doesn't want to cause extra work. Tom tells the kids to say hi to "Grandma", much to Kathleen's surprise. After discussing some alternatives, she tells the children to simply call her "Kathleen". Back in the kitchen, Kathleen is a bit bemused – Tom is happy, and everything is fine, so it's just Kathleen and Jack for dinner. He thanks her again for letting him stay in the house, and is sure that everything will be okay with Grace, Grant and him in the house. Kathleen shrugs and says, "And if things aren't so fine – that's that." Jack is surprised, and asks if she'd be okay if Grant and Grace broke up. She says yes -- she likes Grant and she likes his parents – but she thinks that all of them are too young to be so serious about each other. Jack declares that he is in love with Madison, but Kathleen is skeptical. "Will you still be in love with Madison if Grace taps on your door one night and says she wants to get back together?" she asks Jack, and eagerly, Jack asks her, "Did she say something?!" Kathleen admits that she hasn't, and so Jack says that he would not want to get back together with Grace. Kathleen grins, unconvinced. Ben is stretched out on his old bed, thinking. Leo pops his head in and tells him that he will be ready for dinner in a minute, and Ben tells him to take his time. Leo enters the room and half-kiddingly warns him "don't get too comfortable there – you aren't coming home. You know that, right?" Ben agrees . . . but hestitates. "Unless . . ." he trails off. "Don't go there!" Leo warns him, trying to avert another outpouring of Ben's desire to leave Adrian. But Ben has been thinking of a different tack: "What if she leaves me?" He muses that Adrian is a smart, independent woman, and may decide she wants to be on her own. "It could happen, right?" Ben asks. Leo is skeptical. "It could . . . but don't even think about trying to make it happen," he warns Ben, and wonders aloud if Ben is upset about Amy and Ricky because that means that Adrian may not leave Ben for Ricky because Ricky is not available. Ben sighs, and admits that he doesn't like Amy living with Ricky. Leo tells him to give up the idea of getting back with Amy. "There's more than two girls in the universe, you know," he tells Ben. "Yeah, I know – do you know?" he asks his father, and then asks Leo if he is in love with Camille. Leo laughs indignantly, and declares that of course he isn't in love with Camille. "Well, apparently Camille is in is love with you," Ben tells Leo, suggesting that Camille quit because she is in love with Leo and Betty returned. Leo tells Ben that he is ridiculous and begins to leave. He pauses at the door, though, and turns back to Ben. "Ya think?" he asks Ben incredulously, and Ben just smiles. In their bedroom, Amy is doing homework, and Ricky has finished putting John to bed. She is surprised John went to bed so easily, and tells Ricky that he can put him to bed every night if it's that easy for him. Ricky tells Amy that he has rearranged John's bed and put the mattress on the floor so it is less of a baby bed. Amy worries that John will wander into the kitchen, but Ricky assures her that he has thought of that and blocked of the kitchen, too, but he will sleep on the couch when they go to bed and keep an eye on him. Amy shakes her head when she realizes that John is two years old, then suddenly asks why Ricky is being so nice to her, after she has lied to him. He tells her, with a smile, that he's happy – he's happy she's there, he's happy that she's happy, and that he understands that's why she lied to him. "It probably won't be the worst thing you ever do, or the biggest fight we'll ever have," he says ruefully. "But . . ." Amy puts her book away. "I knew there was a 'but' in there," she sighs. Ricky tells her earnestly that she wants her to always be honest with him, and he wants to be able to always be honest with her, "even if I do something stupid." "What did you do?" Amy asks suspiciously. "Nothing," says Ricky. "Nothing – yet?" she asks. "Nothing, Amy," he says reproachfully. "I haven't done anything I can't tell you about." Amy settles down, and Ricky tells her that since it is still early, he wants to go talk to her dad and clear the air – he doesn't want George angry with him. "That's really nice of you," Amy murmurs, and they kiss. As the kiss heats up, Ricky puts his arm around Amy. "I could always talk to him another night," he says huskily, and Amy agrees with her arms around Ricky. Anne apologizes for being late picking up Robbie, dashing in complaining about the traffic. Suddenly she stops in mid-sentence, noticing the empty counter: "Did you change the countertop?!" she asks George. He tells her that he removed the old countertop and is replacing it with a granite one. Anne has a stricken look on her face, and George assures her that "it will look good – stop worrying!" Tearfully, Anne says that she didn't want anything in the kitchen to change, "because I have some really good memories in this kitchen." George points out that it will be the same kitchen, just different countertops. Anne, still upset, bends to pick up Robbie and thanks George for watching him. "You don't have to thank me," George tells her, "he's my son, too!" "Goodnight, George," she tells him tearfully, and walks out the door. Exasperated, George storms out of the kitchen, turning off the light. A moment later, Anne returns to the kitchen, having forgotten her bag, and encounters George, who has returned to lock the door. He admits that there are a lot of good memories in the kitchen, and offers to replace the countertop. Anne declines the offer: "They were kind of outdated." He asks if she is still seeing her boyfriend. "No – but that doesn't make any difference to us," she tells him. After a moment, George tells her to stay. "You're hungry – I'll make you something to eat," he offers, and she looks at him consideringly.