The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 3 Episode 18

Another Proposal

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2011 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Both Amy and Ricky feel under pressure now that Ben has proposed to Adrian, which causes Amy to suggest taking their relationship to the next level. Ben suggests an alternative to a big wedding to Adrian, and Lauren's mother and step-father are having problems.
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  • What is with this show?

    Why does everyone on this show want to get married, before high school??? Even the parents want their kids to get married. This show seems completely out of touch with reality. Yet I still watch....Here's hoping it gets more realistic, but I doubt it.
  • 318

    "Another Proposal" provides another ridiculous notion of how kids at this age should behave. For all fans of this show: do not get married if you are in high school no matter how enticing this show might make it look.

    I really hope that Amy and Ricky nor Ben and Adrian get married. The idea of these two being married is deteriorating this once promising show on ABC Family. Go back to the bickering and the cheating, not the lifelong promises of faithfulness.

    This season is not off to a good start. Everything that made this show great is really what is contributing to this show being bad these days.moreless
  • Another Proposal

    So I guess Annoying Amy is back then? All her actions in this episode really annoyed me, but at least she brought us some funny scenes between her and her family. It's pretty clear she wants to rush things with Ricky because she still has feelings for Ben. Hundreds of devoted Ricky/Amy fans will disagree with this theory, but I'm going to stick with it.

    This season so far has been too focused on Ricky & Amy, and whether or not they're going to have sex. It really is enough. The final scene made me crack up though. "I don't think it's time for that either." Hilarious. Lauren & Madison are still intolerable, and I'm not very excited about the return of the Jack & Madison relationship that's just as intolerable.

    Is Grace ever going too get tested? Is that story line forgotten now? Other than some minor annoyances, this was an entertaining episode with a lot of funny interactions. Great to see the Nora scenes kept to a minimum here, not like in the last episode. Frankly, the story lines this season have not been the greatest, but this was a good episode regardless.moreless

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